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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 02:51
Larhas looks for games!
But what games? He has no idea. He also speaks in third person because he thinks it's a novel and amusing thing!

Okay, enough being silly for now. First of all - some general info that applies to just about everything and/or me in general:

  • I'm old enough for just about any-rated game. General, Mature, Adult - hit me with it, I can handle it.
  • I prefer either one-on-one games or games where the players can team up or split as they see fit without impacting on the story or game balance too much. This is related to both the ability to focus important plot points on characters and to help with the innate tendency of PBP games to.. fragment.

And then, in no particular order, what I'd like to play. Am I being picky? I'm probably being picky.

Or D&d 3.5 - but not a weird mixture of both because, despite the sweet, tempting lies told by Paizo and the superficial similarities I don't consider them compatible enough to mix up safely apart from specific cherrypicking. I also don't want to go and figure out the weird combinations one can pull off when both are in the game - I'm getting too old for that.
I would like to see some form of kingdom management in this one, either using the straight-up rules or any weird adaptation you came up with yourself. I know next to nothing about the actual Golarion setting, so I'm not pushing to set things there.
I would also enjoy a non excessive focus on combat and dungeon crawling, since a single three-rounds-fight can expand to a disproportionate amount of time lost in the PBP format. Basically, leave the filler encounters out, pretty please?
I have a personal preference for starting between levels 3 and 6, but I'm more than open to discuss this sort of details later.

Exalted, 2nd Edition
One day.. one day, I swear I'll be able to finally play an Infernal longer than character creation.
My perfect game would involve Infernal and Lunars (I'd say Sidereals too, but to put it bluntly they're.. mechanically wonky, and Alchemicals require some pretty hefty Creation-editing. I like them just as well, though).
Even more than pathfinder I'd like to see the combat kept to the plot-relevant battles, and toned down rather than high in order to allow the player(s) to focus on stuff that they like instead of having to rush a (rather boring, all in all) paranoia combo.
I would REALLY, REALLY LIKE some form of freebie-based (instead of exp-based) character advancement, since some costs get to retardedly high levels pretty fast. Barring that, an experience-based character-creation would help me feel better about not starting with Dex 5.
Access - or the potential to access the noncanonical Yozi tree charms would be greatly appreciated, as well as some way to get a discount when you have to buy your sixth surprise negator because they're placed in annoying spots in the tree - but those are details for later, too.
I have also seen around some fan-adaptation of Infernals for Exalted 3E, and I'd be curious to test those too.

Rogue Trader or Black Crusade
I'm really conflicted here, because I find the Black Crusade mechanics significantly more refined - but I like the setting of Rogue Trader a lot more. Just be generous with the Elite advances and we'll call it a day.
Would also be interested in seeing the noncanonical Xenos and mutants from Lodge Blackman allowed as well.. of course, that would mean a less-than-perfectly-pure Rogue Trader - but then again, which one ever is?

Pokémon Tabletop United
For some reason I'm greatly amused by this game. So, whether classic gym crawl or something more exotic, hit me up with your ideas.

Legends of the Wulin
This one looks like a game that makes me really, really want to like it. It also looks like a game I'm absolutely unable to understand without actually finally trying it out, so.. looking for a GM wise in the way of Wuxia willing to take up a more-or-less newbie.

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 12:30
Larhas looks for games!
Not sure if this is of interest to you but I’m considering putting a Black Crusade game together, themed around Bloodbowl in the 41st millennium. It will be using BC system, and plot lines will vary around the intrigue, commerce, vendettas, sponsors, publicity, and downright assassination.
And a few in game highlight plays of matches...
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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 22:45
Larhas looks for games!
That's a.. weirdly interesting game concept, and I like weird.
But does the Alpha Legion get to be the other team's reserves?
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Sat 9 Jun 2018
at 01:40
Larhas looks for games!
Is Larhas interested in a 5e game? Need a new character at level 2 to iron out the group!

Pitch: Your characters will be born and raised within the Naar River Valley (or have come to live there in the past), a small province located on the northwestern shores of the isle of Wynlet. Your backstory should reflect your humble beginnings. Furthermore, most* of your characters  will have chosen to join the Ehrenguard, the once prestigious dwarven nationalized army now defunct and a mockery of its former self. Your character’s intentions will hopefully be pure but backstory baggage is welcomed. Although dwarves are encouraged, they are not required. A healthy mix of races, backgrounds, and classes will be optimal -just easier for race relations if we have some dwarves in the group.

This game has been going on for quite some time. There is a lot of material to go through if you're interested.
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Sun 10 Jun 2018
at 01:19
Larhas looks for games!
Sadly, now is not the time for me to learn a new system - so I'll have to decline!
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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 01:57
Larhas looks for games!
Still around!
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Sun 15 Jul 2018
at 02:43
Larhas looks for games!
PSA: Night shifts are entirely butts, but they leave plenty of time to laze around on rpol.
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Sun 29 Jul 2018
at 05:10
Larhas looks for games!
Still here, still looking, still an absolutely amusing player.
Or how about bribes? Pizza?
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Sun 29 Jul 2018
at 11:34
Larhas looks for games!
I have been debating putting together a place for specifically solo games, because I see a lot of people looking for them. The only problem was that my life was soooo up in the air right then. So I am sporadically on and then deployed for a while, then back and waiting for the next job. But, I am officially retired now, so life has slowed down to a comfortable pace and I no longer have to go out in the middle of no where and do a mission. Now I can relax and do what I want to do, which is gaming and working on my leather tooling business. Now that I have more time, I am setting up a few games for other people I promised I'd run, so I'll add one more for solo players.

Pathfinder is my first choice when it comes to gaming, so Pathfinder is perfect. I'll send you a link to the game here when I have it created and ready.

link to another game

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