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Sun 8 Apr 2018
at 04:01
New RP'ing and PBP.
I'm new to roleplaying. It looks fun. Can anyone do a solo game w/ me or teach me how to play? The most common system is DnD 5e right? I'd like to start with that...

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Sun 8 Apr 2018
at 09:17
New RP'ing and PBP.
The most common system is DnD 5e right?

Not exactly.  While that is a popular system (and fairly new), there are others that are more common (including some older versions of D&D).
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Sun 8 Apr 2018
at 14:45
New RP'ing and PBP.
To add to what BBR says, D&D is partly so common/popular because it's pretty much the first system, and never really lost that edge. But it also depends on what sort of system you like, as well as setting.

Personally, I hold an intense dislike for any of the D&D systems or settings (with the partial exception of Pathfinder, which is ... I dunno, D&D 3.75 or something like that - anyway, it's okay for certain things). I much prefer the Storyteller system (old World of Darkness in my case, though there are people who swear by the new), Shadowrun (the first three editions, though again there are people who prefer more recent additions), and West End Games' long-defunct d6 Star Wars (which has the benefit of being effectively open license these days) (again, there are people who prefer other versions of the Star Wars game).

Do you like games that are rules-heavy (ala GURPS) or rules-light (ala FATE)? Do you prefer having lots of games to choose from because they're so popular (D&D) or those that are more difficult to find, but absolutely adored by their community (none of which I can think of at the moment... Earthdawn comes close, I guess)? I think these are important questions for a new roleplayer to ask, rather than just "Teach me to how play." (Although kudos for wanting to start! There's no such thing as too many roleplayers. :)
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Mon 9 Apr 2018
at 12:57
New RP'ing and PBP.
And even once you know which edition of which game you'd like to play, people are going to have quite different ideas about what "playing" that game means. Are you looking for as much immersion as you can get? For a game that asks for a lot of specific details or a more relaxed style of play? Lots of character death, or none? Etc.

Look around on Players Wanted, post questions to the community, talk about what you enjoy in games and stories. I bet you'll find people like you pretty quickly.
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Thu 12 Apr 2018
at 22:47
New RP'ing and PBP.
I'd be happy to teach you, as there are styles that have nothing to do with system. Learning about them upfront makes it easy to fit into whatever style a group might play, but if isn't taught at first, then it can be hard to understand other styles leading to enjoyment only of your first style.

There are also lots of great resources I have to share with new players.

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Fri 13 Apr 2018
at 00:22
New RP'ing and PBP.
In reply to DarkLightHitomi (msg # 5):

Are you gonna teach me the dice-rolling/xp/combat thing? I want to learn how to play using that stuff!

I'd love it if you or someone would teach me!
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Fri 13 Apr 2018
at 00:25
New RP'ing and PBP.
In reply to engine (msg # 4):

I'm looking for the stuff with dice-rolling and xp and points and all of that. Lot's of combat, too!
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Sun 15 Apr 2018
at 02:12
New RP'ing and PBP.
I could try and put together a short game of something like Tiny Dungeons. It's a pretty simple game and can easily have lots of old school orc punching.