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Re: Overall Intelligence
Major von Stahl
Staff Sgt. Shevchenko
Master Sniper McRae
Gunnery Sgt. Conklin
Sgt. Delaney
Sgt. Tremblay
Sgt. Fox
M. Cpl Champlain
Cpl. Lee
Sgt. Hope
Pvt. MacDonald

Pvt. Sheeler
Pvt. Droz
Const. Chau
Const. Bajorek
Koldan Arkadyevitch

That's 16 personnel. You originally brought enough gear to equip a small base, you'll finally get to use it:

Note: most captured weapons and a fair quantity of ammunition have been passed over to the RCMP and Militia. In return, Andy has a box of 100 12.7x99mm rounds, although they are not match-grade. As well, for the most part personal weapons and stores are not included (for example, Keith has an Erxy ATGM and additional ammo in his HumVee). Also, the borrowed MP5SD6s have been returned to the RCMP detachment.

Group Equipment

Item	                              Units
Duct Tape                                3
Barbed Wire, Concertina, metre          30
Barbed Wire (Straight), metre          200
Bucket, Metal                            1
Cord, 15M                                5
Jerry can, 20L                           5
Rope, 11mm milspec, 50m                  2
Snorkel Gear                             2
Wetsuit                                  2
Tarp, 2x3m                               1
Grapple                                  1
Antenna, 500km                           1
Individual Tactical Radios               5
TA4044B Power Amplifier                  1
Field Medical Assortment #2              1
Blood, whole                             4
Battery Charger                          1
Bolt Cutters                             1
Basic Tool Kit                           1
Entrenching tool                         1
Excavating tools                         1
Small Arms Tools                         1
Heavy Ordnance tools                     1
Wheeled Vehicle Tools                    1
Ethanol (litres)                       520
Bio-Diesel (litres)                    970
FLEXCEL Liquid Container, 250 litres     2
1000l fuel trailer                       1
Medium Still                             1
Domestic food                          200
Water purification Kit                   1
Can Opener                               2
Mess Kit                                 6
Mounted Water Ration Heater              1
Refrigerator, small                      1
Freezer, small                           1
1.5 Kilowatt generator                   1
GKB-816 (Russian 3 tonne trailer)        1
NMT                                      1
NHT                                      1

C6 GPMG (on LAV III)                     1
M2 Carl Gustav                           1
M203A1 grenade launcher                  1

M18A1 Claymore, case, 6                  2
40mm HE case, 72                         1
40mm HEDP case, 44                       1
40mm Illum, case, 44                     1
40mm CS, Case, 44                        1
40mm HC Smoke 44                         1
40mm HVHEDP can, 48                      4
C13 Frag Grenade, case (30)              1
M7A2 CS Grenades, case (14)              1
M9 HC Smoke Grenades, case (14)          2
Mk. 32 Concussion Grenades, case (20)    1
FFV-551 HEAT, 84mm                       8
FFV-545 ILLUM, 84mm                      4
5.56x45mm NATO (case of 840)            10
7.62x51mm NATO (case of 600)             5
9mm Parabelum (case of 1500)             5
7.62x51mm NATO, case 600, belted         2
25mm HE, (case of 33)                    5
25mm API (case of 33)                    5
1x box 12.7mm ammunition (105 rounds)    1

Equipment Resupply	                                 Amount	Number	Total	Notes:

Audio Recorder, Advanced	                 1	
Audio Recording Cartridge	                 50     (Unlimited)
Broadcast Monitoring Equipment	                 1	
Bugs, stage II, VOX	                         3
Bug Detector Kit	                         1	
Bug Monitor	                                 1
Hidden Microphone	                         3
Laser Microphone	                         1
Motion Detector	                                 2	
Parabolic Booster	                         3	Kelsey
PRD-303/SV Surveillance System (sensor)	         2	
PRD-303/SV Surveillance System (receiver)	 2	
Radio Direction Finder	                         1	Kelsey
Sound Amplifier	                                 2	
Special Vision Adapter	                         10	
VHS Video Cameras (small)                        2	
VHS Cassettes             	                 10	(Unlimited)
VHS VCR                                          1
Wire-Tapping Tools	                         2	Kelsey
Electronics Repair Kit                         	 1	Kelsey
Trade Goods*	                                10kg	

* Trade goods: food staples (beans, rice, canned goods, sugar, tea, coffee, dried milk, etc), luxury goods, (cigarettes, liquor, chocolate), household, (matches, sewing kits, etc.) toiletries and sundries.

Team Vehicles:

LAV-III Kodiak ("Lovin' Spoonful") Fully supplied and operational. Added: 2x side-mounted Claymores in boxes. Using bio-diesel fuel. Full ammo load, electronics fully functional. 25mm CG, 7.62mm coaxial MG, C6 TC weapon (added as above).

UAZ-469 (Green w/Black trim): diesel engine, soft top. Pintle mount on roll-bar. 2km radio. (Taras)

Land Rover SWB (soft-top): pintle-mounted PKM, alcohol-powered, towed still. (Koldan/Nicolaus)

1969 Chevy Cougar (Red): alcohol fueled. (Tyler)

2x ATVs, alcohol fueled. (Seth/Tyler)

1x HMMWV "HumVee", alcohol fueled, pintle-mounted M240 GPMG. (Keith)


Your vehicles run on both diesel and alcohol. Part of your supplies include quantities of both ethanol and bio-diesel, courtesy of UBC. As well, you have 2 stills (1 brought by the team, the other belonging to Koldan) to produce your own fuel. It's probably good your vehicles run on both; diesel is better but if people were to suspect you have quantities available it would make life very interesting!

