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Mon 4 Jun 2018
at 16:35
Blade of the Iron Throne (learning and adventuring)
Doesn't seem like there's a lot of activity for this system kicking around here on the forums.  However, if anyone out there has the interest and will to run such a game, and is also interested and willing to hand-hold a new player through character creation and actual play mechanics (or at least work together as we sort them out together), I'd be very much interested.  This is a system I've always wanted to get some experience in, but unfortunately it just doesn't seem to have the population to ever be able to find anything.

I'm not picky about the game itself—it can be a "real" adventure in the traditional sense, or even just something as simple as an arena/gladiatorial-style game.  I'm not demanding, I just want an opportunity to learn the thing.
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Sat 14 Jul 2018
at 01:33
Blade of the Iron Throne (learning and adventuring)
Definitely interested as well, as a player. I wish more games used such immersive combat mechanics. On the other hand, it might get real crunchy real fast on PbP. I'd be interested in a more lite version.
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Sun 21 Oct 2018
at 19:19
Blade of the Iron Throne (learning and adventuring)
Long overdue bump.