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Book of Agramnus: Demon Lore and Rules
Core Posting Rules

General Rolls

  • Rolls will be placed within these brackets "< >". This makes it easier for me to track numbers.

    The format for successes will be <x success(es)> with "x" being the amount. If you have 0 successes, you may opt to put <0 successes> or <Failure>.

    In the event that you botch, put <Botch>.


  • I will roll initiative for all characters when combat is engaged. This is to expedite the combat process, and the rolls will be posted for all to see. The player will be responsible for their turn. Format will be thus:

    <"x" att> <"x" bash/lethal/agg>

    The first bracket is your 'to hit' and the second is damage. Att is short for "attack", fyi and the "x" is the number of successes.

    As with regular rolls, if you miss your attack or do no damage you may opt for <failure> instead.

Core Rule Alterations
  • Demons will no longer roll Attributes and Abilities akin to Vampire the Masquerade. When rolling for a particular Lore, a demon will add his total dots in that lore and add his dots in faith. Increasing faith is incentive to increase dice pools, not just to limit maximum lore dots.
  • Demons will be created using the point system as recommended in the Demon the Fallen Player's Guide. Attributes will only be limited by affordability, not House.
  • Experience cost of lore remains at x5, but Faith cost is increased by one experience.
  • Demons can "telepathically" communicate with other demons automatically if they know their name or True Name. Demons can roll willpower to ignore other demons for the duration of a scene.
  • Any attribute or ability that reaches four dots removes one difficulty, and a fifth dot removes another. These effects stack across attributes and abilities, but cannot be lower than difficulty 3. A demon's larger dice pool should be indicative of greater skill, not a chance at greater failure.

Demon Lore Additions and Alterations

Lore of Fundament

  • Manipulate Gravity: Warping gravity will last as long as your faith score, not a single turn.
  • Manipulate Adhesion: Effects of weaving adhesion is expanded to a scene, only limited to how far you can travel. Surface difficulties remain the same.
  • Manipulate Inertia (Torment): Tormented demons can weave this power to generate a shield in front of the demon that can stop high velocity objects in front of her. Successes negate lethal/aggravated damage from small, high velocity objects like bullets or shrapnel. Should damage overcome the shield’s successes the additional damage is applied to the demon normally and the shield disperses. Maintaining the shield generates 1 Torment a turn until dispersed.
  • Manipulate Acceleration (Torment): This power does lethal damage rather than bashing to mortals and other non-demons, and bashing to demons.
  • Manipulate Cohesion (Torment): Altered elements do bashing damage equal to successes roll. Controlling the elements requires a Faith roll (diff 9).

Lore of Humanity

  • Translate: Languages can be permanently learned with a minimum three successes without spending points in Linguistics.
  • Insinuate: This Lore will no longer create friends or trust. It empowers the demon to converse in a manner that leads a mortal to hang himself with his/her own words, so to speak.

Lore of Storms

  • Summon Water: Unchanged
  • Water Form: Unchanged
  • Manipulate Weather: Manipulate weather has had an overhaul, and works a great deal like command the storm in the sense that you can not only alter the weather, you can conjure new weather patterns at a higher difficulty. In essence, Command Storm and Manipulate weather have been combined.
  • Command Element: New Lore: Spend a faith point. Using this lore creates a desired storm linked element for the Defiler. A Defiler mastering this level of Lore can create funnels of electricity or generate a weapon of ice. Weapons or armor created will soak/deal damage based on rolls succeeded divided in half (rounded up). Armor will soak bashing and lethal and weapons will do lethal damage.
  • Invoke the Storm: This makes more sense with Command Element in place. Invoke the Storm is like mixing the two previous Lores. Instead of one bolt of lightening you get several (difficulty 7, dmg equal to demons’ torment score), or you call down showers of ice blades (difficulty 8, lethal dmg 2 per success)

Additions to Core Gameplay

New Backgrounds

  • Mafia Member (Chicago Outfit)

    Sammy couldn’t believe it, fucking Chicago PD, capped his brother right in front of them. How was he gonna’ explain this to the Don? He was supposed to make this right, maybe Pasquale would make this better. C’mon, don’t die on me!
    A door opened, Pasquale smoking a cigar. Sam leaped up. “You made it just in time! Johnny boy here ain’t gonna’ make it if we don’t get ‘im some help!”
    Pasquale looked at him coolly, replying in a low voice. “Sorry Sam, you fucked up. Harem’s lost to us now. The Don gives his condolences to your mother for your death.”

