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Tue 17 Nov 2020
at 23:14
(Planescape) Lost Souls : Knight_Vassal
Sigil's Calling what do you do?


 Ok so I need everyone applying to understand the following.

 1) Every character will be built on a case by case basis. Flat out period.
 2) If you want to power game and min max you might want to think about going elsewhere.
 3) No one is promised a spot. If we can't get a balance on your character it's see ya later. No hard feelings on my part just what it is.
 4) We are here to have fun not for one player to godmod the story. I reserve the right to nerf an ability that winds up being over powered at ANY time.

  If you understand this great give me a sentence or two about the platypus. I don't see that first thing I won't read any further. Seriously.

Now that we have that out of the way. The actual RTJ portion.

  Need all of this

Classes you are looking at
Prestige Classes you are looking at
What Plane you are from
What Faction you might like to be apart of

For Race you can go up to CR 6. But that might not be the most advantageous. Bearing all this in mind. The following books will not be allowed so don't reference them.

 Book of Nine Swords
 Magic of Incarnum
 Oriental Adventures
 Psionics Handbook

I have my reasons. Psionics and Oriental are because I don't really want to go there right now. Incarnum I just don't like. And the Book of Nine Swords is just broken and we are starting at a much higher power level than it was designed for.
Tue 17 Nov 2020
at 23:24
(Planescape) Lost Souls : Knight_Vassal

               Name  Aryn Litor d'Orien
               Race  Human
          Alignment  Chaotic Good
              Class  Fighter / Rogue
     Prestige Class  Blade of Orien ( Deagonmarked 99 pg. )
 Plane you are from  Prime Material, Eberron

            Faction  Transcendent Order

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