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Unauthorised Entry
Friday, 17 June 2001
Game Time 0910 Lima
Partially Cloudy
Wind from the North, 8Kph

The small column wended its way down Glover Rd. from Ft. Langley towards the Hells Angels clubhouse in Langley. This was a major residence and fortified location for the gang from before the war, it's possible it gained in importance once the HAs and other bike gangs in the Lower Mainland were consolidated under central control of the new President.

However, the new President (identity unknown) seemed to have vanished after his attempted ambush of government forces moving through the Fraser Valley failed spectacularly. His main muscle, a renegade US Army sniper nicknamed "Mr. Brownstone" (aka SSGT Carter Blackman Finch, former Alaska National Guardsman) had disappeared with him, along with Brownstone's personal mercenary team. The HAs themselves hadn't participated in the attack en masse, preferring to let a large and well-equipped mercenary force (including a tank and armoured vehicles) do their dirty work for them. This force had been smashed, but other anomalies were discovered.

American forces using elephants had been moving across the border. Perhaps to aid Canadian communities, and/or engage in unauthorised salvage (looting). They had in effect stolen a pair of elephants from Ft. Langley and the caretaker (Old Willie) had been assaulted.

The current aim was to recce the HA clubhouse in Langley, then see if the Americans troops could be intercepted before the crossed the US border. It was suspected they were laagering in the friendly community of Abbotsford, to the southeast.

In the mean time, the vehicles leapfrogged for security reasons. Up ahead the sniper detachment in the Iltis spotted a smoke column rising from direction of the farm complex that had been converted into the HA's fortified clubhouse at 1500m range. They were travelling south on 216 street. Once they turned left on 61 ave the clubhouse would be 175m down on the right, a high-walled compound.
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Tue 5 May 2015
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Re: Unauthorised Entry
Mac drove steadily, leaving his partner to signal the other vehicle. He was still worrying about the elephants!
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Sat 23 May 2015
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Re: Unauthorised Entry
Very well, we are going to approach and then deploy to get inside the compound. We are going to set up a perimeter of sorts and then move in. Keep your eyes open for booby traps!

The vehicles continue to rumble down the road. Over the radio, the Ukrainian relied more instructions for the next move.

We are going to use the vehicles, one driver one - one gunner, to cover the Noth East and South West of the building. I want a sniper element to cover the main entrance as well and the rest we'll make a stick and do the entry.
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Sun 24 May 2015
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Re: Unauthorised Entry

Andrews gave himself a quick touch and visual check counting off things in his head as he made sure everything was where it should be. He then readied himself to leave the Humvee and stack up with the others for the entry.

He watched the windows and doorways as they made their way to the drop off point, making sure no one wanted to be a hero and stop their advance.
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Sun 24 May 2015
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Re: Unauthorised Entry
The cost of a single RGD-5 clicked around $5 US, making it highly affordable during a major conflict when many grenades would be required. "Not a problem", Taras thought, the whole economy of the Soviet Union was already geared up for war too long ago. Many millions of RGD-5s and its clones have been manufactured over the years. Now, he was checking them as a part of his loadout. All six were there, properly seated and fuzed, egg-shaped with no external ribbing, except for a lateral ridge where the two halves of the grenade joined. The surface had a few small dimples on it with an olive drab paint-scheme.

A quick check of the sidearm revealed the yet unused condition of the Smith & Wesson Mod. 5946. Apparently S&W had also a another huge player in its Northern footprint with the Alaska State Troopers, firstly with the .357 Magnum revolvers and then moving to the 4006 model. Eventually they will go for Glocks. Canadian law enforcement officers, most notably from the RCMP often attended special training courses and firearms competitions in Alaska so an official "friendship" with the AST and long and historic ties in working with Troopers developed over time.

The AKS-74U rested across the chest. Over the shoulder and down the hatch, a couple of wooden crates stencilled in slavic lettering completed the arsenal.

Staff Sargent Taras V. Shevchenko - Knight element
Cougar's turret.
C-6 GPMG (100/100)
AKS-74U (30/30) +4 mags
S&W 5946 (15/15) +2 mags
Handgrenade RG-5 (6)
RPO-A (x1)
POMZ-2 (x8)

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Sun 24 May 2015
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Re: Unauthorised Entry
Stanley kept a wary eye out as they approached the compound.  Taras had issued his orders and Stanley keyed his intercom.

"Looks like I'm stuck here on the gun.  Do you guys want the SAW for the dismount?"


C9A1 w/Elcan scope, 200/200rd soft feed bag, sling, bipod
Sig Sauer P226 9mm (pistol belt)
Kevlar helmet (CADPAT cover, scrim)
Kevlar vest, w/Lvl 3 plate (Front)
Web Gear (200rds 5.56mm, 1 P226 mags, 1 frag, 1 smoke)

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