    1. Associate: Non-italian member of the mob. Usually assigned to grunt work, or as infiltrators.
    2. Soldiers:  Don chosen associate in the Italian family.
    3. Caporegime: Controls a small family and 6-7 crews (10 soldiers per crew). Must follow guildines of the Don and pay profit cuts.
    4. Consigliere: Advisor to the family, working as a mediator and liaison between the Don and bought out power figures.
    5. Underboss: Second in command, in charge of all Caporegimes.


    For each rank you must purchase these backgrounds as well:

    Associate: 1 pt within: Contacts or Allies.
    Soldier: 3 pts within: Contacts, Allies, or Influence
    Caporegime: 6 pts within: Contacts, Allies, Resources and Influence
    Consigliere: 9 pts within: Contacts, Allies, Resources, Influence
    Underboss: 13 pts within Contacts, Allies, Resources, Influence

  • Artifact

    1. Trinket: A small item from ages past, usually an enhanced, normal object. Reduces difficulty of use slightly.

    2. Curiousity: A larger item forged from minor materials, reduces difficulty of use and increases die pool slightly.

    3. Antique: A weapon or item with precious materials, reduces difficulty of use and increases die pool, may contain demon lore up to tier 3

    4. Relic: A weapon or item made with rare materials, reduced difficulty, increased die pool, may cause more severe damage type, may contain Lore up to Tier 4. May contain a potent spirit.

    5. Legend: A weapon or item forged of legendary materials and a powerful soul or demon(s). Will reduce difficulty of use, will reduce difficulty of damage, may contain a variety of Lore. A weapon or item to be feared of fervently sought after. Warning: Legendary items are always incredibly potent, but always demand a high price to awaken or even use).

    TO NOTE: These are weapons that have been lost to you and must be reawakened. Points in Artifact can apply to one item or many, depending on distribution. Any item can be awakened up to level 4, but only ONE item can be of Legendary status per character. Furthermore, all Legendary items must be reviewed by me and will require some hefty stuff to start up/use them. You get whack bonuses, such as diff 4 for attack AND damage with a Str+6 blade but expect a massive consequence (like the blade not liking you anymore or looking for its own gain or needing sacrafices of willpower/faith/people/demons to use).

Arch Kingdoms: Optional Character Additions

See Below Lore Article for more information.

  • Demons of the Ugamwa Lu enjoy +2 to all non-combat rolls (including Lore) with interacting with mortals regardless of House. Ugamwa Lu demons suffer +1 difficulty to Faith checks when manifesting Torement forms in Apocalyptic Form and +1 difficulty to purposefully manifest Torment Lore. Ugamwa Lu demons are particularly tied to mortals, and are hesitant to tap into destruction.
  • Demons of the Kalamankh enjoy an additional point of Faith when the sun rises. Kalamankh demons suffer greatly increased effects of Revalation when using lore near humans, potentially inciting violence. Kalamank demons are highly tied to faith even subtly tied to the sun, but their high magic potency creates fear rather than inspiration in the modern world.
  • Demons of the Seven Kingdoms of Arima'in enjoy a -2 difficulty to all Technology, Academics, Investigation, Law, Medicine, Politics, Religion, Research, and Science rolls. Difficulty enthralling mortals -greatly- reduced. Demons of the Seven Kingdoms of Arima'in suffer from an aggressive behavior and must roll willpower to abstain from physically engaging with an enemy, a heckler, etc. The Arima'in were highly studious regardless of house, and their presence in the cradle of civilization remains synchonized within the mortal psyche. Regardless, they have a prideful fury of the Morningstar and will rarely back off from a fight.
  • Imperials of Aotgaard enjoy a potent bond with their host, decreasing the difficulty of Legacy and Apocalyptic Form forms by two. Aotgaard imperials also can unleash the Rage of Unnvald which allows the imperial and his party to add three dice to their physical attributes for the amount of turns based on a Faith or Torment roll (whichever is higher, difficulty 7). Imperials of Aotgaard suffer from a raging internal torment, reducing all dice pools to resist torment by one (down to a potential pool of zero). Imperials of Aotgaard enjoyed a potent kinship with their mortal allies and more easily manage the fleshbound state, but are haunted by involvement in the war, internal strife, and mistreatment at the hands of Lucifer.
  • The Imperials of the Jade Dahrmus enjoy either a highly militarized and highly spiritual training, adding half their wisdom total (rounded down) to any attack roll die pool. All rolls invoking a mental attribute have their difficulty reduced by one. The Imperials of the Jade Dahrmus suffer from a balance complex between Faith and Torment. Dahrmusians gain a temporary torment for every faith point a demon replenishes from its thralls when the sun rises upon them. This has no effect if the demon is at full temporary faith.

