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Mon 17 Dec 2018
at 02:24
The Forgotten Realms
 I am looking for a game of Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd or 5th edition set in the Forgotten Realms. I am seeking a Solo game or with perhaps one or two companions. I would like to rp a Pirate on the Sea of Fallen Stars, a Cavalier of some Knighthood Order fighting against evil, or perhaps a Magic User  and scholar of ancient knowledge, that seeks wisdom and control over forbidden lore and magic from long dead empires and civilizations.

 I just want to rp in the FR. pre spell plague if possible, but I am good with whatever. I just have never had much opportunity to kick up my rping heels in the FR. So any of the above character ideas work for me, or we can brain storm another idea,as the GM has to have fun as well as the player.

 Thank you for your time and attention. Happy Holidays.

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Mon 17 Dec 2018
at 18:08
The Forgotten Realms
 Not deep into 5th myself looks odd. Would be willing to join said game if you need someone to go along with you. Been craving D&D lately. Looking into 5th edition as a way to i guess grow.
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Mon 24 Dec 2018
at 08:41
The Forgotten Realms
I may be able to help, would have to be 5E though (I haven't played 2E since the 90's!). I have an old campaign that I could tailor to your Arcane scholar or Cavalier,it will take some tweaking if it's a small group of players. Drop me a line
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Mon 24 Dec 2018
at 11:39
The Forgotten Realms
Any room for a player with thirty six years of experience I'm not a big 5th Edition fan I run locally AD&D 1st Edition and play in a 3.0 Game someone runs but well its not hideous (4th Edition ... cough). If the character needs a friend a Cleric or a Monk and well a Tortle Monk could be fun ... Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortle (needs a catchy theme song)
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Mon 24 Dec 2018
at 13:34
The Forgotten Realms
I've never played 5E... don't even know what differences there are. I can try to look it up and see what I can find out. I have been playing D&D since the 90s... Mostly 3.0/3.5 (and Pathfinder)

originally tried recently to make an Arcane archer, but didn't get there... would like to make one eventually, but I think I will do that in table top instead of here... *lol*
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Tue 25 Dec 2018
at 03:16
The Forgotten Realms

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Sun 10 Feb 2019
at 21:00
The Forgotten Realms
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 I'm Awesome, Seriously, I am
Mon 11 Feb 2019
at 01:48
The Forgotten Realms
I may have something youd be into. its set in FR during 3.5 period, but uses pathfinder rules

link to another game
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Thu 7 Mar 2019
at 04:26
The Forgotten Realms

 The FR campaign went south with the GM going poof So I again am seeking a GM

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Tue 19 Mar 2019
at 08:21
The Forgotten Realms
In reply to Bannacor (msg # 9):

Would love to join as a player :)
Lord Psynister
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Thu 21 Mar 2019
at 03:10
The Forgotten Realms
I'm happy to join in on a 5E game, as well.
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Thu 21 Mar 2019
at 14:49
The Forgotten Realms
If only it was 3.5 or Pathfinder...
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Sat 23 Mar 2019
at 11:23
The Forgotten Realms
In reply to Flood (msg # 3):