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Thu 6 Sep 2018
at 15:06
Gamer Girl Seeking Games
Seeking a few games.

Hi there, so I am looking for a few games I run two and I am in couple so I would very much like to expand what I play in since its slower moving games.  So let me get the basics out of the way about me.

-0-  My Basics -0-
1. I am an adult, I can play in mature, adult or regular games.
2. I am currently in physical therapy as I have had issues with mercers thanks to a hospital and have to learn to walk properly again. So to this end my activity might be faster some days slower others. Or I might miss a day all together if I am not feeling well. This does not mean I am not interested in Rping with you, or the game , it means I physically am unable to be on the laptop.
3. I enjoy all sorts of plots, from running guilds to running from guilds, or noble parents, or what have you. I am very much into description, I write paragraph form.
4. I am not terribly worried about grammar or punctuation as long as I can understand what is being said!
5. I love working with people to make cohesive backgrounds, be it other players or gms. It's part of the lure of rp for me. I give a lot and would like to get a little back. This is why I tend to prefer solo rp.

-0- What I am Looking For-0-
1. I want to play something where my actions have meaning, where I am not just being herded into things. Where plot matters more than stats, races or alignment.  (except if I am playing a Paladin )
2. My favorite of the Worlds is Forgotten Realms, though I also love Ravenloft, Eberron and Greyhawk, my knowledge of Greyhawk however is dated.
3. I play 2nd Edition, 3rd-3.5 and have a little experience with 5th ( don't bother to offer 4th edition I detest it) Pathfinder, though I don't like the world setting.  I can do Savage World ( I have little experience with it ) Gurps (please check my math -weeps-) OWOD, Palladium Games anything but Robotech or Military.
4. I am happy to run in a home-brewed world as well. As long as some working together can be done, to write a story. I am ultimately in it for story and writing in a world with people I am writing with.
5. Level's any pretty much I am not fond of 1st but I can be convinced with a good story-line. I prefer 2nd - 5th or higher. I'd love to play an Epic game, or run in a Mythical One!
6. A big deal breaker for me is races, I want to play something other than basics, I love the basics but currently in all my games I am running various basic races. I would adore the chance to explore  Changelings, Damphirs, Houri, Aasamir, Tiefling, Maybe a drow, A Kitsune and the like.
7. Alignment isn't a problem I can pretty much play any alignment, My evil IS Evil, and I was told by my GM I would never be allowed to play Evil again after some unfortunate incidents of selling party members into slavery for some magic items and gold. -cough- , don't ask for evil if you don't want it.  I usually play NG though CG is also a option and I have done Neutral as well.
8. I would not mind solo games or small groups of up to 4 others. If people are willing to plot and write rather than have people who exists in their own bubble and interact with others because they have to. Also, I would like to see interaction with a NPC to be rewarded with a response.
9. I also don't mind running a part of a couple, if you want to have a pair of lovers out exploring the world, I am good with that.I can write anything from detail to fade to black in romances.
10. Adventures I am interested in. Something in Waterdeep, Thesk, Sembia, I would adore a game set in Myth Drannor, or Evermeet. I am fairly big on elves. In Eberron the Stormreach or Sharn, In Ravenloft it really doesn't matter I love horror so anywhere is awesome.  In Pathfinder I prefer Ustalav.
11. I would rather roll stats than be forced into a set number.
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Fri 7 Sep 2018
at 18:17
Gamer Girl Seeking Games
Hey silverelf!

If you like old-school, non-mech Palladium AND weird races, then I might have just the thing for you:

link to another game

It's a post-apocalyptic game of mutant animals using the old (old, old) TMNT and Other Strangeness / After the Bomb rulesets. Some people are using Rifts OCC's as well. It's a little gonzo and no one's taking it super, super seriously.

If you think you'd like this sort of thing, come on over and have a look!

And other than that, if you'd like to discuss a solo/duo Pathfinder game with romantic or even erotic elements, feel free to rMail me. I'd like to make talk more about that.
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Sun 9 Sep 2018
at 18:47
Gamer Girl Seeking Games
In reply to silverelf (msg # 1):

Hi silver!

If you donít mind leaving your new fangled rulebooks at home you can join my B/X based game. The characters are just about to get briefed so thereís still time to join!
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Mon 10 Sep 2018
at 13:00
Gamer Girl Seeking Games
I run a few games that could use a little new blood injected.  Some are home brewed and the others are based in known systems but you mentioned playing 2nd Edition as well as Ravenloft.  I just happen to have a 2nd edi. Ravenloft campaign running currently.  Shoot me an rmail if you're interested in hearing more about it or any of the others.