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Kelsey Sarah Champlain
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Re: Overall Intelligence

Major von Stahl  - Lima 6
WO (M.Cpl) Champlain (BTR-70 Cdr)  Alpha 1
Master Sniper McRae (Sniper/Commando)  Lima 16
Sgt. Delaney (Infanteer)  Lima 14
Sgt. Tremblay (USMC/Heavy Weapons)  Lima 17
Sgt. Fox (Commando)  Lima 18
Cpl. Lee (LAV Driver/RCMP)  Lima 3
Pvt. Mahanandi (Comms)  Lima 1
Pvt. MacDonald (Scout/Medic/McRae's partner)  Lima 15

BTR-70 Crew
Tanase (Driver)  - Alpha 14
Petrovitch (Gunner) Alpha 3
Pütsep (Assistant Commander/Comms)  Alpha 2

RIB/Maritime Detachment
Staff Sgt. Shevchenko  Bravo 1
Pvt. Sheeler  Bravo 14
Pvt. Droz Bravo 15
Const. Chau  Bravo 16
Const. Bajorek  Bravo 17

Free Market Run
Koldan Arkadyevitch  Romeo 1
Sgt. Hope  Romeo 2

Clarke-Sullivan Protection Detail  Hotel Element
Gunnery Sgt. Conklin (USMC/Sniper)

HQ comms is Hotel 11, Clarke is 1, Conklin 14, Bellanger 6

Robert Duncan Fox
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Re: Overall Intelligence
Fox stopped Taras before he lit out, if only to make sure they were all on the same page. He addressed von Stahl and the rest of the team.

"Major: I think we're about done, then we can release Taras. But you must "sign off" on the plan so we may proceed further. We also need something of a timeline and exact route. We've been granted considerable leeway in these details so I'll attempt to fill in these details, so far as I can, with your permission."

"Before I get into that, Kelsy: the Main Force will be primarily operating together, so that combined element will be Alpha. As well, Captain Bezhov's our "mission specialist", he's not on the list. Not that necessarily everyone needs a call-sign, I guess.

"Communications will be difficult due to the terrain, mainly due to Burnaby Mountain and the high ridge between Coquitlam (basically a plateau) and Port Moody. To solve this, New Westminster agress to provide retransmission services between Alpha and Hotel, while Harbour Centre will provide retrans between Bravo and Hotel. At some point the high ground will cut off direct comms between Alpha and New West; then Bravo will provide retrans from out in the water to the downtown.

"Good news everyone: we have enough bunny suits to go around for both Bravo and all of Alpha. Also, Major von Stahl and Koldan have moved down part of our route and made it through alive. This is the part of Lougheed Highway/Highway 7 from Coquitlam Centre mall to New West, directly past the HA clubhouse."

GM Note: von Stahl noted on his way down Lougheed Highway that there were relatively few abandoned vehicles, only 1 or 2 every 100m. All had been pulled off to the shoulder or farther, if possible. Highway 7 was designated a "Disaster Response Route" so obviously it had been cleared by the authorities prior to evacuating the lower mainland. Otherwise, the road was in good condition with only a few rough spots (potholes and breaks) in the pavement. He remembers the stretch they will be traveling to have wooded high ground to the west. There was  little development except for a major hospital of some kind sandwiched (Riverdale) against the hillside, and a few "big box" stores on the flats by the river.

"Major, I'm also assuming reasonable caution in route travel using "traveling overwatch". I'd put the BTR (Alpha) first with the LAV III Kodiak (Lima) after. Bravo has a plow blade to push aside obstructions, and Lima can use its thermal vision for on-move recce (reconnaissance) over top of the smaller BTR. Normal separation 20-50m in clear terrain, closer in restricted terrain.

"Also, Major, you can observe the thermal sight from the passenger compartment using the LCD screen but I assume you'll be in the command position in the Kodiak's turret? In the CF, normal mechanised doctrine is the section leader is in the turret command position and also commands the dismounts, leaving the gunner in command of the vehicle."

"So if it's okay with you, I'll put you as commander, Lee as driver and Tremblay as gunner, who will also command the vehicle if you dismount."

He spread a 1:50,000 map on the table, and aside from his notes wrote the following on the white-board:

LAV-III Kodiak (Lima)


Major von Stahl  - Lima 6
Sgt. Tremblay (USMC/Heavy Weapons)  Lima 17
Cpl. Lee (LAV Driver/RCMP)  Lima 3


Master Sniper McRae (Sniper/Commando)  Lima 16
Pvt. MacDonald (Scout/Medic/McRae's partner)  Lima 15
Sgt. Delaney (Infanteer)  Lima 14
Sgt. Fox (Commando)  Lima 18


Pvt. Mahanandi (Comms)  Lima 1
Cpt. Bezhov (Mission Specialist) Lima 2

BTR-70 (Alpha)


WO (M.Cpl) Champlain (BTR-70 Cdr)  Alpha 1
Contractor Tanase (Driver)  - Alpha 14
Contractor Petrovitch (Gunner) Alpha 3
Contractor Pütsep (Assistant Commander/Comms)  Alpha 2

RIB/Maritime Detachment (Bravo)

Staff Sgt. Shevchenko  Bravo 1
Pvt. Sheeler  Bravo 14
Pvt. Droz Bravo 15
Const. Chau  Bravo 16
Const. Bajorek  Bravo 17
Troy DeFazio (Comms) Bravo 18
(Troy is part of the Comms detachment and a Naval cadet)

- Mk. 19, PKM, Carl Gustav Mk. 3.



1200 - 1600 Hours:

- Alpha (Team Main Body) preparations to move to New West. Practice reaction drills, check out on equipment (Geiger counters, bunny suits/NBC gear, etc.). At UBC/Jericho Militia base.

