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Sat 20 Oct 2018
at 20:23
Looking for a game.
Hi all,

I'm looking to join a game. Specifically I'm looking to join either a D6 Star Wars game - preferrably one where the pc's are neutral, a Decipher Star Trek game - that will allow me to play a Klingon from the Empire, or a 4th ed. Shadowrun game. Either of these games woud also be acceptable as a freeform game.

Anyhow, hope to find a game soon.


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Big Brother
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Sun 21 Oct 2018
at 14:48
Looking for a game.
I'd be interested in a SR or D6 game potentially. I'll also point a potential GM in the direction of this thread for you.
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Wed 24 Oct 2018
at 16:29
Looking for a game.
In reply to Big Brother (msg # 2):

That'd be great, but we kinda need some more people lol

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