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Thu 3 Apr 2014
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Over the Fence
Note: this is the actual game thread. Please post in-game actions here.

It didn't take a genius to see the prisoners were planning something.

Tremblay and Darek had several flex-cuffs. They secured the prisoners' hands and feet so they weren't going anywhere.

There was an explosion from out on the road. Explosives and munitions started cooking off in one of the burning vehicles.

At the market, Hawke was doing as well as could be expected. The prisoners there didn't seem to be plotting anything and were resigned to their fates, and their hands and feet were secured at any rate. Two wounded prisoners were added to his caseload.

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Tyler Gabriel Hope
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Thu 3 Apr 2014
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Re: Over the Fence
In reply to helbent4 (msg # 1):

Slinging his CAR-15, Tyler said to Kel and Taras, "uh, we could really use another vehicle to help transport the prisoners. Unless you want to use the Challenger?"
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Thu 3 Apr 2014
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Re: Over the Fence
Meanwhile, Andrews made it out the other side of the culvert.

The woods were empty-seeming, deserted. He heard an explosion behind and above him, as munitions stored in one of the vehicles caught fire and exploded.

Andy and Mac returned to the Iltis. It was undisturbed where they had parked it.

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Christopher Little Hawk MacDonald
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Thu 3 Apr 2014
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Re: Over the Fence
Mac got into the Iltis and started it up.

"Back to the others, then?" he asked.
Kelsey Sarah Champlain
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Thu 3 Apr 2014
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Re: Over the Fence
"I can go get a Hummer..."

Indirectly she is watching the prisoners, to see if they are looking anywhere in anticipation or somesuch.
Thomas Matthew Andrews
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Thu 3 Apr 2014
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Re: Over the Fence

Andrew's spent a couple of minutes listening to the cars cook off on the road and looking for movement in the forest before returning to the others.

"I am happy to watch this lot."