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Wed 23 Mar 2016
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Looking for a home for a few characters

I was digging through some of my old archives, and i had discovered a few character stories that I remember enjoying quite a bit.  So, I am looking for a GM that would be willing to run with one of the characters, ither in his own solo game, or in a current one.
Characters have fairly large backstories, so I am going to copy paste them.
1) The Tale of Fleshripper

In a time long forgotten in the history of man, their exsisted a time of darkness and ever deepening despair.  A huge, powerful empire ruled over the world, using forbidden magics, and devastating technology.   Robotic like creatures worked tirelessly for their mortal overlords, and some immortal ones.  But, this all changed, with the arrival of the Godforged.

A creature of such power, it moved through the cosmos, erradicating life.  When it came upon this world, it saw the plight of these constructs, even though they did not.  It used its powers, and constructed the warforged.  Constructs that could fight better then any automoton on the planet.  If the robots would not betray their masters, they were to be destroyed.

One such creation, Fleshripper, was a general of the army.  Controlling the armies of the Godforged, he shared the godforged beliefs.  To erradicate ALL life, and rule the world to worship the Godforged.  He got his name, for flaying the flesh of his still living victems, and grafting them onto his adamantine frame.  He wielded a sword that could cleave a man in two, and with his army, rushed headlong into battle, slicing and flaying people where they stood.  He seemed to rally his fellow Warforged into  barbaric frenzies, and the war raged on for over a century.

The Godforged could not come within the system, for he would destroy his creations.  Instead, he sent a Speaker on his behalf.  A Collosal Iron Golem, Called the Iron Fist, and it spoke for the Godforged, while the Godforged continued to wander the cosmos.   But, something happened that no one, except the mage’s that had casted it, had expected.

While the Warforged must be created at special locations, humans continued to breed and while the Warforged were superior, humans still outnumbered them.  But, when the Iron Fist entered the battles, he seemed immune to the tech of the humans, and the humans instead.. resorted to a forbidden spell, one so evil and deadly, it had been sealed away under the earth.

It took almost fifty years for them to find it, and by then, the war had turned well against them.  Using all the mages left in the land, they all died… and sent forth a world shattering cataclysm.  This horrid spell tore the land apart, ripped volcano’s from the earth, and sprung mountains from the ground.  Rifts in space were formed, sending things unfortounite enough to be sucked into it into space, other planes, other dimensions.   Within a matter of a day, the world was forever changed.

Fleshripper was in battle when it happened.  Man and Machine were sucked into the pits created, some sent into the void.  Fissures sprung up around him, and he turned back, and saw the Iron Fist be engulfed by such a fissure.  Then, mountains sprung around it.  Fleshripper retreated his men, or what was left.  For the next 20 years, he and the few men remaining attempted to dig out the connection to their god.  But they were fighters, not miners.  During the time, many of the few remaining died.  During a natural earthquake, Fleshripper was crushed, and forgotten, as the last of his men broke and continued.

The empire was also destroyed by the cataclysm, but mankind survived, and history was forgotten.  Untold ages came and went, and the world moved on.  New empires came and fell, kingdoms expanded and collapsed, and magic returned once more.  New gods were made, and soon, expeditions to far off places were being done.  One such expedition uncovered what looked to be ancient golems, most shattered and broken beyond and real salvageable reminisce.  But, one was still more or less intact, and Fleshripper was brought out into the world once more.   However, he was still gone from any conciousness.

He was shipped over sea’s, over mountains, even to other lands.  The attempts to age him defied all normal historical records, as he seemed to be older then the thought age of the planet.  He was put in the extraplaner wing of a university in a city he had been shipped to, but soon enough, he was sent into the archive wing, to be forgotten once more.

But, time had a different plan.  A gnome tinkerer by the name of Malfron, worked to ‘brighten’ the very dark and dented golem.  But, one time during his magical mending spell, the golem woke up.  Images flashed before his mind, and he seemed to growl.  The gnome was amazed, and horrified, and backed off while staying in wonder.  Fleshripper looked about, and saw the gnome, before asking where he was.  The name meant nothing to it, nor did.. anything.  It seemed the passage of time, and the collapse of the tunnel had given this massive golem amnesia.  He couldn’t even remember his name…. So the Gnome called him Unit 7.  The gnome did it’s best to teach this strange thing… a talking golem, about the world around him.

However, sometimes, he got flashes of his previous life.  He asked if he was found with a weapon, but the gnome shook his head, saying if he was, it was long since sold or sent to another museum.  The gnome had one made for the Warforged, and the Warforged thanked him, but had to go.  He had something he had to do, though he didn’t remember what.  One such thing, was find his sword… but something else drove him.

-Start Camp.

2) Tale of Tristan:

Tristan was raised in the back woods of a small country.  He is actually the Son of the Arch Devil Fierna, and was given secretly to this women, to be raised.  His life was being taught sex and manipulation of matter around him.  Considering the women ran a brothel, sex was easy to learn.  But he was never let to explore the world, as his visage showed his fiendish heritage.  He has no idea who his father is, and was never told who his mother was, only she was ‘someone of great importence, that wishes him to someday join her, when you are ready.’

Tristan had learned much, but one day, a women came in.  It was rare for women to come in seeking company, and she came seeking something even stranger, Tristan himself.  His ‘mother’ asked how she knew, and she simply said “I am here to see if he is ready for the larger world.  His mother fears you have coddled him to long, and he must get out there and do some evil.”

