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Intelligence Gathering
Group, this thread will be used to post intelligence that is gathered, as well as a place to post doctrine and theory. Intelligence from many sources, primarily Human Intelligence (HUMINT), will be crucial. Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), and Communications Intelligence (COMMINT) will also play important parts of the equation.

Part of your job will be to build up a network that will feed you information, as well as gather your own direct intelligence through recce and observation.

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Fri 9 May 2008
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Re: Intelligence Gathering
Dear friends,

This Saturday I'll be going back home (Spain) for three weeks. In the mean time I'm posting here the structure of the Intelligence Unit [insert funky name here] that Taras is discussing right now with Bulat. It is based, of course, in a Soviet model with certain modifications to fit the current scenario.

Taras is aware that without a proper organised unit the task of the team will be too difficult and full of unncessary risks. Therefore the idea was born.

The concept calls for the leadership of Clarke as an overall Commander of the unit. She is supposed to create teams, coordinate efforts and forward intel to the Government, RCMP and militia as well as HQ.

This new unit is composed by 6 Sections one of them with 2 special "fleets".

# The First Section: Deals with HUMINT and is organize considering regions. Agents that are operating within a city (i.e. Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, etc.). Is purely administrative.

# The Second Section: Deals with strategic intelligence and is divided in 6 tasks:

1st task: Tactical level recce.
2nd task: Agent recruitment and development of networks.
3rd task: Special Operations.
4th task: Intel collection, management and analysis.
5th task: SIGINT and ELINT.
6th task: Ciphers and comms security.

# The Third Section: Deals with operational intelligence collection in the North Shore.

# The Fourth Section: Deals with oprational intelligence collection in Richmond/Airport.

# The Fifth Section: Deals and manages operational intel and intel organisations within cities, fleets and operational fronts. Includes aerial and naval intel.

# The Sixth Section: Deals with ELINT. Mostly radio signals.

We have also 2 "fleets".

* "Air Fleet". To be created based in a UAV stored in UBC and the possibility of use of homemade blimps.


* "Naval Fleet". Initially divided between the assets available in each city. Therefore (and so far)we have: "Vancouver Naval Fleet" with all the naval assets in UBC marina and also "North Shore Naval Fleet" with whatever is made available to the team. The idea is to use fishing boats, trawlers, whale watchers, etc as intel gathering platforms. Equip the platforms, staff and conduct operations. In this case both fleets are under the Fifth Section.

Initially the staffing is limited and there are several crossovers. For instance a radio operator like Champlain can be working initially in the 6th Section as ELINT and SIGINT gatherer but also can be requested to work in a tactical level and be under the 2nd Section for the limited time of an operation.

As the territory under control of the Council expands so does the intel flux. This structure allows for increasing numbers of operatives that will be reporting, mostly in a part time basis to the intel unit.
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Fri 23 Jul 2010
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Re: Intelligence Gathering
According to Captain Harding of the New Westminster Militia the leader of the Bridge Trolls is a former NCO called Basil Wright who's described as "a bit of an asshole" but it was also commented that we "might be able to buy him off".
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Mon 21 Feb 2011
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Re: Intelligence Gathering
Snippets of INTEL gathered during the mission against the Trolls in YVR.

The OP on top of the newer control tower, "Skyguard" as it was called, was marked by sandbags. The whipping wind made that position uncomfortable, if not untenable. Taras believed he could see there were three observers on the rooftop huddled against the weather underneath a tarp, which blew away as he watched. Quickly, the three Trolls disappeared out of sight inside

Andy couldn't see anything looking east down Fergusson Rd., the main route of approach for vehicle-mounted patrols. He and Seth had both found evidence that what were likely patrols in Humvees or civlian trucks passed by along Fergusson on a fairly regular basis (perhaps a couple times a day).

Seven minutes later, (a full fifteen minutes after the short-lived signal flares were long gone) two small vehicles (one an armed Humvee, another an armed technical) drove south from the vicinity of the terminal towards the southern side of the island.

Taras was able to identify the Humvee was armed with an M2HB MG. The technical was a CF Chevy Silverado crew-cab a MAG-58 on a post mount in the bed. Both had roof-mounted spotlights and were scanning both sides of the road, but at that speed there was little chance of spotting them as they were at leat 500m away in the underbrush and trees lining the road to the north.

On the Arthur Liang bridge several kilometres to the east, Taras could see through the IR Telescope the M113 that was normally parked there was joined by a second one. This occured about fourteen minutes after the harassing fire landed on the bridge. From the silhouette it was likely this was the M113 ACAV normally parked beside the terminal. It was difficult to tell what kind of weapon was mounted in the cupola, probably an Mk.19 grenade launcher from the stubby barrel.