Onar Idein
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Fri 21 Sep 2012
at 16:30
Solo Adult game sought

I'm looking for a GM interested in a fairly realistic adult drama or soap opera storyline focused on one character (mine), a beautiful young woman who ends up in all kinds of trouble and has to puzzle her way out. The game I imagine has to do not with supernatural events or gunplay, but with normal social situations where the motivating events are embarrassment, fear, humiliation, ambition, greed, and other human foibles. The heroine may have sex, perhaps often if it goes that way, but the game is really about emotions and relationships. Beyond these basics, everything is open to negotiation. I'm not even entirely opposed to a supernatural tale or detective-style mysteries, but the important thing is that the story focuses on human relationships and their complexity.

The GM must be able to write coherently. I can post fairly frequently with occasional absences of some days at a time due to real life.

Send me an rMail if you want to discuss the possibility of running such a game.
Onar Idein
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Sat 13 Oct 2012
at 17:42
Re: Solo Adult game sought
I am renewing this search for a prospective GM. Contact me by rMail if you are interested.
Onar Idein
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Sun 10 Oct 2021
at 19:49
Re: Solo Adult game sought