- Bravo (under OIC Taras) goes to Militia armoury at Jericho, gets Mk.19, PKM, Carl Gustav Mk. 3. Proceeds to Royal Yacht Club and gets Zodiac RIB (whale-watcher) ready, practices on NBC gear. 5km bound. (10-15 min. plus practice time.)

1600 - 1700 Hours:

- Alpha moves from UBC to forward base in New West, Cariboo Hill Secondary (FBC). 31km bound (45-60 min.) using secured MSR Mike Whiskey (Marine Way).

- Bravo reaction element moves to Canada Place (downtown) by Harbour Centre. 10km bound over water. (30 min approx.)

1700 Hours and later:

- Alpha meets with New West Police/Militia at FBC. Sets up Forward Base Cariboo (FBC) in gymnasium. Electricity, water, etc. Retransmission will be via New Westminster to relay comms between Bravo, Alpha and Hotel. Second retrans point already set up at Harbour Centre. Time: 2-4 hours, approx.


- Ground distance from FBC to Ioco: 20km (direct)

- Water distance from Canada Place (CP) to Ioco: 20km


Civil Twilight 0439, Dawn 0509.

0400 Hours:

- Moving before first light gives us night-vision advantage and easier en-route thermal detection.

- Bravo makes water bound to Rally/Rendezvous Point (RP) located at Rocky Point Park (RPP).  20km bound: 60 min. approx. Extra time needed for avoiding obstacles, navigating bridge debris, testing, etc.

0430 Hours:

- Alpha makes first bound to WP at "Cape Horn Interchange" (CHI) located midway along Main Supply Route Highway 7/Lougheed Highway (MSR Lima Hotel). Next bound is along MSR Lima Hotel to Coquitlam Centre mall (CCM). Third bound is along  from CCM to RPP. Total route distance: 17km, approximately 30 minutes.

- Rocky Point Park (RPP): waterside park with pier and large boat ramp. Clear LOS across water to entire northern shore from Objective Ioco Refinery (OIR) to eastern end of east end of Burrard Inlet.

0500 Hours:

- Bravo and Alpha RV (Rendez-Vous) at RPP. Lima uses thermal to survey bound to Objective Ioco Refinery (OIR) across the water. Alpha suits up (NBC/Bunny Suits).

0530 Hours:

- Alpha makes final bound to OIR. 6km: 10 min.

0545 Hours:

- Mission Specialist (Captain Bezhov) takes samples, surveys area, etc. Approx 30-60 minutes.

0645 Hours:

- On-site decontamination: 30 minutes.

0715 Hours:

- Alpha makes return bound to RPP, RV with Bravo. 6km: 10 min.

0730 Hours:

- Bravo makes return bound to CP via water. 20km: 60 min.

- Alpha return bound is via alternative route: Alternate Supply Route (ASR) Mariner Way. First Bound is along ASR Dewdney Trunk Rd. to ASR Austin Ave., ASR Austin to ASR Blue Mountain, then back to ASR Brunette Ave. 17km: 30 minutes.

0830 Hours:

- Alpha returns to FBC.

0900 Hours:

- Bravo returns to CP.

- Operation is concluded.

"Now, the map. Dark blue is the ground route to Rocky Point Park, then to Ioco. Light blue is the return ground route. Pink line is the water route for Bravo. Green circles are Waypoints/Rally Points. Red circles are known nuke hits, approximately 300 kiloton yield."

"Yes sir. I added and fleshed out the return/alternative routes to the map, in light blue. Also, the Rendez-Vous points are marked with purple circles. The northern RV point is Coquitlam Centre mall, you and Koldan drove by there. The other is Centennial High School off Austin Ave (for some reason it's marked as "Medical Centre" on the map, but whaterever)."

Nicolaus von Stahl
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Re: Overall Intelligence
"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy your coffee, hope you had a good night."

"The mission for today is to conduct a recce mission to a nuke-site in order to find out if there is radiation and the nuke's condition."

"Let's start with our patrol order:

Enemy situation: We have several information about gangs and other doubtful persons and groups but not reported in our area of operation. However, be aware.

Own situation: We have our FOB here, A quarter at the university and a naval QRF"

Nic shows their locations on the maps.

"Task is to go to the nuke-site where our specialist has to conduct his examinations and to provide a safe and secure trip for him. Well Mr. Bezhov, we are your taxi."

"Marching route is here on the map. Copy it to your maps.

"Marching order is BTR at first than LAV."

"Crew and Dismounts as follow:

LAV-III Kodiak (Lima)


Major von Stahl  - Lima 6
Sgt. Tremblay (USMC/Heavy Weapons)  Lima 17
Cpl. Lee (LAV Driver/RCMP)  Lima 3


Master Sniper McRae (Sniper/Commando)  Lima 16
Pvt. MacDonald (Scout/Medic/McRae's partner)  Lima 15
Sgt. Delaney (Infanteer)  Lima 14
Sgt. Fox (Commando)  Lima 18


Pvt. Mahanandi (Comms)  Lima 1
Cpt. Bezhov (Mission Specialist) Lima 2

BTR-70 (Alpha)


WO (M.Cpl) Champlain (BTR-70 Cdr)  Alpha 1
Contractor Tanase (Driver)  - Alpha 14
Contractor Petrovitch (Gunner) Alpha 3
Contractor Pütsep (Assistant Commander/Comms)  Alpha 2"

"In case of road blocks, IED and other unfriendly events:

Road obstacles: BTR with shield is the first vehicle. If possible the BTR clears the way. LAV will provide covering fire if needed. If we are faced with an obstacle we should keep in mind that might be an ambush. If we can not clear the road. We have to look for an alternative route.

