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In Ak-Khurman, Khur,  two groups of heroes independently ran into the Herald, a storyteller extraordinaire, with strange prophecies and weird speech patterns. He directed them to find the Sylvan Key, which in the wrong hands would lead to much suffering and the destruction of all.

The Sylvan Key that didn’t look like a key had been stolen by Pegrin, a former squire of the Knights of Takhisis, from the Silvanesti, who then had fled like a coward from the ancient forest before the invading minotaurs to Ak-Khurman and perhaps further than that.

One of the groups ran into the information broker Rand Lucas and he accompanied them to the lighthouse, which also was a magic shop and a place for wizards to take their Test. There they spoke with an old married couple, the proprietors. He, a white robe northerner called Raistlin Majere. She a Kurish beauty wearing black called Iolanthe. The shop had many strange items of magic and a longsword made of a single piece of glowing crystal was mounted on the wall to help illuminate the shop. The duo sent most of the first group into the Test.

The second group arrived at the lighthouse shortly after the first. The second wizard, who had wanted to take the Test on his own, was convinced to take them with him on Raistlin’s suggestion.

They had the choice of a White, a Red, a Black, and a Blue door. The first group chose the white door and found themselves outside the lighthouse where a group of sailors tried to forcefully recruit them. Then questioned by watchmen. Followed by a flood of rats that took them down into the sewers, where the two groups joined.

The group found a secret entrance, leading them to elven refugees, where they met another dreamer of dreams and a female half elf joined them. And when they left, they were back at the doors.

This time they chose the blue door and arrived at a cabin in the woods, where the Wizard had been trained in the arcane arts. His teacher was killed by a female with wings who were  covered in red scales and the heroes dealt with her. When they left the cabin, they were in an old monastery where the Librarian had been trained in the martial arts. But where some things were the same others had changed. Former masters, that uncharacteristically disparaged wizards and suggested oracles could help. New students, some of whom wore a black silver brooch in the form of an equilateral triangle, with one point upwards, circumscribed by a circle. A metal only used by the followers of Takhisis, though the symbol wasn’t one of hers.

When they left, they appeared in the elven city of Qualinost, where the Bounty Hunter had once served. They searched the library for clues of the Sylvan Key, but found none. But they found one book that told them that the crystal longsword they had seen in the magic shope was connected to Kiri-Jolith and was called The Shard of Light.

Considering their dreams and  prophecies, as well as their wealth of knowledge regarding music, they connected the Sylvan Key to the music box know as the Key of Quinari that had belonged to the Silvanesti Royal line since Silvanos. Named after his wife and in their possession at least until his descendant Alhana Starbreeze became a Dark Elf.

Further dreams might be leading them east through Port Balifor on to a volcano created by Membakar the red, the Dragon Overlord who had devastated Balifor, Kenderhome, and Goodlund into The Desolation. Perhaps through a temple of Paladine located 40 miles west on the other side of the Burning Lands, a blistering hot desert. The Mikku might be able to help them find the exact location of the temple.

Leaving the library, they were back at the doors and they chose the Red door. On the other side they found Dragonword Keep in Kalaman, the home of the King of Eastlund, the largest and easternmost province of Solamnia. And home of the Squire. And now the location of his marriage to the princess, like her mother the Queen, the most beautiful woman in Solamnia. They ran into Galdar, the minotaur who trained the King’s squires in combat, he suggested that he and one of the warriors in the group entertain the guests with combat. The warrior agreed and ended up dead. Another token that some things were the same and some where not. In the privacy of the newlyweds’ bedchamber, the princess disparaged and tried to kill the Squire.

As the heroes left the keep, they arrived at the Life-Tree of Hylar, the center of the dwarven Thorbardin, the former home of the Cleric. There they were introduced to High Thane Obsidian on his deathbed. He instructed them to return the Hammer of Kharas to the newly reappeared floating tomb of Derkin from whence Obsidian had once removed it, so that Reorx could keep it safe until it was needed. When asked about the Sylvan Key, he suggested that they should ask the elves about their trinkets.

They were taken before the dwarven rulers who bent the knee to the Cleric, as the wielder of the Hammer. They were then taken to the Valley of Thanes where they walked through a magic portal to arrive in the floating tomb.