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 The Free-Former
Sat 18 Aug 2018
at 21:33
Vampire the Masquerade
I've looked into the game somewhat, and it seems like it would be very fun, but I have no previous experience with it (though I've played 5e and free-form before).
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Sun 19 Aug 2018
at 02:52
Vampire the Masquerade
Did you play the 5e Alpha. Since the Core book just came out in the beginning of the month. I am also looking for a Vampire game, but I am wanting to play the new V5
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Sun 19 Aug 2018
at 16:52
Vampire the Masquerade
I'm surprised there isn't a V5 game advertising since the book dropped. I have been checking each day for one to drop but nothing. I would really like to test out the new system too. But as a Player not the Storyteller. I know another thread has a few others interested too.