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Gear and Equipment Thread
This thread is for your gear as pretty much all your gear will be openly known and inspected.

I will post as your character so you may change it as needed. Please consider splitting gear into a series of loads (combat/patrol, assault, march/everything else, etc.)

Note: please limit this to posts of gear lists. Please limit any discussion, questions, comments etc. to the OOC thread or PM me.


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Andrea Clarke-Sullivan
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Wed 16 May 2012
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Re: Gear and Equipment Thread
B Detachment Personnel:

1st Lt. Matthew Stone (OF-2); Recce/Mechanic.
Staff Sgt. Taras Shevchenko (RCMP/OR-8); Law Enforcement, Combat Engineering.

Master Sniper Andy McRae (OR-7); Sniper/Recce
Sergeant Kelsey Champlain (OR-6); Comms, mechanic.
Sergeant Keith Tremblay (USMC/OR-5); Heavy Weapons, LAV Gunner.
Cpl. William Hawke (OR-4); Royal Marines, Combat Medic.
Able Seaman Wayne Lo (OR-3); Riverine Operations, Demolitions, backup LAV driver.
Rifleman Chris MacDonald (OR-3); Spotter, backup medic, rancher/hunter/fisherman.

Signaler Arif Mahanandi (OR-3); Base Comms Operator.
Contractor Jeff Castro: Base Security (Former USMC)
Contractor DeShawn Walters: Base Security (Former 82nd ABN)
Contractor Mike Fitz: Base Security (Former 3rd ID)

Detachment Vehicles:

1x LAV-III Kodiak ("Lovin' Spoonful") Fully supplied and operational. Added: 2x side-mounted Claymores in wood boxes. Switched to bio-diesel fuel. Full ammo load, electronics fully functional (2x secure digital radios). 25mm CG, 7.62mm coaxial MG, C6 TC weapon.

1x 1993 Jeep YJ (OD Green): diesel engine, soft top. Pintle mount on roll-bar. 2km CB radio.

1x UAZ-469 (OD Green w/black trim): diesel engine, soft top. Pintle mount on roll-bar. 2km CB radio.

1x M1026 HMMWV (USMC pattern camouflage): diesel engine, hard top, basic armour package, recovery winch, M240 GPMG on ring mount. 1x SINGCARS secure radio.

1x 8-man Zodiac inflatable boat.

Support Weapons:

1x Carl Gustav (FFV-551 HEAT, 84mm x6, FFV-545 ILLUM, 84mm x4)
1x ERYX Short-Range ATGM (5x Missiles)
1x M249 SAW (Tremblay's alternate weapon)


Abundant small arms ammunition.
Limited explosive or 25mm munitions.
Cases of Grenades (C13 fragmentataion, M7 CS, M6 HC Smoke, Stun), Claymores, flares (hand-launched, trip).

Spare Electronics

1x PRC-77 Manpack Radio

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Taras Vladimirovich Shevchenko
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Wed 16 May 2012
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Re: Gear and Equipment Thread
Taras explosives locker:

50 Blasting caps (percussion)
50 Blasting caps (electric)
2 100m spools of electrical wire
1 500m spool of tripwire
1 Blasting Machine
2 100m coils of Fuse, Instant (can be combined with itself to set up multiple charges or with a timed fuse)
2 100m coils of Fuse, Timed (can be used with itself or instant fuse as above)
50 Ring-pull Igniters (for tripwires or instant detonation, can be used with percussion blasting caps)
5 Timers (30 seconds to 48 hours)
5 Tripwire igniters (triggers either if a wire is tripped or goes slack from being cut)
2 Waterproofed Canvas shoulder bags for above (not including spools or coils)

Russian prepared demolition charges:

x4 (0.4 Kg) large blocks.
x4 1 Kg Satchel charge.
x4 3 Kg Satchel charge.
x3 5 Kg Satchel charge.

Basic firearms:

1 AKSU-74 with 5 mags and a case of ammo.
1 Makarov PM +2 mags.
1 S&W 9 mm Pb. Mod. 5946 +2 mags.
6 hand grenades RG-5
6 flares

More hand grenades:

RGO x20
RDG-2 (smoke) x6
RGG-2Kh (irritant gas) x6


RPO-A Shmel x3 (1 used in the farm)

Land mines:

MON-100 x4
PMN-2 x8
POMZ-2 x8 (crate)


-Command detonation using PN manual inductor attached to demolition
cable to a EDP-R electric detonator.
-MUV and VPF.

