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Thu 15 Nov 2018
at 20:37
Savage Worlds!
I run a lot of Savage Worlds, but I never get to play it. I want to rectify that. Here's some of the ideas I have bouncing around:

Sword and Sorcery: Dark fantasy, light on magic, at least in the hands of the "heroes". Influences include Conan (obviously), Dark Souls, Castlevania, Dragon Age, and Thief.

Modern(ish) Crime: Street-level crime drama, either modern or a period piece somewhere between the 1970s and the present. Influences include The Wire, Dog Town, Grand Theft Auto (very loosely), and Ganglands.

Cyberpunk: I have a very successful cyberpunk campaign using a setting I've built out of bits and pieces from all over. I'd like to have someone else run it so I can see it from the player side. Influences include Cyberpunk 20XX, Shadowrun, Deus Ex, Syndicate, and Gibson novels.

Post-Apocalyptic: I like me some nuclear wastelands. Definitely would want something later than an aftermath game, a few generations out. Nuclear and mixed apocalypses preferred. Influences include Mad Max, Fallout, the Morrow Project, the Book of Eli, Metro, and Wasteland.

For any of the above, I'm good with a small-ish group (3-5, too many players and I have trouble keeping up) or solo.
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Sat 1 Dec 2018
at 03:32
Savage Worlds!
Bump! Still looking for all of the above.