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This thread is for Dragonlance specific information, that those not familiar with DL might not know.

Branchala (CG): Music, harmony, poetry, beauty; minstrels, elves, kender, travelers
Habbakuk (NG): Animals, hunting, water, rebirth; rangers, sailors, druids, farmers, Knights of Solamnia
Kiri-Jolith (LG): War, courage, honor, solidarity; fighters, Knights of Solamnia, soldiers
Majere (LG): Discipline, meditation, thought, industry; monks, scholars, clerks
Mishakal (NG): Healing, mercy, the home; healers, midwives, herbalists, ambassadors
Paladine (LG): Kingship, guardianship, redemption, good dragons; nobles, diplomats, guards, Knights of Solamnia
Solinari (LG): Good magic, abjuration, divination; Wizards of the White Robe

Chislev (N): Nature, wilderness, beasts, the seasons; druids, farmers
Gilean (N): Knowledge, balance, watchfulness, freedom; sages, scholars, bodyguards, historians, teachers
Lunitari (N): Neutral Magic, illusion, transmutation; Wizards of the Red Robe
Reorx (N): Creation, mountains, metal, luck, pride; dwarves, gnomes, kender, blacksmiths, artisans
Shinare (LN): Wealth, enterprise, communication, travel; merchants, traders, dwarves, mercenary soldiers
Sirrion (CN): Fire, creativity, passion, renewal; alchemists, lovers, artists
Zivilyn (N): Wisdom, foresight, prophecy, enlightenment; philosophers, mediators, counselors, sages

Chemosh (NE): Death, the undead, murder, false hope; crazed cultists, assassins, necromancers
Hiddukel (CE): Greed, lies, thieves, secrets; bandits, dishonest merchants, robbers, corrupt nobles
Morgion (NE): Disease, famine, poison, vermin, suffering, madness; crazed cultists, ratcatchers, corrupt druids
Nuitari (LE): Evil magic, arcane secrets; Wizards of the Black Robe
Sargonnas (LE): Vengeance, war, conquest, rage; minotaurs, bounty hunters, barbarians
Takhisis (LE): Domination, hatred, evil dragons, intrigue, night; evil fighters, corrupt nobles, evil dragons, ogres, goblins
Zeboim (CE): Oceans, storms, jealousy, spite; sailors, pirates, evil druids, evil sea creatures

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Re: Information
Medallion of Faith: A Medallion of Faith can create another Medallion of Faith dedicated to any deity and resists being removed from the cleric that wears it.

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Re: Information
Real Months  Game Months
January      Newkolt
February     Deepkolt
March        Brookgreen
April        Yurthgreen
May          Fleurgreen
June         Holmswealth
July         Fierswelt
August       Paleswelt
September    Reapember
October      Gildember
November     Darkember
December     Frostkolt

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Re: Information
Each day on Krynn is divided into 24 hours. Each hour into 60 minutes and each minute into 60 seconds. Not that most inhabitants of Krynn would know how to measure minutes or seconds.

Seven days is a week and four weeks, that is 28 days, is a month. And as listed in the previous post, 12 months is a year. Or in other words, there is 336 days in a year.