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Fri 4 Dec 2009
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Kudos Hall of Fame
OK - I'm going for a rework here as it isn't working as I thought it would...

I'll keep this thread for the maintenance of "Kudos" points - but I will also use it to record HERO Points as well.  For more info on HERO Points - follow this link: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamema...er-rules/hero-points



Kudos are a player-player mechanic (as opposed to the traditional gamemaster-player mechanic) to reward good roleplaying.  When ever a player (let's call him player A) feels that another player's (let's call him player B) roleplaying was above-the-norm or suggests a brilliant idea, tactic, etc., player A can award a "Kudos point" to player B.

At any time, player B can then spend his kudos to gain a +1 bonus to any die roll.  A player can only spend as many kudos on a single die roll as his character has total class levels.  (Can't be spent at the same time as a Hero point though.)

Kudos can only be awarded for role-playing, ideas, etc., and should not be awarded for a die roll (ie. not because player C rolls a natural 20).  The GameMaster reserves the right to challenge or deny any kudos awarded.

Hero Points!  Follow the link to see the rules.  You have a number of Hero points you can now use.  I'll also allow the Kudos Points to be used in the same way.

I want to see you all thinking about using Hero Points.
Using Hero Points

Hero Points can be spent at any time and do not require an action to use (although the actions they modify consume part of your characterís turn as normal). You cannot spend more than 1 hero point during a single round of combat. Whenever a hero point is spent, it can have any one of the following effects.

Act Out of Turn: You can spend a hero point to take your turn immediately. Treat this as a readied action, moving your initiative to just before the currently acting creature. You may only take a move or a standard action on this turn.

Bonus: If used before a roll is made, a hero point grants you a +8 luck bonus to any one d20 roll. If used after a roll is made, this bonus is reduced to +4. You can use a hero point to grant this bonus to another character, as long as you are in the same location and your character can reasonably affect the outcome of the roll (such as distracting a monster, shouting words of encouragement, or otherwise aiding another with the check). Hero Points spent to aid another character grant only half the listed bonus (+4 before the roll, +2 after the roll).

Extra Action: You can spend a hero point on your turn to gain an additional standard or move action this turn.

Inspiration: If you feel stuck at one point in the adventure, you can spend a hero point and petition the GM for a hint about what to do next. If the GM feels that there is no information to be gained, the hero point is not spent.

Recall: You can spend a hero point to recall a spell you have already cast or to gain another use of a special ability that is otherwise limited. This should only be used on spells and abilities possessed by your character that recharge on a daily basis.

Reroll: You may spend a hero point to reroll any one d20 roll you just made. You must take the results of the second roll, even if it is worse.

Special: You can petition the GM to allow a hero point to be used to attempt nearly anything that would normally be almost impossible. Such uses are not guaranteed and should be considered carefully by the GM. Possibilities include casting a single spell that is one level higher than you could normally cast (or a 1st-level spell if you are not a spellcaster), making an attack that blinds a foe or bypasses its damage reduction entirely, or attempting to use Diplomacy to convince a raging dragon to give up its attack. Regardless of the desired action, the attempt should be accompanied by a difficult check or penalty on the attack roll. No additional hero points may be spent on such an attempt, either by the character or her allies.

Cheat Death: A character can spend 2 hero points to cheat death. How this plays out is up to the GM, but generally the character is left alive, with negative hit points but stable. For example, a character is about to be slain by a critical hit from an arrow. If the character spends 2 hero points, the GM decides that the arrow pierced the characterís holy symbol, reducing the damage enough to prevent him from being killed, and that he made his stabilization roll at the end of his turn. Cheating death is the only way for a character to spend more than 1 hero point in a turn. The character can spend hero points in this way to prevent the death of a familiar, animal companion, eidolon, or special mount, but not another character or NPC.

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Thu 28 Jan 2010
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Re: Kudos Hall of Fame
Milo's response to a simple question from Ceely asking him to remind her about the God's the temple belongs to:  KUDOs to him!!

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Tue 14 Jun 2011
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Re: Kudos Hall of Fame
Kudos Milo!

Just something about that last post explaining how he feels about death and what Vaslin might've felt just seemed so genuine and well thought out.  Actually made me stop a second and think about my beliefs!

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Sun 29 Jun 2014
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Re: Kudos Hall of Fame
I know we have not done this in a while but I think this merits one.

Kudos to Yvandel for that fascinating story.

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Fri 13 Nov 2015
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Re: Kudos Hall of Fame
OK - need to get you guys thinking about this again.  See a really good player post.  Reward it with a Kudos here!  Post well, and perhaps you'll get a Kudos point :-)

I've reset the Hero points above as well to the maximum of 3.. so Kudos is the only way that you'll get to have more than 3... Therefore you ought to also consider using them as well!
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Sat 17 Sep 2016
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Re: Kudos Hall of Fame
Kudos to Yvandel! That is a powerful and cinematic move!!

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Please put Kudos posts here and quote the thread and message number that prompted the Kudos.

Remember, although multiple people can post a Kudos for the same person for the same action - a player can only earn 1 point per action.   Though receiving multiple Kudos for the same action from different players is a reward in itself of course!  :-)

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