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Wed 23 May 2018
at 06:49
Crime Game
I'd really like to get in on a gritty modern or modern-ish crime game. The Dog Town setting/system, set in a fictionalized 1970s New York, has the right feel (and it's free!) but the system is... not great.

I'm not too picky on system, though I won't play FATE and other kinds of story game aren't really my style. Savage Worlds or GURPS would probably work well. If anyone has an idea or wants more information, hit me up.
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Sat 2 Jun 2018
at 08:25
Crime Game
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Fri 19 Apr 2019
at 09:03
Crime Game
Gonna bump this ol' thing again. I still really want to get a criminal-focused game going.

I'm not looking for Grand Theft Auto, here. I'm wanting something a bit closer to reality than that; more about the life and economics of a street-level (at least at first!) criminal. Think The Wire, or modern documentaries like Underworld, Inc.

Edit: If you're interested, send me an rMail. I apparently got an offer on this (on a different ad) in 2016 and didn't see it until today! Wouldn't want an opportunity to pass me by again.

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Sat 27 Apr 2019
at 08:33
Crime Game
No bites yet! I've been wanting to expand my presence here a bit, so if a reciprocal solo game makes an acceptable carrot in this situation, hit me up.
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Sat 27 Apr 2019
at 16:59
Crime Game
Sadly, since you haven't gotten any other posts in this thread, there doesn't seem to be much interest for people to play criminals. As it is, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea. Sounds a bit like Breaking Bad and Weeds, neither of which I watched.
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Sun 28 Apr 2019
at 00:16
Crime Game
I tried creating a Bootleggers game using the PbtA rules. People dropped out pretty fast.
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Mon 29 Apr 2019
at 05:37
Crime Game
@StarMaster: Well, I was requesting a solo game, so I'm not surprised no one else has popped in expressing interest in playing. If you're looking to wrap your head around the idea, I'd suggest checking out either Crime Network by Bedrock Games, or Dog Town by Cold Blooded Games. Both give the right idea.

@LordIce: Not a fan of PbtA myself, but there is a PbtA game called Cartel that focuses on Mexican Narcofiction. Might be worth a look if you like the concept.

Either way, I did get a bite on the game, so I've got one in the setup phase. Not to say I wouldn't take anyone up on the offer, since more is better, but there's at least some interest in the idea on the GM side.
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Mon 30 Sep 2019
at 22:15
Crime Game
Still looking for a good crime game.