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Re: Book of Agramnus: Demon Lore and Rules

A Short Essay on the Development of Infernal Territories through the Eyes of Modern Western Dominated Culture

Though my time here on this continent has been brief, I have discovered a tremedous volume of information regarding continental vissicitudes. It would appear that the modern mortal population has completely lost most sense of pre-Abyssal territories. In this essay I hope to re-establish and define what these changes are and where they exist in the modern world.

Again, as noted, the world in its current state has lost old Arch-Kingdom boundaries but I was most shocked to find that many regions held onto the base cultures upon rebuilding. Our little creations, mankind, appear to have managed themselves well despite our absense though their crawl to their former state is a terribly slow one. In fact, much of the development is working in another direction than Lucifer intended. And, in some cases, once mighty kingdoms have been ursurped or left scattered even until this day.


This leads me to first tend to the sad state of the Tribes of Ugamwa Lu.

The Tribes of Ugamwa Lu were in what is now known as... "Africa". What surprises me the most is that, to this very day, the nation in which I reside in has gone to great lengths to deny its importance! In fact the Scourges would be appalled to find that many mortals feel humans were created. Such a silly notion, the immortal human being was developed over long periods of time in the heart of Ugamwa Lu, the Womb of Humanity. Not merely... made of dust of all things. Of course, the materials of the stars were manufactured to be the foundation of the universe. In any case, the Tribes of Ugamwa Lu were the heart and soul of all humanity, the first immortal souls bound in the heart of that continent.

I remember being entralled by its spectacular beauty and savagery, and its metropoli made of pillars of rich earth and stardust. Glowing beads on winding, shimmering cords were strung up amongst its towers and sprawling urban structures! It was a wonderful place of enlightened humanity, and to mean no disrespect to Lucifer's capital, it was the pinnacle of human achievement. Indeed, the original tribes of Ugamwa Lu were powerful thinkers and masters of their craft, demons of water and earth gently assisting humanity along. Many a defiler made their home here. They would be pleased to find the regions are still highly spiritual, and still remember us in song, religion, and culture. It is fragmented and war-torn nonetheless now, and the great Ugamwa Lu has disappeared.


Ah, to mention the Ugamwa Lu brings me to the Nothern most portion of the continent, the Kalamankh.

Such a mysterious place! The land has a long history, now held by Muslims and prior held by an Egyptian society that very much resembles Kalamankh. Sadly, the religion of the Kalamankh and ancient mortal Egyptian society appear lost. I have had little opportunity as it is to visit, but I greatly desire to investigate the Nile River system. You see, no defiler or malefactor will admit any truth to this, but the Nile was not their workings! Nigh blasphemy to them of course, but I have it on good account that there is something mysterious there. Demons of all sorts flocked there and created a human society around that accursed river. Indeed, it remains a focal point of that society even until today. Both Devourer Scarab Lords and Sun Priests of my own house resided there. It is highly magical, and in ancient times it is said there was a gateway to some other realm. Should this be the truth... what would we find? My own collegues, as they escape the Abyss, will possibly disagree with me. We are the avatars of creation, of course. What could exist but what we create? But it still warrants some study.

The kingdoms of that region are long lost, such as the Pyramidia Koruskh. As it would seem in my studies mortals have managed to recall some semblance of the great structures thought it apparently took them several tries.  In older times they were bastions of great faith and mysterious cults. Even more dire are tales from the Slayer house of humans that would rise from the dead sometimes hours after being slain, looking completely unharmed mind you. It would be folly to make any assumptions on this, as it is hardly surprising considering the capacity of mortal warlocks before the Sundering.


Continuing on, we reach more well known Seven Kingdoms of the Arima'in which we developed in the Fertile Cresent. While the Ugamwa Lu is the cradle of humanity the Arima'in was a keystone in placing law and law based governments upon the mortals. This is also where Lucifer's bastion lay as well and was the last kingdom to fall before we were marched into the Abyss. This was a place of the Houses of Deliberation, or as the common mortal philosopy would coin it, Houses of "Logic". It is a place where I myself resided and where the greatest mortal sufferings and accomplishments were made.