The women was infact a Pleasure Devil, and she did indeed test Tristan in many ways, from the Carnal, to the physical.  But, he was still lacking some training, so she stayed, and taught him magical skills of the Tantarist.  It was obvious he was quite skilled in those arts, so it was best, to continue to allow him to use them to exploit others, and further his own gain.  She still did not tell him who his mother was, but DID say, that his father was long dead.  A simple man of no importance.

Tristan was finally able to leave the brothel, and was given an amulet of his worship.  He was told, this was a special medalion, and he was to NEVER part with it.  Never to take it off.  The devil told him that it was a gift from his mother, and hopefully, someday soon, he would get to join her.  IN the meantime, he was told, to enjoy himself, and when possible, manipulate others.  When the time was right, she would return to him, and take him to his mother.   He was also told, every day he MUST sleep with one person for an hour, willing or not.  Only then, could he remain strong.

-Start Camp
 (NOTE: This one will be using the Book of Erotic Fantasy, and deals allot more with Adult themes then the other two.)

Tale of Sedric of Blind Eye:

Sedric was born a human in a farming village on the border of the hostile lands to the east.  When he was but a toddler, bandits struck his village.  His parents, in pursuit of their own lives, left him there, fleeing to safer venues with the money they had left.  The bandits quickly swept through the town, and when they found him, they laughed, and were ready to kill him, when a pair of Orcs intervened.  They saved this child, and killed the bandits, before scooping the child up, and carrying him off.

He was raised by the orc, and their tribe.  He was abused much by the other orc children, who would beat him, until he got older.  Using cunning and maneuvering, he managed to best one of the stronger boys, and from then on, was left more or less alone, though he continued to beat many of them regular during spars.  But, he was older now, and asked questions, mainly about his parents, and how he ended up in a orc camp.  He wasn’t stupid, he knew he wasn’t an orc.

The elder told him his tale, how his parents left him to his fate, how humans and their cruel ways abandoned their own babe to save their own lives.  That the two orcs that had saved and raised him saw the whole thing, and protected him from the human bandits that were going to kill him.  This infuriated him, and soon, he was out hunting with the orcs.  His favorite target?  Humans… and he would even consume them after, treating them little more then animals.

It came time, once… and he left the Tribe for a week, and went to a human settlement.  He spied from the outskirts, and that was where he saw almost nothing redeemable about his own kind.  A lot of pig spawn creatures, that stabbed one another in the back, seemed to have no idea of decency, and showed from what he saw, no compassion to the others of their tribe.  The women seemed better then the men, at least.  It was the one redeeming quality.  But, even they were hit and miss… some cheated with their spouses, a few tormented one another in ways orcs would never dream of, and before long he went back.

It was then, he took the rites, and became a warrior of Grummsh, the orc god.  He hoped, one day, his god would smile on him, and transform him into a member of his TRUE family.  Until that time, however, he would hunt Grummshes Enemies, and ensure that they do not ever torment his new family ever again.

Those are the characters that are looking for Homes.  Feel free to Rmail me, or message here.  Thanks for your consideration!

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Wed 6 Apr 2016
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Looking for a home for a few characters
Bumping this, seeing if anyone out there would be interested..
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Thu 7 Apr 2016
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Looking for a home for a few characters
Are you seeking solo game and specific system?
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Thu 7 Apr 2016
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Looking for a home for a few characters
All of these were made with 3.5 in mind.  Also, a Solo game might be good, as it would allow the most character development, but I do not have any qualms about being with other people.  Obviously, certain characters would work better then others.  Fleshripper would work until he got his memory back.  Perhaps even after, depending what he saw and his life experiences.... but Sedric would never work with humans or elves, since he has thrown himself into his Orc adopters.

Tristan would work better in an Adult game, given just who he is.

Beyond those criteria, I am pretty open.
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Tue 12 Apr 2016
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Looking for a home for a few characters
Bump I think
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Wed 13 Apr 2016
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Looking for a home for a few characters
Bumping again....
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Thu 28 Apr 2016
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Looking for a home for a few characters
Still looking for a home.  Don't leave me homeless!!?? HELP!!! :P

Though, if anyone is interested, message here or an Rmail, and I will get to.
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Wed 6 Apr 2022
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Looking for a home for a few characters
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Fri 22 Apr 2022
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Looking for a home for a few characters
Bumping once more
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Sun 8 May 2022
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Looking for a home for a few characters
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Thu 12 May 2022
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Looking for a home for a few characters
I came across your post by chance.  Have you thought about a story writing game.  Your erotic character could fit here.

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Sat 14 May 2022
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Looking for a home for a few characters
Freeform type game?  Yes I have would not be super opposed to that.
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Wed 18 May 2022
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Looking for a home for a few characters
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Sat 21 May 2022
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Looking for a home for a few characters
were you thinking of using a game that already exists for writing stories between two people. Or starting a game where your character's story can be told. If the latter are we thinking a solo game or one where we invite other players
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Sat 21 May 2022
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Looking for a home for a few characters
In reply to Arabeth (msg # 14):

I wanted one where his story could be told.  However that can be done in a preexisting one if need be.  I wanted it to be mostly a solo game.
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Sat 21 May 2022
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Looking for a home for a few characters
I agree a solo game is probably the best way but you will have some problem with the general rule of no forced sex.  I am not sure how you can handle that.

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Tue 24 May 2022
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Looking for a home for a few characters
Yes that is something that was discussed before.  Obviously he would need to make an agreement with someone to avoid that