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Action and Destiny Points
Action Points are awarded for Good Roleplaying, or perhaps just making me laugh. Action Points are awarded, not won, so there is no comparison between players, only a comparison of each individual post with my somewhat fluid standard.

An Action Point is worth 1d6 and it can be used for your character any time a roll is made in his behalf, including Ability, Skill, Save, and Damage rolls. It can even be added after you've been informed of the result if you didn't like it.

A Destiny Point works somewhat like Destiny Points in Saga Star Wars. You can spend Destiny Points in the following way:
* Avoid being hit (even by a critical hit)
* Make a critical hit (without rolling the dice)
* Turn your death into unconsciousness

Unspent Action Points
Irren: 1
Misha: 1

Unspent Destiny Points

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Tue 22 Jul 2014
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Re: Action and Destiny Points
Irren is awarded 1 Action Point for Post #404 in Rothdar's Test.
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Sat 29 Sep 2018
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Re: Action and Destiny Points
Misha is awarded 1 Action Point for Post #974 in the OOC thread.