The Arima'in controlled a vast swath of land. Emperor Xerxes from my studies, apparently held a mystical idol called the Bowels of Saka Paradraya. I find it interesting his conquests nearly took him through the entirety of the ancient Arch-Kingdom if not further. The kingdoms at the time were not entirely dissimilar and it would appear that in the wake of our imprisonment the mortals of that land gradually rediscovered many of the ancient laws put there long ago. The Arima'in were incredibly scientific and sought to the most to create definitions for creation. Massive citadels would reach into the sky, and sprawling Sand Legions would ride covered with dark metals and rich cloth. Magic and lore were second nature to these citizens, who used them more as tools to amplify or compliment their skills.


Now I move to the Empire of Aotgaard, a massive kingdom stretching throughout what is now Europe and the Soviet Union. This was a kingdom dominated by the Devourer House as well as the Shattered Crown defilers. Largely united the kingdom boasted one of the largest, most violent armies of mortals. Hardly Lore dominated, the Aotgaard hordes relied on murder and subterfuge following the Fall of Abel. Before the fall they were a potent kingdom with massive stone bastions and great spires rising in the warmer wilds under the careful eye of a council of demons.

Following the Fall of Abel the North was briefly brought under the ruling hand of Arbiter Unnvald, a powerful devourer. His rule was short but potent, his warriors carrying a blue dragon-serpent on their shields and armor. Of the houses that were left to their own devices the North suffered the most from Lucifer's rule. While boasting the most successful battles against God and her forces, they were singled out and called barbaric monsters. At the end of the war Lucifer called upon the Aotgaard to defend Arima'in invasions, but the Devourers and Defilers drew their forces into their broken bastions and burned wilds. Upon entering the Abyss, it is said Lucifer could not look upon his northern brethren for the shame in his heart was heavy.

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Re: Book of Agramnus: Demon Lore and Rules

The Eastern Bulwarks

I will now begin my investigation of the kingdoms of the east. Of all the lesser known Arch-Kingdoms the Bulwarks of the East were bastions of horrible power. What I will begin to write here will shock my fellows, and after incredible pouring over of texts I've come to some dire conclusions. Much like our brothers of the North our situation in the East was a tenuous one and there many powers were born and still hold great sway over the mortal population.

I will begin this following essay with a brief, practical essay on the Empire of the Jade Dahrmus. This is what is contained between the massive countries of India and China, reaching out across a vast landscape. This is the region that held some of the greatest vaults of knowledge and spirituality. In fact, the massive Empire was best known for its cadre of Devils in various forms. One of the most famous wars of all time raged through the Sunpillars of Suchi Wasa ni Oshi on the coastline. The coast is nearly gone now, only a long stretch of islands remaining. The western Legions of Bilayati, or more commonly known as "The Wizened Kingdoms", were central powerhouses of spiritual enlightenment.

Indeed, this particularly massive Arch-Kingdom nearly found itself splitting in twain near the end of the war. The great enlightened demons of Kubash and the Elders of Domokaru Sa formed a great debate, and through mere words and logic, managed to hold the empire together. The Empire of the Jade Dahrmus actually laid claim to have first unions of man and demon using blasphemous magic. The appearance of lesser "spirits" was highly documented with unions of elements, dreams, and even -emotions- with mortals. I suspect these spirits wander yet in their various forms, though more research is to be invested in this. At the end of the war these kingdoms became increasingly introspective, tearing into the reality and being the first blasphemers to claim our view on the world was not only limited, but wrong. The council to present the 10 Blasphemies never convened, though, as the war came to a close before its presentation. Where these texts are is a mystery.

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Re: Book of Agramnus: Demon Lore and Rules


Excerpt from the book, Wounds of Haven, Rosk IV by Agramnus (Fragment)

Round about the Universe went, and the Sundering shattered all planes. For the Almighty in Her wickedness, touched that which is not her. The great power, that which is so all encompassing, can only be defined that which is not. For the great power imposed upon Her, the Almighty induced a state upon Herself which would bind the Universe into an entity. And from the first void it carved into its navel, Her womb became pregnant.

Out from that was born everything, and the eternal became the mundane, and the glorious became mundane. Her womb swarmed a Universe divided into Planes and layers of membrane. And in those ether fluids swam angels and matter, fed by her everlasting faith. When mortal was created it was the first touch of the Almighty, a breath, a coagulation of essence, blood of the divine.

