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Mon 10 Sep 2018
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Harry Potter Game with a Twist Request
Given the new Halloween movie coming out I thought about something that I think would make any Harry Potter game intriguing and I would love to use him in any Harry Potter game if a GM is willing. Besides if there is any organization that can stop the seemingly unstoppable curiously supernatural killer known as the Shape or Boogeyman it is the wizarding world. Here is the idea.

Character Name: Mike Statton(alias), Michael Aubrey Myers(real name)
Age: 61(chronologically), 11 physically
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 61 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
House: Gryffindor
Wand: 11 inch holly wand with a phoenix feather core.

Description: Michael is small for his age and somewhat lanky. He generally dresses in plain clothing consisting of blue jeans, t shirt and running shoes. Surrounding his head is mop of unruly blonde hair complimented by a pair of blue eyes that has a somewhat serious, calm look of a boy that seems much much more mature beyond his years.

Personality: Michael is a shy, somewhat introverted child with a strong sense of morals for his age. For the most part he is kind and generous but can be very dangerous when crossed. If provoked his temper can be almost uncontrollable but for some reason he holds back unless physically provoked. He seems much more mature beyond his years and seems rather observant and intuitive.


Michael Myers is actually the same Michael Myers that went into a killing spree in the events of Halloween movie in 1978. Five years ago, he was kidnapped from the asylum he was imprisoned in and through magic deaged and returned to the age of 6. He was then adopted by a kindly wizarding family and raised as their own. He had no memories of that night 40 years ago and believes himself to be Michael Statton a normal boy and future student of Hogwarts.

In reality Michael was cursed with the Cult of Thorn symbol that forces him against his will to hunt down and destroy all his family no matter where they are. The only way to lift this curse other than magical means through wizards such as Aurors, is if every family member or next of kin is dead.

Michael is unaware of his history, though he does suffer nightmares of his memories regarding his former serial killing self. It frightens him and generally he tries to ignore it. The Aurors are hoping that by him being enrolled in Hogwarts that he will not only develop a resistance to the Thorn Curse, he might permanently learn to banish it completely, putting a permanent end to the ancient curse once and for all. But for now they are trying to let him live a normal childhood for once and keep him under close observation and magical protection. As of September 1st 2018, Michael has already been  given his Hogwarts letters, has all his school supplies and is expected to board the Hogwarts Express on his way to the famous Wizarding school.

Any takers? Please tell me what you guys think?
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Wed 26 Sep 2018
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Harry Potter Game with a Twist Request