Clothing and Protection:

- RCMP duty uniform (plus Gore-Tex jacket).
- Soviet-issue Flora 3-colour camouflage fatigues.
- Russian steel helmet, Officer's tactical vest (AV 3 front/sides/rear).
- Russian 4-cell "lifchiki" ammunition vest (+ 6 grenades).
- Police assault coveralls (NOMEX).
- Gloves, hat, goggles, elbow/kneepads, kheffiyah.
- Kevlar police helmet, stab vest, undercover vest, entry vest.

Other items:

- 400 cigarettes.
- 4 bottles of vodka.
- 12 book matches, lighter.
- 50 ft paracord.
- 2 candles (6 inch tall).
- Old Soviet alarm clock.
- 6 clothspins (wood).
- A mouse trap.
- RC off-road toy car.
- A multitool.
- Russian military engineer tool.
- Sewing kit.
- Binocs "Bell&Howell" 8x40 EWA.
- Kalinka PN-14K NVG.
- Flashlight (Red Army standard).
- 4 electric wire spools.
- 4 rolls of fine wire.
- 4 spools of fishing line.
- 4 rolls duct tape.
- 6 rolls electric tape (mostly black).
- Small first aid kit (IFAK).
- Small, portable multiband radio.
- Spare batteries for the above items including 4 9 V PP3 batteries (RC remote hand set).
- Regular soapbox with assorted nails and screws.
- Sleeping bag. Standard issue.
- camouflage face paint.
- A backpack. 30L, hold most of the above items.

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Christopher Little Hawk MacDonald
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Wed 16 May 2012
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Re: Gear and Equipment Thread
Fighting Order:

- FN C1A1 + 4 mags in pouches, + 4 spare mags in pockets. - 4kg
- Browning Hi-Power + 2 mags. - 1kg
- 4x C13 grenades, 2x M7 HC grenades (Green/Red). - 1.2kg
- 2x M72A3 LAW rockets. - 6kg

- M1 Steel helmet with scrim cover. - 1.4kg
- CF Tactical Armoured Vest. - 3.8kg
- OD Green "combats" (pants, tunic), leather boots. - 3.2kg
- Knee/elbow pads, goggles, boonie hat, green beret, sunglasses.

- Webbing (WE82 pattern) with 2x magazine pouches, ammo pouch (200 loose 7.62mm NATO rounds), IFAK/Compass pouch, maps, holster, knife, Motorola tactical radio, gas mask, head lamp, rain gear, E-tool, 1 canteen. - 3kg

Battle Order:

- Butt pack with + 2x days rations, extra ammo, rain gear, toiletries. Also, adds AN/PVS-7 in pouch, flashlight, + 1x canteen, - 3kg

- Tactical Vest extenders, Level III trauma plates. - 3.3kg

Marching Order:

- Pack with extra clothing, sleeping bag, shelter half, ground sheet, thermal pad, extra ammo, bunny suit. c. 10kg.

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Keith Michael Tremblay
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Thu 17 May 2012
at 00:23
Re: Gear and Equipment Thread

[x1] C7A1/ELCAN + 4 spare magazines [MAG POUCHES], 6x spare magazines [BDU POCKETS]
[x1] Browning Hi-Power + 2 spare magazines [MAG POUCH].
[x4] M67 grenades [MAG POUCHES]
[x1] M6 Smoke (Red) [LBE]
[x1] Concussion grenade [LBE]
[x1] M34 WP grenade [LBE]

- Tactical Body Armour, Ballistic Helmet/cover, shoulder holster.
- USMC BDUs, boonie hat, sunglasses, goggles, gloves, knee/elbow pads, watch, binoculars.
- LBE, Butt Pack: 2x magazine/grenade pouches, Knife, 2x canteens, IFAK/compass pouch, angle flashlight, 3x MREs, toiletries, minor clothing, rain gear, E-tool, IFAK, gas mask.
[x1] 1km unsecure Motorola tactical radio.
[x1] AN/PVS-7 NVGs.


