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Mon 31 Dec 2018
at 19:47
Fantasy age....
Would anyone be up to running a fantasy age game I've been bought the companion book for Christmas and would like to give some of the stuff in there a go.

Don't mind the setting just as it's fantasy age fun
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Tue 1 Jan 2019
at 19:13
Fantasy age....
I'm looking over that right now, along with Modern AGE. I'm not sure I'm up to run straight fantasy but I would not mind a combination of Fantasy and Modern for a sort of Heavy Metal themed idea I have where there was a Galactic Apocalypse. Not really the typical apocalypse inasmuch as the entire galaxy is not completely destroyed, but somehow some planet was the origin of a phenomenon called "Necromundus", and the phenomenon has spread to other planets through unknown means.

Basically it would have Modern AGE's purchase TNs (and some equipment if I can work up a converstion table or equation), but draw some inspirations from Fantasy AGE and Companions. Like the races would be adapted as backgrounds (or more accurately you either pick or roll background--I haven't decided how that's gonna work yet--and some races would be compatible with the background, then you can pick their attribute and talent choices).

I understand if you might not want to go in on a game with this much side noodling, I just thought I'd throw it out there.
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Thu 7 Nov 2019
at 09:45
Fantasy age....
Still looking for a fantasy age game GM.

I'm looking for a classic dungeon crawl game similar to the the old d&d style. It should be a relaxed game as everyone is busy in RL so would be happy with a 2-3 post a week rate.

I'm not bothered if you want to run old published D&D adventures or ones from other games or even your own making

If you are up for running a game please post here


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Fri 3 Jan 2020
at 21:12
Fantasy age....
Still looking