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Sun 12 Aug 2018
at 16:10
Masks: A New Generation
Good morning, all.

I have really been craving a new game of Masks: A New Generation. For those who aren't familiar with it, it's based on the Apocalypse World system and the subject matter involves a team of teenage superheroes (see also Teen Titans, Runaways, Young Justice, et al.) learning to master their powers, defeating the forces of evil, coming to terms with their own identities and the expectations of those around them, and trying to do normal teenage things whenever time allows.

I've seen a few games for this system pop up on here recently, but they based themselves heavily on established canons like the DC Universe or the X-Men milieu. What I would like is a game based on original material - if not the default 'Halcyon City' setting, then something where the GM and players can make the world and people in it their own.

Ideally I would like to play in a group of 3-5 people, as recommended by the rulebook, but if there are more or fewer people interested in playing, that would be fine too. I'd be happy to help develop the setting and some of the NPCs or villains in the world, if that would be of help.
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Sun 12 Aug 2018
at 16:25
Masks: A New Generation
Sadly, I don't have the time or energy to run a game right now, but teenage superheroes are my jam! I've never played this system before, but it doesn't look too difficult. If someone wants to take the reigns, I'd love to throw in a character as well.
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Mon 13 Aug 2018
at 16:44
Masks: A New Generation
link to another game

Just made this game have been looking for the chance to run masks