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Fractured Tower (5e, Eberron) : bakho
When applying, please supply the following information:
    What's your previous experience with DnD, Eberron, and play by post?
    How often can you post?

    Played every edition except 4th. Eberron I have run as a GM with a fantastic plot
    that spun everything into a complex web and was going to bring characters from 3rd
    to 20th while spanning the world, from Psionic Kraken gaurdians that speak in
    Rhyme, to the origins of Shadowlock Keep, to Dreadhold, to Planar touched
    Alchemical Crysmals to the Observatory and the Wyrmwatch to the the Underweb of
    Zarash'ak to a hidden tomb of a fallen Orcish Nightdrinker to Xen Drik and the
    curse that befell the Titans, that left them only as Giants to Thelanis, Lamania
    and beyond. I ran for 5 and a half years before player RL ended what would likely
    continue another 5 years. That campaign was here on RPOL. I have played many
    campaigns in Eberron as a player, here on RPOL, most not lasting long. One TT.
    I post at least once a day, more when directly in one on one.
    My 5th ed experience has been only two short games.  One in Stormreach one set in
    Baldur's Gate.

    Three of the proposed characters, ranked by your interest to play them.

    1. Imsh’aashta d’Tharashk
    2. Killian d’Orien
    3. Oleg d’Medani

    For each of the chosen characters, why did you choose them and what would you like
    to explore in game by playing them?

    1. Imsh’aashta d’Tharashk

       I chose the Marked of Finding Wizard, Divination, because it plays on the idea
       of someone seemingly done with life, looking back on his service and deeds,
       knowing his lot in life and being satisfied, now has been called to by Eberron
       and now answering a call, even though the nature of that call is a mystery.

    2. Killian d’Orien

    3. Oleg d’Medani

    One paragraph writing sample written from the perspective of one of the three
    characters you chose to play.

    Imsh’aashta d’Tharashk

3. Wizard 3, House Tharashk (half-orc): Imsh’aashta d’Tharashk
Visual Inspiration

Concept: Tortured Soul
“Urrrghh, tell me, now, fool, what good will any of this bring us? Have we time to waste, still?”

Imsh’aashta is an old half-orc who was born 63 years ago in Zharash’ak. His parents, both prominent scions of the House in the day, decided for their son to bring magic to the House. They sent him to study divination at the Arcanix, and the boy obliged. After arduously finishing his studies at the Aundairan college, Imsh’aashta settled in Fairheaven where he ran a small trade school for Tharashk wizards in the local enclave. He lived there for decades, teaching the young half-orcs, humans and orcs magic. This all came to an end when a portent came to him in his sleep: Go to Q’barra and serve your House there. Imsh resisted for a year, but he capitulated after the enclave suffered a flash fire and burned to the ground. He travelled to Q’barra, and against all odds, started joining the dragonshard expeditions sponsored by the Finder’s Guild. During one of the last expeditions in Q’barra, a freak accident happened that changed Imsh probably for the rest of his life. He quickly liquidated all his assets and bought a place in the journeyman program of the Twelve, to try and learn what has happened to him.

Quirk: Imsh is old, in pain and lonely. He has a brash exterior, but he’s terribly scared and feels abandoned. He will jump at the opportunity of allies or even friends; especially if they help him solve the conundrum on his body.

Hook: The freak accident Imsh was involved was an attack by a large group of kobolds. They murdered most all of his expedition except of Imsh, who they dragged to some sort of a cave temple and implanted a fist-sized Khyber dragonshard into the flesh and bone on his chest. Few weeks in captivity have passed, and the rescue party came for Imsh. They slaughtered the kobolds, leaving Imsh wondering what the shard is and why did they choose him. No healing magic managed to remove it, and the sinister object often pulsates with pain and energy, whispering into his waking and sleeping mind.

9. Bard 3, House Orien (human): Killian d’Orien
Visual Inspiration

Concept: Purveyor of Dreams
“No, hear me out, hear me out. What if we could dream together? No, no. I don’t mean figuratively. I mean, really. What if you and I, what if we could dream together?”

Killian Huym Adolphus Urko d’Orien was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His mother is the Lady Seneschal of Breland in House Orien, which meant that Killian spent most of his young life in the metropolis of Sharn. He didn’t amount to much – other than manifesting a mark during a drunken race among the towers and dabbling in magic through classes at the Morgrave University, Killian didn’t have much in plan for his life, other than drink, carouse and gamble. One night, he ended up in a high-end dreamlily den where he met Lakashtari. The exotic kalashtar woman became his obsession in the months to come. She taught him something he could not imagine doing – every night, they would meet and she would lead him into a meditative sleep where they would dream together. And they dreamt of everything. One night he was a Giant Emperor in some long-lost city of Xen’drik. The other, he was a dragon soaring high above the Demon Wastes. The third, he was a deer running through the jungles of Aerenal. The dreams were opiatic, something he never dared he could experience. His adventures with Lakashtari lasted for two months, when one night, she just disappeared without a trace. He spent a small fortune of his mother’s money on finding her, to no avail. The last trace a Tharashk detective found led to the Riedran Embassy in Sharn, but their walls were impenetrable. He drowned his sorrow in a month of dreamlilly binging, but that was just a pale shadow of his time with Lakashtari. After that, when he awoke from the haze, he realized what a true Orien would do. He would take his desperate obsession and turn it into a business venture. Within a month, he was a journeyman-in-training at the Twelve, with the high hope of creating a machine that would let him dream again.

Quirk: Killian is a flamboyant rich boy. He’s also a drug addict and a dabbler in magic, music, history, planar cosmology and the history of Zil mercantile empire. He’s a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none, and a handful of horrible vices too.

Hook: Most of the members of the Twelve think the young man’s mission at the institute is insane. What would it even mean to dream together? To persuade somebody with actual magical aptitude for innovation, Killian would need to find some sort of proof, or somebody with Lakashtari’s talents. Or just strike out with some sheer dumb luck.

8. Hexblade 3, House Medani (half-elf): Oleg d’Medani
Visual Inspiration

Concept: Accursed by the Mourning
“It is as if I can see the future in which the mists unroll from Cyre and cover the whole world. Heh. Dark, right?”

Today, Oleg d’Medani is just nineteen years old. On the day the Mourning happened, when he was fifteen, him and his mother were on the Brelish border with Cyre. Mother was investigating a particularly dreadful murder case in this gods-forsaken village, and the boy shadowed her since he would be joining the Guild next year. He needed the training. He was sitting in an orchard, looking east, when the mists started rolling from afar. They stopped only a kilometer from where he sat, but he did not see them stop. He was already lying on the floor, in a state of catatonic shock, when his mother finally found him. He spent a month in a coma, and when he came about, his magical powers started manifesting. The whole enclave in Wroat started saying the mists had entered his soul through his eyes and were there to stay. Four years he suffered through the gossip and the scared glances of his family and kin, and after a while, he figured he could not take it anymore. He had to leave, and he had to go someplace where he could learn more about the Mourning. A perfect place crystallized in that: the institute of the Twelve.

Quirk: Oleg finally feels he can breathe again, in the relative anonymity of Korth and the Twelve. His year here passed in a breeze and he is finding himself; his temperament and character. But what happened four years ago looms large over his head, and it’s just a matter of time until it creeps its misty tendrils into his life again.

Hook: Oleg found a mentor in the strangest of people, in the Director Amadou d’Vadalis. He isn’t exactly clear why Amadou took an interest in him (maybe he just likes him?), b

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