IED / mine: Depends on situation. Rule no.1: away from the explosion site. Either break through or stop and go backwards. If one vehicle is it and immobilized the second on has to do a so called crash rescue. Grab the guys and then away. Always be aware of an ambush.

Armed roadblock. We are not here to fight battles. Therefor we should avoid every gunfight. If we are hit (e.g. ambush) then it depends on the situation if we break through or evade and try another way.

Contact while dismounted: Avoid firefights. Especially in NBC-suits. Back to the vehicles. LAV and BTR will provide covering fire."

"At least the time schedule:

0400 Hours: Start moving

0545 Hours: ETA, mission specialist Captain Bezhov begins his examinations. Mr Bezhov, you've got maximum 60 minutes.

not later than 0645 Hours: on-site decontamination, approx 30 min.

0715 Hours: march back home

0830 Hours: back at our FOB."

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Re: Overall Intelligence

Satellite map:

3-D view:

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Re: Overall Intelligence

View of the guard shacks from the Humvee's position (BTR was parked behind right building):

Burrard Thermal Plant:

Javier on the railroad tracks (tank cars in the background are to the south of the parking lot, by the water):


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Taras Vladimirovich Shevchenko
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Character Gear
Taras locker:

50 Blasting caps (percussion)
50 Blasting caps (electric)
2 100m spools of electrical wire
1 500m spool of tripwire
1 Blasting Machine
2 100m coils of Fuse, Instant (can be combined with itself to set up multiple charges or with a timed fuse)
2 100m coils of Fuse, Timed (can be used with itself or instant fuse as above)
50 Ring-pull Igniters (for tripwires or instant detonation, can be used with percussion blasting caps)
5 Timers (30 seconds to 48 hours)
5 Tripwire igniters (triggers either if a wire is tripped or goes slack from being cut)
2 Waterproofed Canvas shoulder bags for above (not including spools or coils)

Russian prepared demolition charges:

x4 (0.4 Kg) large blocks.
x4 1 Kg Satchel charge.
x4 3 Kg Satchel charge.
x3 5 Kg Satchel charge.

Basic firearms:
1 AKSU-74 with 5 mags and a case of ammo.
1 Makarov PM +2 mags.
1 S&W 9 mm Pb. Mod. 5946 +2 mags.
6 hand grenades RG-5
6 flares

More hand grenades:
RGO x20
RDG-2 (smoke) x6
RGG-2Kh (irritant gas) x6

RPO-A Shmel x4

Land mines:
MON-100 x4
PMN-2 x8
POMZ-2 x10


-Command detonation using PN manual inductor attached to demolition
cable to a EDP-R electric detonator.
-MUV and VPF.

Other items:

- 400 cigarettes.
- 4 bottles of vodka.
- 12 book matches.
- 50 ft paracord.
- 2 candles (6 inch tall).
- Old Soviet alarm clock.
- 6 clothspins (wood).
- A mouse trap.
- RC off-road toy car.
- A multitool.
- Russian military engineer tool.
- Sewing kit.
- Binocs "Bell&Howell" 8x40 EWA.
- Kalinka PN-14K NVG.
- Flashlight (whatever Red Army standard).
- 4 electric wire spools.
- 4 rolls of fine wire.
- 4 spools of fishing line.
- 4 rolls duct tape.
- 6 rolls electric tape (mostly black).
- Small first aid kit.
- Small, portable multiband radio.
- Spare batteries for the above items including 4 9 V PP3 batteries (RC remote hand set).
- Regular soapbox with assorted nails and screws.
- Sleeping bag. Standard issue.
- A backpack. 30L, hold most of the above items.
- Chest rig. 4 mag pouches + 6 grenade pouches.

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Taras Vladimirovich Shevchenko
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Fri 18 May 2012
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Re: Character Gear
Operation Orders


a. Enemy Forces - We do not know what's out there other than the spotty INTEl we just got. Expect the usual suspects in the form of bikers and other criminal gangs. If we come across any they may not be too openly against us but they are heavily armed and in this one we are going light. Rules of Engagement to be respected.

b. Friendly Forces -
We can count with the support of the RCMP and New Westminster Police as well as the militia. They are aware of our presence here and they can come and help but we are going to bandit country, away from their normal turf. Keep in mind that.

The mission will be to recce a suspicious farm and surroundings as well as any suspects involved in order to find out if any major criminal or series of criminal offences are taking place over there. Again, we are conducting recce, looking for information about what is going on.

 Concept of Operations
As a part of the overall effort of reconstruction and return to normal life in the city of Vancouver our purpose is to gain overall control of all the Lower Mainland. That's why we are conducting this recce mission as we are expanding our area of influence.

1) Own Troops -Our force is composed of a ground and a riverine element. The purpose is to recce both roads and rivers leading to our objective and being able to provide mutual support.
2) Attachments - Due to the rush for this missions we don't have any attachment from other units as we had before but we may have a limited back-up as I mentioned.

Coordinating Instructions:

The zodiac or riverine team will depart as soon as possible and no later than 10:00. I will be commanding this element and will navigate up the Fraser and Pitt River past the three bridges to a suitable location to drop our sniper team of two people. Then we will continue towards the farm following the sumerged tracks as they represent the lowest elevation following them from the railway bridge and closing in towards the farm. The LAV III will have to use the roads, mainly the Lougheed Highway to get there. Both elements in the area should be under cover and surveillance but our sniper team. After the mission is achieved they will be contacted and extracted initially by the same manner.

1) Timings

Departure time shall be no later than 10:00.

2) Control Measures

Our principal control measure will be the arrival of the zodiac to the bridges, the drop of the snipers and arrival to the farm location. This will be vital reference for the LAV III to keep pace with our progress and as such it will reported by radio.

