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Sat 9 Jun 2018
at 15:29
LF DM for solo game - 5e Creature Cartographer
I have a character idea I've been wanting to try and I think it might work for a solo campaign. I don't have time to play very often so doing a group game isn't practical.

Character: Creature Cartographer

A young, scholarly individual with an intense desire to research and catalog all the creatures of the material plane and maybe beyond (basically, writing a Monster Manuel in game). I'll come up with a name for the book at some point.

I am thinking about a conjurer/alchemist hybrid class which is able to analyze and catalog the strengths, weaknesses, and abilities of creatures and also able to conjure a servant or imbue a companion with those abilities. Maybe able to build a series of constructs which can be infused with the abilities of the various creatures analyzed, within reason of course, or able to create some kind of arcane replica. I don't want to be able to conjure the creature itself.

I don't mind creating companion characters for potentially more difficult challenges, but it would be like hiring mercenaries. I'd also like to make a living by either using the alchemy or scavenging magic items. The alchemy probably makes the most sense. I will also be particularly interested in local monster legends and could make some money taking monster kill contracts.

Is there anyone who would be willing to help me play a campaign like this? I think it would require a decent amount of creativity. I haven't delved too far into the character creation aspect to figure out exactly what the best starting class might be.

I think a unique aspect will be how to catalog very dangerous creatures. I don't expect to be able to solo dragons or krakens etc. and finding creative ways to analyze them might be very fun. Obviously the chance of dying is much higher and I think finding creative ways to avoid it will also be fun. Hopefully someone is willing to give it an honest shot.