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Mon 31 Aug 2009
at 01:14
Whispers of Susan Moore
-=The radio in the living room whispers a faint crackle November 1927. A pervasive chill falls from the gray heavens, scattering a light snow over the grimy city. A man approaches the window, watching the scattered people spilling onto the sidewalks this cold morning.

The phone, now silent, had previously awoken him and his wife, Susan. Married for only two months yesterday, the crisp newness of a new life together still pervaded the apartment. The large flat was comfortable, but unsettled. That vibrancy paled, however, on this weekend.

Gary Moore went back to the bedroom.=-

Hey, c'mon baby doll, go put a kettle on.

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Wed 2 Sep 2009
at 04:19
Re: Whispers of Susan Moore
Susan stretches in bed, slowly waking up. She sits up at the edge of the bed, and calls,

OK, sugar, just a minute...

She walks to the kitchen, and lights up a burner on the stove.

It's pretty early. Did a nightmare wake you up?

She fills a kettle from the sink, and places it on the burner.

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Gary Moore
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Wed 24 Oct 2012
at 23:02
Re: Whispers of Susan Moore
Sniffing to himself, he straightens his tie and walks into the kitchen to rummage amongst the cupboard. Removing a cup and a can of instant coffee, he sets them down on the counter

You could say that. Looking disheveled, he draws his hand across his face. He attempts to straighten his tie, only making it more crooked. I got a call from one of the boys. Some Mick came from out of town.

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