3) Various Plans

We are not planning in a series of obstacles to isolate the objective and we are not expecting to fight armor. What we are expecting is the possibility of fire support from the LAV and as such the commander should make good use of the surveillance sensors and providing good arcs of fire once the farm is pinpointed.

There will be foot patrols around the area but I only expect to use the LAV crew to provide support and fire suppression as needed.

4) Other Points of Coordination
(a) Fire orders will be transmitted by radio unless self defense is required. Everyone should be familiar with the ROEs.
(b) We do not need to apply much concealment since we are likely to operate in the open and our patrol is by all means also a show of force in the area.
(c) I will recommend Belanger to post a spotter with a radio near Port Mann bridge as this is the only link with Surrey. In the event of visitors we will have a warning.
(d) As soon as this briefing is over everybody will get their combat kit and be ready for inspection. Commander Liutenant will proceed with the LAV and myself I would do so with the boat.
(e) Upon arrival in the farm a will order a dismount patrol with its details.

a. Ammunition - Everybody should carry their own complement in good use and ready for inspection.
b. Dress, Equipment and Tools - Regular uniforms and gear to be worn as usual.
c. Transport Arrangements - Both our jeeps here will take us to the wharf. The LAV is parked around here.
d. Medical Arrangements - Royal Columbian Hospital and their ambulances will be ready for any medical emergency. In any case don't forget to carry your own first aid kit if you have it. Seems like we have a medical assistant on board as well, which is a good thing.
e. Handing of Prisoners - Prisoners will be handcuffed, blindfolded and taken for interrogation and custody to the UBC grounds where the RCMP has its main facilites. Prisoners would be handle to the RCMP I repeat.
f. Rations and Water - The mission hopefully will be short but it would be wise to carry at least rations and water for the day.
g. Carriage of Kit - You are authorized to carry your equipment in your current carrier but it will be inspected before departure for weight, noise, etc.

a. Command
Overall Commader of the mission is Ms. Clarke with HQ over here. Patrol Leader will be our new Lt. and I will coordinate the naval squad. Second in command of the naval squad will be Kelsey. The sniper element would be subordinated to the Lt. Patrol Leader as he is also the main fire support provider.
b. Signals
Kelsey will be in charge to provide a set of codes and frequencies for all the elements involved as she's been doing so previously and she's very professional.
1) Radio Frequencies - Channels would be provided by Kelsey and radio checks would be conducted.
2) Codewords - Arrival of the zodiac to the points of coordination will be radioed with code words also provided by our Kel.
3) Special Signals - No use of other channels or frequencies will be allowed. The Patrol leader would be able to change net but we will consider that local support can be contacted and dispatched by Mr. Belanger as he will be monitoring the mission.
4) Nicknames and Other Points of Reference - Again Kelsey will show her imagination to keep OPSEC to a maximum.
5) Password - Challenge password for the mission will be "BAREFOOT"

And that's all Ladies and Gentlemen. Grab your gear and stand to for inspection as indicated. From now on any question should be directed to your immediate superior. Good Luck and God bless you all!

Alpha Detachment:

Trembley/Gunner - Alpha One
William/Driver - Alpha Two
Stone/Commander - Alpha Six

Bravo Detachment:

Taras/Commander - Bravo One
Kelsey/Comms/Xo - Bravo Two
Coxswain/Wayne - Bravo Three
McRae/Sniper - Bravo Seven
Mac/Spotter - Bravo Eight

Backup - Kilo Detachment

Spotter - Kilo Four
Ground Element - Kilo Two
Maritime Element - Kilo Three

HQ/UBC - Hotel Detachment

Lt. Cdr. Clarke-Sullivan - Hotel Six One
Belanger - Hotel Six Two
Ari/Net Control - Hotel One

Mission related codes:

Target - keyword Kittens.  "We Have/lost/ect Kittens"
Team - Keyword Chair "Chair is against the wall" = Team is in position

"Ari!  Slave set B on the Spoonful to my 68, and set up set A on the vehicle, give them in vehicle commo on their A switch and Broadcast on their B switch, all stations."  She figures if she gets a good hook onto the set on the spoonful she can retrans with it if need, she will have to set the step on the 77 to accomplish this though.


Route Map:,0.220757

Flood Plain Map:

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Re: Character Gear

Nothing in these rules interferes implicitly with your Rights to Engage or to take appropriate action to ensure your personal safety, the safety of your unit or that of civilians.
  1. You have the right to use force to defend yourself against attacks or threats of attack.
  2. Hostile fire may be returned effectively and promptly to halt a hostile act.
  3. If attacked by unarmed hostile elements, use the minimum non-lethal force necessary under the circumstances to accomplish your mission.
  4. You may not seize the property of others to accomplish your mission unless involved in a criminal act (see below).
  5. All personnel are empowered under the Emergency Measures Act to carry out and otherwise enforce the Criminal Code of Canada, at their discretion.
  6. Weapons to be normally kept at Loaded.

  • We are not at war with the people of Vancouver and not all armed parties are to be automatically considered hostile.
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Many people may be unreceptive or suspicious. This does not make them "hostile" under these ROEs.
  • Use minimum force to conduct your mission.
  • This is a reconnaissance mission, so withdrawal or avoidance is always preferable to confrontation.
  • Always be prepared to act in self-defense or the defense of civilians.
  • Avoid civilian casualties under any circumstances or the destruction of property if at all possible.

ROE Mission Status:
A mission status applies special rules to the ROE.  Status can be upgraded by the Unit Commander as needed.

