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Tue 19 Mar 2019
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MASKS a new generation
I'm seeking a MASKS game that will allow the following character to be in it.

Transformed: Emet

Jacob Harlock was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Super fights are common enough that everyone knows intellectually to seek cover when a super fight is going on, but what if you're out in the open when one erupts around you?

This happened to Jacob on a particularly bad day.  He'd lost his job at the local donut shop, his girlfriend of six months had left him for a another guy, and his parents were angry at him for letting his math grades slip.  To say he had a lot on his plate would be an understatement.

Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, a fight between Scarlet, an agent of a secret order devoted to goodness and protecting people from the arcane, and a trio of magical sisters in a group devoted to taking over the world with their magic literally sprung up around him when he was in the middle of a hall walking out of the mall his former job was in.

He took what shelter he could, behind a plant and bench, and waited for the fight to be over.  One of the sisters generated a lightning spell that filled the area around Scarlet, sparking off her magical shield, but frying Jacob as well.

Jacob had no idea how long the fight took place beyond that, but he knew he was dying from the sheer amount of electricity that had gone through his body.

He passed out from the pain, and waited to drift off to whatever lay beyond life.  Instead he woke up in a place filled with flasks of potions, and hanging assorted animals and herbs.  Scarlet walked over to him and said "Oh good, you're awake, I wasn't sure the process worked."

With that, she showed Jacob a mirror, and what looked back at him was a dull grey, hardened clay face.  Scarlet explained to him that in order to save Jacob's life, she'd "bottled" his soul before it could leave his body, and then put it into a golem she'd been in the process of making as a servant around her sanctuary.

She assured Jacob that he was much more durable than he looked, as clay is notorious for chipping.  She said that his toughness was more akin to metal, and thus would be pretty durable.  She also said that he'd need to learn to readjust to his strength, as he was several times stronger than he used to be.

She then offered him a position in the organization she was a member of, his arcane nature being a good qualification to it, but his youth being a drawback to membership.  He declined for the moment as he felt he wasn't old enough and still needed to figure out his new life.

He decided to reveal himself to his parents, and while he could see the horror in their eyes at what had happened to their baby, they accepted him back into the family.

• Who were you before?  Jacob Harlock, a down on his luck teenager
• When did you change? What caused it?  After I was caught up in a supers fight between mages.  The person who did it said that it was the only way to save my life.
• Who, outside of the team, is helping you understand your new body? Scarlet, a heroic mage, and my parents, who still love and try to accept me.
• Why don’t you just try to hide yourself away?  This happened to me, and yeah, it stinks on ice, but it gives me responsibilities as well.  I have the responsibility to try to ensure nobody else gets caught in the crossfire, I have the responsibility to stop those who'd hurt others, and while I'm not a part of the organization, I also feel the need to protect others from the mystical just like they do.
• Why do you care about the team? Other than Scarlet and my parents, they are the only ones that see the man inside the monster.  They treat me like everyone used to treat me, like a normal person.  They understand when I charge across a battlefield to retrieve someone caught out in the open, they try to support this decision with cover fire.