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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 14:00
Interested in pbta
Particularly floating in my head are: Dungeon World (esp. the WoA alternative), SCUP and Fallen Empires etc, Monsterhearts, Masks, World Wide Wrestling.

Roleplaying opportunities and player/GM involvement in creating the world especially interesting.

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Sally Aces
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 14:42
Interested in pbta
Monsterhearts caught my eye ... Iíd even consider GMing, if a nice number of players were into the world building aspects as much as their ĎSkinsí. 4-6 active players would be ideal
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 15:33
Interested in pbta
Iím currently building a game for Impulse Drive.  Iím not a huge fan of the basic moves theyíve chosen and Iím sorta incorporating the DW basic moves instead. But the world building piece is wide open still. Do you have an interest in Sci-Fi? I know it wasnít strictly listed in your OP.
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 23:31
Interested in pbta
I'd love to get into Monsterhearts or Masks if someone starts something up!