Blue Status: (Applies to patrols in CP/UCB governed areas.) Please bear in mind that in the Blue Status, CF/RCMP Forces act more as Police than Military and should behave as such.  Err to the side of restraint wherever possible.
Green Status: (Applies to patrols in allied/friendly areas.) Unless requested, matters of law will be left up to the governing civil authorities for the area.  As guests in friendly territory, restraint is paramount.
Yellow Status: (Applies to patrols in potential allied/unknown areas.) Safety of patrols is not assured in these areas.  Balance caution and restraint.
Red Status: (Applies to patrols in hostile/suspected unfriendly areas.) Safety of patrols is paramount.  Any threats to the patrol should be met with all due force.

Weapon Statuses:

Default status is "Loaded".  This may be changed at the discretion of the Unit Commander as needed.

Unloaded - no mag on the rifle and SAFETY ON.
Loaded - mag on the rifle, no round in the chamber and SAFETY ON.
Action - mag on the rifle, round in the chamber and SAFETY ON.
Instant - mag on the rifle, round in the chamber and SAFETY OFF
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Reference Information
Canadian/British terminology:

Combats = BDUs/Fatigues
Section = Squad (SAW = Section Automatic Weapon)
Detachment = Element
Recce = Recon
Signaler = RATELO/RTO
Enemy Force = OPFOR

Note: Canada has little or no popular "citizen militia" tradition as in the USA (as became widespread in the 90's as the Cold War dragged on). There are scattered Neo-Nazi cells (mainly in the south-central areas of BC) but these are very much far right wing fringe groups, and typically don't call themselves militias.

We do have THE "Militia", that is, Reserve Force Command, and these units are the reserve component of the "Reg Force" (Regular Force Command). The Militia is normally a federal force, as there are no provincial "guard" forces like in the USA. Although, when the Federal Government was destroyed, command of Militia and Reg Force CF units did temporarily devolve to the provinces on an emergency basis. "Militia" can be plural or singular, a militia soldier is typically also called a "militia".

Where towns have a "militia" they tend to call them "defence forces", "security forces", "Police", "garrison", etc. (There are exceptions but that's the general rule.)

To confuse things, New America cells are also typically called "militias", although they are also called "militiamen", "armed gunmen", etc. Neo-Nazi groups, where they have not joined with NA cells, have also formed militias.


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Re: Reference Information
Canadian vs. American Equivalent

Trade = MOS
OC (Officer Commanding) = CO (Commanding Officer)
Gong Show = Charlie Foxtrot/Clusterfuck

Awesome slang:

My favourite CF slang:

American proof - Refers to any equipment or technique that is idiot proof to a degree that it may even be mastered by our colleagues from the US military —also 'Yank Proof'. "Infantry Proof" is also a common version of this saying.
Anchor Cranker - naval personnel
"Around when Centurion was a rank, not a tank" — old NCO ( also refered to as having been Jesus Christs fire team partner or been in since Christ was a Corporal.
Bunny Suit — chemical defense suit, used for defense against chemical warfare.
CFL — corporal for life; someone at that rank that either lacks the potential to be promoted higher OR has no desire to pursue the promotion and intends to keep it that way. Also, Captain for life.
Cheesie — slang for SAR Tech, due to the bright Orange suits they wear.
Hooah!, HUA!— heard, understood, acknowledged, borrowed from the U.S. Army term or the USMC's "OOO-RAH! Used in an ironic manner, for an idiotic task for which you have no enthusiasm in doing.


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Re: Reference Information

Alain Belanger
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Thu 4 Oct 2012
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Re: Reference Information
B Detachment Personnel:

Staff Sgt. Taras Shevchenko (RCMP/OR-8); Law Enforcement, Combat Engineering.
Master Sniper Andy McRae (OR-7); Sniper/Recce
Sergeant Kelsey Champlain (OR-6); Comms, Mechanic
Sergeant Keith Tremblay (USMC/OR-5); Heavy Weapons, LAV gunner/Driver
Cpl. William Hawke (OR-4); Royal Marines, Combat Medic
Able Seaman Wayne Lo (OR-3); Riverine Operations, Demolitions, LAV Driver
Rifleman Chris MacDonald (OR-3); Spotter, Backup medic
Constable Darek Sochaki (RCMP/OR-2; LAV Gunner/Driver, Mechanic

Detachment Vehicles:

1x Cougar AVGP (OD Green): diesel engine. 76mm Cockerill gun (76mm gun with 5x HE-T and 5x HESH-T ready 10x HESH-T in reserve, 7.62mm CMG, commander's pintle mount/C6 GPMG. 2x secure digital radios

1x Bombardier Iltis (OD Green): diesel engine, soft top. Pintle Mount on Passenger Side. 1x PRC-77 radio

1x UAZ-469 (OD Green): diesel engine, soft top. Pintle mount on roll-bar. 2km CB radio

1x M1026 HMMWV (USMC pattern camouflage): diesel engine, hard top, basic armour package, recovery winch, M240 GPMG on ring mount. 2x SINGCARS secure radios (AN/PRC-177F)

1x 8-man Zodiac inflatable boat

Support Weapons:

1x Carl Gustav (FFV-551 HEAT, 84mm x6, FFV-502 HEDP, 84mm x4)
1x ERYX Short-Range ATGM (5x Missiles)
1x M249 SAW (Tremblay's alternate weapon)
1x M82 Barrett AMR (McRae's alternate weapon)

Spare Electronics

1x PRC-77 Manpack radio
4x AN/PRC-151 digital radios (Light Assault Radio)


4x cases C13 fragmentation grenades
2x cases M6 HC smoke canisters
1x case M7A3 CS gas canisters
1x case stun munitions
2x cases hand-launched flares/starshells
2x cases Claymores

5x 76mm HESH-T
9x 76mm Canister
7x 76mm Smoke
43x 76mm HE-T
3x 76mm Illumination

Food and Supplies:

1x case IMPs
3x cases K-Rations
Considerable quantities of common food.

