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Chapter 1.1: Finding the Key
Morning 3 Frostkolt 404AC (Solinari HS1 waxing gibbous; Lunitari LS6 waxing crescent; Nuitari LS1 new)

While the bazaar of Pashin didn't compare to the legendary Grand Bazaar of Khuri-Khan, one could find goods from many parts of Ansalon there. Though it was mostly known for its horses, and the entire western half of the bazaar dealt exclusively with horses. Leaving everything else for the eastern half.

You can see tents of every shape and size that creates a dizzying array of colors under the bright winter desert sun. You see dwarves, minotaurs, ogres, and humans haggling over the price of wares. Nomads and nobles can be found here, as well as too many kender says the merchants.

It is said that almost anything can be found in the bazaar, legal or not. It all depends on who you ask and how much your money pouch weighs.

Lord Brightblade leads the way with Marcus and Gina following the closest, while the others keep their distance from the knight’s wrath. When you get to the booths the other squires have set up, you can see them giving a dark look at Marcus, clearly telling you that they disdain not only the fact that he somehow managed to avoid doing any of the work. But what was worse, he managed to do so in the company of Gina.
Marcus Valarian
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Sat 10 Nov 2007
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Re: Chapter 1.1: Finding the Key
Marcus maintains a cool and dignified appearance, while looking around alertly. He ignores the looks of his fellow squires, though it pains him that they may think he was deliberately shirking his duty. However he has higher orders from the King himself, and those orders supersede any lesser tasks he may have to do. As always his duty is paramount in his mind. He walks a pace behind Lord Brightblade and Lady Gina, keeping a watchful eye on both, protecting their backs and watching out for pickpockets.
Digorye Minaat
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Tue 13 Nov 2007
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Re: Chapter 1.1: Finding the Key
Before proceeding into the crowded market Digorye stops and quietly asks the group, "Does anybody have any coin purses or anything that they'd like kept secure? I'll be happy to carry them for you, if so." Then he whispers a small enchantment to himself, patting down his bags before continuing.

[Private to GM: Secure Items - Enchantment, Force
Casting Time - 1 Round (6)
Range - Touch (1)
Duration - 6 hours (5)
Activation - Auto item (2)
Area: Weight - 50 lbs (4)
Effect: Creation - Secure Items (5)
Total: 23 SP, L0 Spell. Secures all of the casters personal belongings (up to 50 lbs) to him for 6 hours, so that they can't be picked, plundered, or purloined. The caster may end this enchantment at any time on his entire inventory, or simply releasing selected items as needed.

Feeling more secure, he then proceeds into the marketplace with the others and addresses the group. "So, what are we trying to pawn? The carvings might be worth something... the wine might be better drunk, and the gems we could trade off if we're trying to purchase something in particular, but are probably otherwise left as they are, since they're easier to carry than a purse full of steel."
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Tue 13 Nov 2007
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Re: Chapter 1.1: Finding the Key
Gabriel followed the others into the bazaar, his attention was elsewhere. Why had they not told the Lord about the key? How come they were going about this simple duty when something much more important was before them? When would Marcus say something to the Lord about his dreams? Why had Gina seemed to single him out as some kind of conquest?

Gabriel was full of questions, he didn't expect any answers but still it kept his mind of things that where much more important.
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Wed 14 Nov 2007
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Re: Chapter 1.1: Finding the Key
"Oh, look!  Rolls stuffed with meat!"

The bazaar was a great opportunity for Julian to waste time.  He had shared his thoughts about the subject with Gabriel on the way - it seemed they were of a similar mindset - but he didn't really understand the significance of the Key anyway, and it would still be there after a jaunt through the market.  His stomach had already told him that there were more than a few vendors he absolutely had to meet.

Then, who could be expected to digest without entertainment?  Who were they, barbarians?  So, the eating was followed by watching the buskers and street entertainers and tossing enough coins to matter, before heading off for more food.

Julian really didn't have much interest in the Key at the moment.  After all, it was going to be there later, right?