Lilith, the first daughter of Adam and Eve, was the first to turn that nutrition into creation. When the Almighty brought herself into reality, into that womb, her claws tore the membranes and from there the First Age ended. The latent energies of that act still manifest, but the first was Lilith.

Child of Mana and Wielder of Adam's Staff, she commanded the broken shard of creation, loosed by the hand of the Almighty one. Day upon day she went into the Carbon Waste, where the land was scorched and radiated death. Here she wove flesh, wove earth, and wove the unseen forces of the atom into bleak curses. There she unmade her sisters, and when the Almighty cast out her younger brothers, she sought out the murderer of the other. Corruption spread, and the first to hear of it was Belial. Accursed, she was an-

[Fragment Ends]
Demon Lore:

Lilith is a figure mostly prevalent in the saga of Cain, a mysterious creature only known to a few. The Fallen, though, should they wield sufficient memories, know her as the First.

Adam and Even may have been the first humans, but it was Lilith that was the first to be born of them, followed by her younger brothers, Cain and Abel. Abel would be slain later, and Cain would be cursed by the Almighty herself. However, it was Lilith that first learned the Spheres called upon by Mages.

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Re: Book of Agramnus: Demon Lore and Rules
"I hear of a mote of light sparkled in the deepest expanse of the universe. The rolling, finite, quivering stone has rolled in its deep ocean. All such things have nearly passed beneath our notice."

I write. The carved quill of the bird's feather scratches upon the surface of paper. I observe the paper's thinly pressed fibres tearing and pulling apart. Should I look close enough, the quill gouges and stains the parchment, opening canyons upon its surface. I drown each one in black.

I remember. I remember walking the hallowed plane of the universe. It is not silent. It speaks. When organisms were dredged from the elements on the various planets in the universe, some took cues from the bodies of heaven. Sound, oh, a wonderful, melodious sound. One this creature cannot conceive of, one that scarcely knows of the darker bodies that dance in the endless black. Few will ever know such a sensation, floating in the windy wake of a planet, suspended by nothing. Such immeasurable distances between objects, and nothing else piercing its sublime shadow.

Such distances light had to travel, that I waited aeons for the first twinkling star. Namaru forgemasters ignited stars from cosmic dust, Annunaki coalescing dust into celestial bodies and Asharu breathing life to giants of gas and dust. Neberu such as I oversaw it all, and traversed the universe's seemingly endless expanses.

Few beyond the Neberu know how small humanity was in the designs. The futility of the lessons given to them was immediately apparent. The fragility of their minds proves only their original, unknown design. The Almighty had little interest in their thinking capacities, or their brain power. Indeed, they can conceive of notions or theorems but they can never entirely understand their limitations. They do not know that they do not know.

Even our brothers seem ignorant of the vastness of what we had forged, and balked when their brother stood against Lucifer. I have seen it before, attention given to a new, favorite pet. The callous, shallowness exhibited before the everything, the ALL is appalling.

As I scrawl upon this paper wars are raged on this single planet. Demi-gods and other beings have laid claim to their stakes, and often squabble endlessly with one another. Such a small, insignificant world. As my own master once told me, the world has twinkled among the flood of stars in this galaxy. Even now the scepter spins, each end flowing with star upon star. This the call the milky way, hardly conceiving of the fact that they look upon the rest of their corner of the universe. No, to them this place is the lone island, the stars pinpricks of light in a vast curtain.

And so the motes of dust upon the rock float to and fro. Shaman come, then die. Warleaders rise, then fall. Lords and Kings are birthed, then buried. Now insufferable dictators waggle their fingers and brandish their sticks.

I sat upon a shard of ice in the ring of Saturn once. The planet had razed on of its own daughters and poured its carcass across its equator. The sky was still mostly black then, only the closest stars having made their light known. I feel into the shadow of the planet, and listened only to its ringing tones.

We created so many stars in that time, that Planar Darkness. I read of cultures here that revere the sun they see rise everyday. And yet, I cannot help think of the clusters of galaxies, or the vast magna-systems of galaxies we made. The thoughts here are so small, so few, and so minimal. Even few of the Fallen recall the worlds and moons of ice and iron, the time spend flooding vast oceans under shells of crystals. Others never recall the black holes that move the galaxies, or the Namaru that sent two stars orbiting the other.

And still others forget the bleakest, blackest regions where works went unattended and unseen. Where some Fallen were never seen again. I can say this for certainty. We are yet observed. The eyes watch.