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Sat 30 Apr 2011
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Rad Recce Run Pt. 1 (1600-2000)
Per the schedule, the team practiced at just outside UBC in various drills. Also, in decontamination and other procedures. This was all conducted in an area where it was fairly sure no one would be watching.

Coming up on 1600, the team got their equipment loaded and headed on schedule to New Westminster down Marine Way (MSR Mike Whiskey). The team's forward base was a high school that was actually in Burnaby, just to the north of New West. Because of its exposed position on the north side of Cariboo Hill, the area was fairly damaged by the nuclear attacks some kilometres to the north on the flanks of Burnaby Mountain. It had once been a mixture of forested parks and suburban housing. Now the forests and trees were largely burned out, and the houses charred and collapsed skeletons.

The forest area to the north had been a green belt on either side of the #1 Trans-Canada highway (freeway) and surrounding Burnaby Lake. Operations to contain or channel the massive fires that had sprung up had been coordinated from the school's gymnasium, the only wholly intact structure aside from the rear shops. (Other wings were standing but damaged by the mach wave and fires set by the attack, the intact shops thoroughly looted and torched by arsonists.)

Waiting for them was a crew of a couple dozen technicians and guards from the New West Police Department and Militia. They were busy rigging the gym for power and water, connecting it to the New West electrical grid and a local reservoir located on top of Cariboo Hill. As well, there were 3 friends of Tyler and Ed's, armed US Army vets (82nd Airborne) hired by the government as security for the site while the team was away.

The gymnasium was pretty basic in layout. It was a square 2-story open structure with a balcony over the main entrance area, also over where the changing rooms were. Additional side rooms provided storage for bleachers, seats, and sports equipment. The doors were not large enough to admit the APCs but they could be parked out of sight between the detached gym and the main buildings/shop buildings.
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Sat 30 Apr 2011
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Re: Rad Recce Run Pt. 1 (1600-2000)
The team assembled by Sgt. Taras V. Shevchenko to conduct NBC recon and overall fire support to the mission found out that the amount of equipment to be carried for the operation was big enough to require something more than their regular jeep or SUV's. An available Canada Post truck was recruited for the shuttle to the shore. Bunny suits, weaponry, ammunition, radio equipment, etc became a taxing logistical effort but the old Grumman vehicle alleviated the task providing good room and easy access through its rolling gate at the back.

Once arrived to the launching point at the Yacht Club it took little time to set up the equipment on board and get on their way towards their next location next to the emblematic Canada Place and the Seabus terminal.

The terminals for the ferry connecting the downtown peninsula with North Vancouver were not unlike a submarine pen of yesteryear , if not bomb proof concrete bunker structures per se, they were well protected against the elements and indiscreet eyes:


The crew performed their first radio check and prepared to don their suits for the incoming sailing through the contaminated areas under the watchful eyes of the decorating owl of the abandoned Seabus terminal. When the clock indicated the right time, Taras ordered the zodiac on her way eastbound. A powerful searchlight illuminated the way. The crew will be on the lookout for floating debris and very soon monitoring radioactive activity and checking on the status of the ruins of the previously proud, if not free of misfortune, "Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing".


RIB/Maritime Detachment (Bravo)

Staff Sgt. Shevchenko  Bravo 1
AKS-74U (30/30) +4 mags
S&W 5946 (15/15)
RGO handgrenades x6
HC smoke x6
AK bayonet

Pvt. Sheeler  Bravo 14 FN C1A1 (20/20) +4 mags.
Pvt. Droz Bravo 15 Sterling C1 (34/34) +2 mags.
Const. Chau  Bravo 16 HK MP-5A2 (30/30) +4mags
Const. Bajorek  Bravo 17 Remington 870P (7/7) +1 box (25 shells).
Troy DeFazio (Comms) Bravo 18 Sterling C1 (34/34) +2 mags

Collective weapons:
- Mk-19: 48 HEDP +1 mag.
- Carl Gustav Mk. 3: 7 HEAT, 4 ILLUM.
- PKM: (100/100) 7,62x54R +1 mag.