[x1] Level III inserts (front/back/sides) plus extensions.
[x1] ALICE pack, 7x days food, sleeping bag/pad/shelter half, small arms cleaning kit, Swiss Army Knife.
[x1] MAG MG [HUMVEE]: WT: 12kg.
[x1] Winchester 1894: WT: 3.1kg.
- Telescopic Sight $500 (.30-.30).
[x1] ERYX ATGM Launcher + 5 reloads [STORED IN TEAM ARMORY].


[x2] Cases 5.56N 840 loose rounds/case= 10kg/case
[x1] Cases 9mmP 1,500 rounds/case= 15kg/case
[x1] Case of .30-.30 1,000 loose rounds/case= 20kg/case
[x18] Belted rounds of 7.62N= 3kg/100round belt
[x5] ERYX ATGM HEAT Missiles
[x1] Case Irritant Grenades [x16/case
[x1] Case Concussion Grenades [x20/Case]
[x1] Case Claymore Mines [x6/Case]

[x1] Basic Tool Kit Price= $200
[x1] Small Arms Tools  Price= $200
[x1] SINGCARS Secure Vehicle Manpack Radio.

[x1] 50m Rope: This is milspec 11mm rappelling line. Wt: 5 kg per coil.
[x1] Civilian Winter Coat: Worn over fatigues. Protects against 30. Weight: 3kg.
[x1]Foam Sleeping Mat: Weight: 0.5kg.
[x1] Rainsuit, Vinyl or Plastic: Weight 0.88kg.
[x1] Bungee Cord: 1 meter long (stretches to 2 meters). Weight: (per 4) 0.17kg.
[x1] Military Field Cooker
$2,000.00 in gold/collectibles.


[x10 Days] Wild Food (per kilogram): Foraged food such as berries and tubers and hunted food such as deer. Required intake is 3kg per day.

[x20 Days] Domestic/Common Food (per kilogram): Pre-prepared food such as field rations or locally made meals. Required intake is 2kg per day.

[x3 cases] K-Rations: These are lightweight rations, sort of halfway between the freeze-dried LRRP Rations and the pre-packaged MREs. They were generally issued by countries unable to manufacture the LRRP Rations at light rations for long patrols and special operations units. Later in the war, they were issued by larger countries as a cheaper alternative to LRRP rations and a more-durable alternative to MREs. They were also produced by independent, local manufacturers in a variety of forms as emergency and survival rations for civilians. Typical contents were one can of chopped ham or turkey and egg mixture, a small pound cake, a freeze-dried biscuit, a fruit bar, a packet of coffee or cocoa, tablets of dextrose or malted milk balls, a packet of chewing gum or candy, one can of meat, potted meat, deviled ham, or chicken or turkey salad, and a daily dose of vitamins, along with a plastic spoon, a packet of salt, and toilet paper (enough for one act if you use it carefully). Required intake is 1.25 kg per day. Weight: (per ration): 0.42 kg, (per case of 12) 5.5 kg.


[x10] Cravat (1x1m): A triangular or square muslin sling. It is also used as bandanna or dust mask (drive-on rag), or any number of improvised uses. Wt 0.05kg.
[x100] Oral Antibiotic Pills .2kg.
[x100] Oral Anti-Fever Pills  .2kg.
[x100] Oral Mild Pain-Relievers  .2kg.
[x100] Oral Mild Sedatives  .2kg.
[x10] Personal Medkits  .2kg/each.

[x1] Blister Treatment Kit: One of the banes of a soldier's existence is blisters. This kit contains moleskins, gauze, paddings, "Second-Skin" blister pads, antiseptic gel, and sterile needles. The kit is sufficient to treat 50 blisters. It will not be sufficient to provide more than surface protection for blister gas injuries. Wt 0.1kg.


[x1] Cold-Weather Gear: This set of clothing is designed to supplement the basic clothing issue for troops that must operate in cold weather. It consists of a hood for the field jacket (issued with fatigues), wool underwear, a sweater, a scarf, a pile cap, a pair of wool gloves with outserts, and a pair of insulated overshoes ("Mickey Mouse Boots"). Various pieces of this setup are worn depending on the individual's taste and the temperature. The gear is usually issued in camouflage pattern or OD green, but can sometimes be had in white. Weight: 5kg.

