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Wed 10 Jan 2018
at 07:22
Exalted 2.5
Really, I'm in a 2.5 kick, and would love to see a group outside my F2F 10+ years experience group. I have a very sheltered and specific exposure, one ST, one vision, one group.

As long as nothing is too out there, like Solars not existing, or Terrestrials having Solar Sorcery, or the Deathlords having already taken Stygia; I would love to play just about anything generally following the "traditional" themes. Vanilla visions are still fresh to me, as I've only seen one ST's interpretation

I'd like a ST that feel comfortable making the group all feel balanced, both in power and participation levels of "me" time, and group cooperation.

I'd like to use several books, and can list them, if asked, but don't have the list currently.

Any concept for a game that lets me use the Scroll of Eratta rules for solars would be welcome, I will even tailor my character to your story.

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Fri 12 Jan 2018
at 01:35
Exalted 2.5
...The Deathlords have already taken Stygia in 2.5.