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Tue 2 Sep 2014
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Over the Fence II
Part of the relief column left, taking the prisoners back. They were escorted by the LAV III. There was no opposition and they were back in the half hour. In the mean time dinner was served. There was fresh milk from a pair of dairy cows and Old Willie had stored a considerable quantity of eggs, smoked fish from the river and preserved salted meat.

At the fort, the night passed peacefully. Sentries on the palisade kept watch using night-vision goggles. This was a capability something the Hudson's Bay Company soldiers would have envied although this trading outpost on the edge of the Empire had never seen a shot fired in anger. Everyone else slept peacefully as there were plenty of (small) buildings to be used as quarters. Many were filled with building supplies and other salvage gathered throughout the area by Old Willie.

Dawn broke with the crowing of roosters and clucking of chickens from the coop. A dog barked, the pair of dairy cows lowed in anticipation of their morning milking.

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Re: Over the Fence II
'Farm boy' Mac will check Old Willie and, provided it's all right to leave him, go and attend to the milking.