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Character Generation:
Character generation:

You may choose between

4d6 drop lowest die assign as desired.

Or 30pts for stat generation

Starting Level: 6 or ECL 6

Allowed Races:
Terran( Tae )
Tau O’Maeda (female only)
Tau Valkiir (Male or female)
Tau A’Niss (Male or female)

Quetzl Male or female
Cesti Male or Female (no Blood drinkers)
Cyborg: Humanoid or Mohljaniir Spider
Robot: Mannequin, Dogbrains,Warhound
Ship: scout ship, courier, freighter, Escort craft
Vehicle: Aerodyne, Large car/truck, Lt mecha, Powered Armor.

Personal equipment: Pl 6-7( every tech level below & lowers Purchase DC by two points, Tech Level 8 items are available at +4 purchase DC)

Vitality Points:
His game makes use of Vitality points, all damage subtracts from vitality points, doing 1 point of hit point damage for five points of vitality point damage taken. Vitality points are equal to a characters hit points. Feats, talents or items that increase hit points effect vitality points instead.

Hitpoints: in place of normal hit points a Character has hit points equal to (Constitution + Con Modifier + 1 pt/level) Hit points recover at one point per day of rest. Treat injury checks restores 1d4 hit points
Penalties apply for damage taken to Hit points
75% hit points –2 to all skills, attacks and checks
50% Hit points  -4 to all skills, attacks and checks
25% hit points –6 to all skills, attacks and checks,
Half movement.
1   Hit point character is disabled
Zero hit points no actions possible

Toughness adds 4pts to Hit points per level of the feat taken.

Non Lethal damage forms:
Bludgeoning (unless specifically noted)
Unarmed:( persons with combat martial arts can chose to inflict lethal damage)

Action Points: As standard rules

Hero Points: Awarded by GM for exceptional role-play, good planning, or taking risks to advance plot or game, or protect group or innocents. These points are added to reputation in appropriate circumstances, or spent as extra action points. Hero points are not renewable once pent they are gone and must be earned.
The GM may return Hero points used in a heroic manner to achieve a heroic goal to the player; Hero points may be stripped if a player acts in a cowardly or ignoble manner.
Each hero point earns 1d6 points that can be added or subtracted from the roll. Every three levels 1d6 is added to the dice rolled when a hero point is used.
Special: A hero point may be burned to force a reroll of any roll or to adjust a roll made by the GM up or down by the dice roll.

Honor Points: awarded by GM for players with an honor code for adhering to it, Honor points are added to reputation when appropriate and may be used up to gain favors, assistance or equipment from like minded NPCs. Negative honor points (Dishonor points) can be awarded if a Player breaches his honor code in some serious manner.

Fate Points, Players demonstrating insane courage, role-play above and beyond or advancing the story and plot.  A fate point can be used to avert disaster or death of a player. A Player character or NPC may also, force or avert a critical hit by expending a fate point. Every Character starts with an unknown number of fate points, And can use them at any time for any reason. If a player uses a fate point when he doesn’t have any left, the situation will not be altered and the player suffers a serious setback. The moral here is don’t tempt fate too many times, SHE IS A VISCOUS BITCH.

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Races In brief
A’niss Small built Asiatic appearing humans
Stereotypes: Severe, philosophical, austere and warlike
Special Abilities: Battle zen
Technology Metalurgy

B’sahrii Tall dark skinned humans
Stereotypes: artistic, industrious, competitive
Special abilities Telepathic, telekinetic
Technology Advanced computers, advanced power sources

Cesti: Hexapod feline, ranging from 150lbs to 1500lbs
Stereotypes: eccentric, aggressive, competitive adaptive
Special abilities enhanced senses, sub-ultra sonic hearing and speech
Technology: advanced medicine, advanced starships

Mohljaniir: Human cyborgs, no set appearance
Stereotypes: quirky, friendly, warlike and vengeful
Special Abilities Robotic Body, cyber affinity,
Technology: advanced Robotics, Advanced power systems, Advanced starships

Najuhlim: Stocky swarthy human
Stereotypes: Warlike genocidal cybernetics reliant
Special abilities: Cybernetic affinity, integrated armor
Technology: Advanced cybernetics advanced personal weapons armor

O’sahdii Humanoid, no reliable description.
Stereotypes: Spooky, omniscient, highly manipulative and ruthless.
Special abilities: Telepathic, personal invisibility, memory manipulation
Technology: all technologies beyond understanding.

Tau: Small built blue skinned humans.
Stereotypes: Matriarchal, aloof, condescending,
Special abilities: telepathic.
Technology: Advanced Medicine, Cloning, highly advanced Hyperdrives

Valkiir: Athletic Light  ice blue skinned, Light or white haired Humans
Stereotypes: Aggressive, warlike amazons, Still friendlier than Tau
Special abilities: Combat precognition, enhanced physical abilities
Technology: ----

Quetzl: Saurial humanoid with mammalian features.
Stereotypes: Aloof, calculating, militant.
Special Abilities: Pheromones, motion sense, dermal armor.
Technology: Advanced Hyperdrive, stealth, and personal cloak