[x1] Poncho/Sleeping Bag: Widely issued to German troops, and issued in small quantities to US troops. Also known as the IMPS (Individual Multi-Purpose Shelter). As it sounds, this is an insulated poncho that can be unfolded and closed off to form a sleeping bag. Small stays keep the other end off the wearer's head and chest if desired. It folds into the hood for carrying. Weight: 1.4kg.

[x1] Shelter Half, Canvas: A rubberized canvas sheet that can be combined with another shelter half to form a two-man tent or alone as a one man tarp. Includes pegs, poles, and rope. Weight: 1kg.

[x1] Sleeping Bag Bivy Cover, MSB: This is a waterproof, windproof bag designed to be used with the MSB or by itself. It incorporates the same material that is used in the Extended Cold-Weather System. It comes with a breakaway zipper that can completely enclose the occupant and be egressed quickly. Weight: 1kg.

[x1] Sleeping Bag, Modular (MSB): This is a two-bag system consisting of a lightweight outer patrol bag (temperature rated to 30F) and an intermediate inner bag (temperature rated to -10F). The bags can be used independently or mated together to form the extreme cold weather bag rated to -30F. The MSB incorporates the latest sleeping bag technology using lightweight polyester fibers for insulation. It is hydrophobic (water hating) and light, weighing less than 7 pounds. It comes with a compression sack for easy stowage. Weight (Patrol Bag) 1.1kg, (Inner Bag) 2kg.

[x1] Canteen, 5-liter Reserve: This is a larger reserve water supply. Wt: 5 kg (loaded).

[x1] Gloves, Heavy: Heavy winter gloves Protects hands against frostbite down to 10 degrees. Weight: 0. 5kg.

[x1] Thermal Underwear: Worn under clothing. Includes socks. Protects against 15. Weight: 0.5kg.

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Wayne Lo
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Thu 17 May 2012
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Re: Gear and Equipment Thread
Worn and Carried Items:
Blue Royal Canadian Navy Beret - 0.1kg
Black knit touque - 0.1kg
Boonie Hat - 0.1kg
Combats - CF Tunic & Trowsers - 1.4kg
M90 Thermal Shirt - 0.6kg - Olive Green
Combat Boots - 1.1kg
Bandanna - 0.1kg - Green Pattern
Gloves, light - 0.2kg
Kevlar Helmet - 0.5kg
CF Tactical Vest 3.8 kg
Knee & Elbow Pads - 0.6kg
Goggles - Neg
Kenetic Watch - 0.1kg
Cigarette Lighter, Disposable - Neg
Matches - Waterproof (box 100) - Neg
Multi-Tool - 0.1kg
4x Binoculars - 0.5kg
Sunglasses, Polarized - Neg - In case, 0.1kg
LBE in Green - 1kg - Holds 8 SMG mags, 4 Grenades & 1 Personal Med Kit
 - MP5 30-rnd Mag (9x19mm) x8 - 3.5kg
 - C13 Fragmentation Grenade x2 - 1.0kg
 - M18 Smoke Grenade (Red, Green) x2 - 1.0kg
 - Personal Med Kit - 0.2kg
 - Signal Flares (Hand-Held) x4 - 0.4kg
H&K MP5A3 (9x19mmP) - 3.1kg

Total Weight Carried: 21.3kg

LBE Belt & Yoke - 0.77kg
 - 2x Canteen carrier & Canteen, 1L - 2.2kg
 - Compass Pouch & Lensatic Compass - 0.15kg
 - Holster - 0.28kg
   - Sig-Sauer P226 Pistol(9x19mmP) - 1kg
   - 13rnd Mag (9x19mmP) - 0.2kg
 - Pistol Magazine Pouch - 0.08kg - 2 mags capacity
   - 15rnd Mag ( 9x19mmP ) x2 - 0.4kg
 - Radio Pouch with AN/PRC-152 Light Assault Radio - 1.4kg (5km range)
 - Bayonet & Sheath - 0.25kg
 - Butt pack - 0.2kg - (4.5kg Capacity)
   - Flashlight, Military (IR Filter) - 0.3kg
   - Map case, plastic, waterproof with Vancouver map - 0.1kg
   - Gas Mask - 1kg
   - Small Arms Cleaning Kit - 0.7kg
   - Survival Kit, Special Operations - 0.3kg
   - Flint & Steel - Neg
   - Cigarette Lighter, Disposable - Neg
   - Matches - Waterproof (box 100) - Neg