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Re: Reference Information

Kelsey Sarah Champlain
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 CF Sergeant
Thu 18 Oct 2012
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Re: Reference Information
Knight 1 - Derek
Knight 2 - Wayne
Knight 6 - Taras

Bishop 1 - Myself
Bishop 2 - Tremblay
Bishop 3 - Hawke
Bishop 4 - Andrews

Rook 1 -  Andy
Rook 2 -  Mac
Rook 31 - Droz
Rook 32 - Sheeler

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Re: Reference Information
New map focusing on Ft. Langley:,0.055189

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Fri 12 Apr 2013
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Re: Reference Information
Common Canadian terminology (RL and in-game):

Reserve Force (reservist) = Militia (singular and plural)
Regular Army              = Reg Force
Marauder (US term)        = Bandit, criminal, deserter, gangster, gunman, etc. (no standard term)
Irregular (etc.) militia  = Local/Volunteer/Defence/Security Force/Group (or some variation)

Recon                     = Recce
Squad                     = Section
CO                        = OC
XO                        = 2ic
PFC                       = Rifleman, Gunner, Sapper, Signaller, etc. depending on "Trade"
MOS                       = Trade (more general than MOS)

SAW                       = Section Automatic Weapon
BDUs                      = "combats"
MREs                      = IMPs (Individual Meal Packs)

CIVGOV                    = US Federal Government
MILGOV                    = US Military junta/breakaway/renegade US forces/territory/etc.
Cluster Fuck              = "Gong Show"
"Hooah!!!" "OORAH!"       = used, but only in an extremely sarcastic or ironic manner

MOPP/Biohazard gear       = "Bunny Suit"
Scrim                     = Cloth helmet covering, dreadlocks made from camouflage cloth, makes your helmet look like a bush. Common camp handicraft.
"Six" (radio parlance)    = "Nine" because.... we wanted to be different but not TOO different?

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Sat 13 Apr 2013
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Re: Reference Information
Information provided by Old Willie. Also known to Andrews:

a) Where are the Hell Angels located? Have they any prisoners or hostages with them?
"They's located in Langley. Got a modern club house there. A lot more of 'em been arriving in the last month. I hear a couple hundred! I haven't heard of any hostages or prisoners, but people are afraid to talk about 'em."
b) What are the shortcomings being experienced by the HA in their violent campaign?
"In the past, they didn't have really any shortcomings. Some of the bikers got rowdy in a pub in Aldergrove, assaulted folks. One even raped a girl. The Sergeant at Arms apologised to the owner and made paid restitution. The rapist was founded dead, killed execution style. The HAs said they did it as punishment. This was when there was only about a dozen or so. If they got a problem, it's keeping so many Angels occupied, they been getting restless. Plus, a lot of 'em are new, not as used to Angel discipline."
c) What is the HA operational and political planning?
"They been running a kind of shadow government. Not civil services, and not inside the communities themselves, but keeping the bandits and deserters in check."
d) What are the HA numbers, organisation, deployments, training, weapons and communications means? "I've heard a dozen to two hundred plus. I would say at least a hundred. They been "patching over" lots of other gangs and givin' patches to army deserters. They probably got small arms, but I heard they have some machine guns, an APC. Even a tank! Don't know what kind. They got radios, both CB and military, but I'd guess not a lot of skilled operators. So they like using bike couriers for important information. Keep it off the air."
e) How are the relations with the other communities around?
"The local farming communities of Aldergrove and Abbotsford aren't strong or together enough to fight 'em off. But they mostly leave each other alone. Without the farmers, the HAs got nothing to eat."
f) What is the magnitude of involvement of the HA against other communities including plans against the Government?
"For the most part it was live and let live. Run drugs and guns across the old border. Things have changed now, they got real big in a hurry. Like I said, they been hiring mercenaries, mainly deserters who kept their weapons. I think they're looking for payback."
g) What is the HA morale like? How are the conditions in their bases?
"I think they didn't like getting kicked out of Vancouver. They're getting restless. Can't say what things are like in their camp."
h) What are the HA's intelligence network details and priorities for operations against other citizens?
"They got informers all over the place. I hear a lot of independent survivors like hunters been used to watch roads, keep tabs on things for them. The natives don't like 'em, will trade with 'em but won't cooperate with 'em any further than they have to."
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Re: Reference Information
Cougar Main Gun Information:

The Cougar commander is provided with a Sight, Periscope, Armoured Vehicle (AV),
No. 71 or a combined day/night SS126 Commander's Radnis [2]. Either sight can be
traversed approximately 56 degrees [2]. The sight has X1 and X10 optical systems,
both of which have their own viewing window [2]. Both optical systems can have the
field of view raised 39 degrees or depressed 11 degrees from the horizontal [2].
The field of view of the X10 system is 6.5 degrees [2]. Changing from one
magnification to the other takes 2 CA, 1 to move eye to the other viewing window
and the other to change the position of a mirror inside the device. The Image
Intensifying night optics have a magnification of X9, the field of view is 6.5
degrees [2]. The night system does not utilize the X1 unity window [2].

The Cougar gunner is provided with a Sight, Periscopic, AV, No. 54 or with a
combined day/night optical sight SS 125 Gunner's Radnis instead of the No. 54
sight [2]. The sight has X1 and X10 optical systems; the field of view of the X10
system is 6.8 degrees [2]. The gunner's Radnis is similar to the commander's
Radnis except that its elevation cannot be changed on its own [2]. The gun must be
elevated or depressed in order to vertically change the view. The Radnis also
cannot be rotated, the entire turret must be traversed [2].