Total Weight of Webbing & Contents: 13.63kg

Tactical Assault Pack - 2.2kg - 40kg Capacity:

Poncho, plastic - 0.62kg
Poncho Liner - 0.6kg
Mircofibre Camping Bath Towel - 0.2kg
Personal Hygine Kit - 1kg
IMP Rations x5 days rations - 2.25kg
Canteen, 1L - 1kg
Iodine Tablets - 100 tablets - 0.05kg
Mess Kit - 0.4kg
Hexamine Stove - 0.2kg
 - Hexamine fuel tablet, 12-pack x2 - 0.4kg
AN/PVS-7 Monocular IR Goggles - 0.5kg
Cigarette Lighter, Disposable x2 - Neg

Extensions and lvl. IV vest inserts (Front/Back/Sides) - 5.4kg

Total Weight of Pack & Contents: 22.52kg

Remington 870 Shotgun (Stainless Steel, Fixed Stock - 12 Gauge - 9 capacity) - 3.77kg
 - Shotgun Shell Carrier (fixed to side of shotgun - 6 capacity) - Neg
 - 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells x15 - 1kg

Items in billet:

Duffel Bag No.1 - 3kg - 50kg Capacity (49.53kg used):
 - Personal Med Kit pouch - 0.05kg
 - Large Belt Pouch - 0.1kg - (0.8kg Capacity)
   - Fishing Kit, pocket - 0.1kg
   - 15rnd Mag (9mmP) x2 - 0.4kg
 - Bayonet & Sheath - 0.25kg
Combats - Canadian Olive Green - 4kg
Combats - Civilian "Hunter's Woodland Camouflage" - 4kg
Bandanna/Keffiyeh x2 - 0.2kg - Camouflage & Black
Thermal Fatigues - 5kg
Thermal Underwear - 0.5kg
British Army Norwegian Shirt - 0.6kg - Black
CF Issue Shirt - 0.6kg - Olive Green
Camouflage Fleece - 0.7kg - Woodland Pattern
Shotgun Shell Bandoleer x2 (35 shell capacity each) - 1kg
 - 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells x70 - 4.6kg
C13 Fragmentation Grenade x4 - 2kg
M18 Smoke Grenade x4 - 2kg
Thermite Grenade x2 - 2kg
M34 White Phosphorus Grenade x2 - 2kg

Duffel Bag No.2 - 3kg - 50kg Capacity (19.95kg + misc. items used):
Shelter Half - 1kg
Sleeping Bag, Modular (MSB) - 3.1kg
Sleeping Bag Bivy Cover, MSB - 1kg
Foam Sleeping Mat - 0.5kg
Entrenching Tool - 0.75kg
Battery charger - 1kg
 - Vehicle inverter - 0.4kg
 - AA Rechargable battery x12 - 0.3kg
Chocolate bar, 100g x5 - 0.5kg
Novel, paperback x2 - 0.6kg
Clockwork Radio - 1.2kg
Padlock & Key - 0.2kg
Can Opener - Neg
Cigar x5 - 0.1kg
Checkers Set - 0.2kg
Dice, pair - Neg
Playing cards, pack x2 - 0.2kg
Pen x5 - Neg
Notepad x2 - 0.2kg
Cider, Alcoholic, 4 litre plastic keg - 5kg
Coffee, 50 servings x2 - 0.2kg
Maple Syrup (plastic jar)
Tobascco Sauce (bottle)
Soya Sauce (bottle)
Salt Grinder
Pepper Grinder
Honey (jar)
Jam (jar)
Portable CD Player
 - CDs x24

Ammo Can - 3.5kg
 - 9mmP rounds x120 - 1.2kg
 - 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells x35 - 2,33kg

Diving Gear:
2x Sets dry suits, BCDs, 4x steel tanks, etc.
1x UDT tools.
Andrew Montgomery McRae
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Thu 17 May 2012
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Re: Gear and Equipment Thread
C8A1 carbine (Reflex sight, tac-light, foregrip) + 6 spare magazines
C3A1 Parker-Hale (10x Unertl telescopic sight, ELCAN Black Cat night vision optics, bipod) + 6 Spare mags
Browning HP-35 $150 w/ 3 full mags 9mm P

WP Grenade (2x)
C13 Fragmentation Grenades (6x)
HC Smoke Grenades (2x)
Ghillie Suit
Padded carrying/drag-bag for C3A1
.5km hand radio (Motorola)
Claymore directional mine

Personal medkit
10x Image Intensifier Binoculars/Laser Rangefinders w/ tripod
IR Goggles
Nomex Flyer's Gloves
Magnetic Compass
Flashlight (IR attachment)

OD Green Touque, Boonie hat
OD Green Combats, Parachute smock
Canadian camo pattern boonie cap
Civilian hiking clothes (for undercover ops; Storm Rider denim jacket, sweater, Levis, cotton shirt, bandanna, baseball cap, hiking boots, balaclava.)
Pack (sleeping bag, toiletries, spare set Combats, sleeping bag, raingear)

Total Carried Weight: 21kg

Case of 500 rounds 7.62mm N (match)
Case of 840 rounds 5.56mm N

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William Hawke
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Thu 17 May 2012
at 17:45
Re: Gear and Equipment Thread
In reply to Andrew Montgomery McRae (msg #7):

In Process of Being Sorted:
Paramedic Kit, with a reload in the LAV, please.  Double controlled substances, and consumables, such as IV fluids.  Controlled substances include morphine or fentanyl for pain, versid, & Valium.  Sharps container, needle cric device, etc.

Assault Order equipment:
  • Weapon L119A1 Diemaco C8SFW w/UGL
  • Sidearm Model  Browning HP
  • Ammo, L119A1, and sidearm
  • Two canteens
  • Uniform, boots, Mark 6a helmet
  • Operator Belt/Instructor Belt
  • Wallet, Driver's license, money, photos of family
  • ETH
  • CBRN gear
  • Survival pouches
    • Standard RM-issue survival kit
    • Tin snips
    • Lineman's pliers
    • SOG Utility Tool
    • Spring Punch
    • Allen wrench set "Swiss army knife" [allen keys in a holder so you can't lose them]
    • Filter bottle
  • Machete
  • Bayonet
  • IFAK *2
  • Tactical Vest for ammo, L119A1 Diemaco C8SFW, pistol and UGL.  Spartan medic patch in ACU Dark.
    • 4 C8 mags
    • 2 HP mags
    • 4x C13 frag
    • 1x M6 Smoke
    • 1x M6 CS
    • 40mm 6x HE
    • 40mm 3xCS
    • 40mm 3x Smoke
    • 40mm 2x Parachute Flare.
  • Body Armor (Tactical Vest/Extensions) with Level III plates
  • Pogey Bait/Monkey in a ziplock bag
  • Hearing Defenders
  • CBRN detection paper/tape
  • Camo paint face paint sticks
  • "Hard Hands" gloves
  • 1 pair socks, in ziplock bag
  • 4 C8 mags in pockets.

Rear pouches (utility, water bottle, respirator, entrenching tool) attach to the belt using the same loop and tab system.

The standard issue kit is two double ammunition pouches, water bottle pouch, utility pouch and bayonet frog. To this, privately purchased water bottle or utility pouches and hip pads are often added. The entrenching tool pouch is sometimes used as an alternative water bottle pouch.

Combat Order is assault order with the means of stowage for rations and personal equipment to enable a soldier to live and fight for 24 hours. In addition to assault order, the second side pouch of the rucksack is carried. In practice the patrol pack is used by many units and individual soldiers instead of the side pouches as it is larger and more convenient.

24 hr pack [2 pouches on the outside of the Medic Bag.]
  • 1 set filters for CBRN mask.
  • 1 set filters for water bottle
  • 6 MRE's
  • Poncho liner
  • Poncho
  • 10'X 10' plastic tarp, dark camo colored
  • Paracord, black
  • Dopp kit
  • Ammo, L119A1 Diemaco C8SFW and UGL.
  • 2 pairs dry socks in a ziplock bag.
  • Canteen cup
  • Folding gasification ministove
  • Tea, Barry's.
  • Toolkit, computer technician's [Has a bunch of hand tools that are handy], in a ziplock bag

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