The Cougar's turret traversing system can be operated electrically or manually
[2]. The electrical system can be operated on the vehicle's battery for a short
time only [2]. Using the electrical traversing system, the gunner and commander
can quickly lay the gun for line. The traverse system is very precise and can be
turned at speeds varying from 0.017 to 24 degrees per second [2]. The commander's
traverse controls override those of the gunner [2]. If the electrical system
fails, only the gunner can traverse the turret by using the manual traverse handle
[2]. The elevation or depression of the gun can only be done manually by the
gunner [2].

A gun selector switch box is located on the turret wall to the right of the
gunner's sight. It has a three position switch (CO-AX, OFF, and MAIN) which select
the co-axial machinegun, no weapon or 76mm gun, respectively [2]. Turning the
selector takes 2 CA. This box has three lights: the orange light illuminates when
CO-AX is selected; the red light illuminates when MAIN is selected and the red Gun
Ready light illuminates when the loader's safety switch is made and MAIN is
selected. The lights' brilliance can be controlled by rotation of the plastic
covers [2].

The gun can fire direct, semi-indirect and indirect fire [2]. The gun's sights
have no markings for firong smoke ammunition at 0 to 3700 meters, or HE or HESH
over 2000 meters [2]. When such targets are to be engaged accuracy will not be
ideal. At some stage the Cougar's Radnis optical sights were replaced with the
Grizzly APC's image-intensifying sights of type M36E4+ [5, 9].

The Cougar is equipped with a laser range finder GVS-5. This is not a fixed
installation or a part of the gunnery system but rather a portable,
binoculars-like device [2]. Apparently the range finder cannot be used from inside
the vehicle, the commander must operate the device while partially exposed in the
turret hatch.

The main gun can be fired electrically or mechanically [2]. The mechanical firing
method uses the gunner's firing pedal. The pedal has a pivoting safety locking bar
which, when raised, prevents the pedal from being depressed [2]. When the
mechanical firing circuit is used, the loader's safety switch is bypassed and
provides no safety for the commander [2].

When fired, the gun recoils approximately 28 cm under the control of a buffer
replenisher assembly and is returned to the firing position by a hydro-pneumatic
type recuperator [2]. The gun is semi-automatic - during run out, the breech is
opened mechanically and the fired cartridge case is ejected. The breech remains
open until the next round is loaded [2].

The gun is loaded by the commander.

Opening the breech sequence [2]:
1) Trip the loader's safety switch by pushing the front bottom lever forward
2) Unscrew the stop running back (SRB) and place it in its retaining clip;
3) Open the breech by first pressing in on the operating level and releasing the
breech mechanism lever (BML) from its retaining catch. Maintaining pressure on the
operating lever, pull the BML fully to the rear until the pawl engages with the
crank lever of the actuating shaft. Continue to maintain pressure on the operating
lever and push the BML forward until the breech is fully open and the extractors
have engaged with the breech block. Release the operating lever, return the BML
to the fully forward position ensuring it is engaged by the BML catch;

Loading sequence [2]:
1) Open the breech
2) select the type of ammunition required, insert the nose of the round into the
chamber and remove the base clip
3) With the knuckles of the right fist, push the round fully into the chamber
4) Set the loader's safety switch by pulling the operating lever to the rear
5) Report "Loaded".

Firing sequence using electrical firing gear [2]:
1) Set the selector switch to MAIN, check that the red indicator light and gun
ready light are illuminated
2) Report "Firing now"
3) Press the firing switch on the elevating handwheel,
then release the firing switch

Firing sequence using mechanical firing gear [2]:
1) Report "Firing now"
2) Press the foot firing pedal and then remove foot from
   the pedal

In order to fire the gun mechanically, the safety locking bar of the foot firing
pedal must first be disengaged.

Closing the breech sequence [2]:
1) Release the BML catch by pressing in on the operating lever. Maintaining
pressure on the lever, pull the BML slightly to the rear to engage the pawl, then
push the BML forward to take the pressure of the breech block off the extractors
2) Press forward on the extractors and allow the breech block to rise under
control until fully closed
3) Release the operating lever, return the BML to the fully forward position, and
ensure that it is engaged by the BML catch

[1] Jane's Armour and Artillery 1985-86 (page 791).
Chief of the Defence Staff, Canada 1994.
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Re: Reference Information,0.001206

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Wed 22 Jan 2014
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Re: Reference Information
Updated Map:,0.005284


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Re: Reference Information


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Re: Reference Information
The order of march was as follows:

T-54 (KING): Darek/driver, Koladan/TC

V-100 (QUEEN): Tremblay/driver, Abbot/VC, Droz/guard + 4 prisoners

Iltis (ROOK): Mac/driver, Andrews/passenger

Humvee (BISHOP) Hawke/driver, Kel/VC, Andrews/guard + 3 unwounded prisoners, 2 wounded prisoners.

AVGP Cougar (KNIGHT): Wayne/driver. Taras/VC-Gunner, Tyler/loader, Belanger/wounded, Sheeler/wounded, Conklin/wounded

Map Link:


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Re: Reference Information
Knight 1 - Derek
Knight 2 - Wayne
Knight 6 - Taras

Bishop 1 - Myself
Bishop 2 - Tremblay
Bishop 3 - Hawke
Bishop 4 - Andrews
Bishop 5 - Abbott

Rook 1 -  Andy
Rook 2 -  Mac
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Wed 22 Jun 2016
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Re: Reference Information
In reply to helbent4 (msg # 83):

Area Map:

1:50,000 topographical map:,0,1,1