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Sun 14 Apr 2019
at 22:00
Seeking solo GM for orphaned character concepts
We all have a few characters like this: the ones we've always wanted to get a chance to play, but never found the right game to put them in? Either because the game never showed up, or fell through, or because they wouldn't fit in a "normal" tabletop campaign.

Well, I'm looking for people interested in helping me have the chance to play some of mine! Specifically, I'm looking for an experienced GM who would like to run an adult-rated solo RP for an experienced player who has a very large number of possible character concepts she'd love to play, and who is willing to put in an equal amount of effort into collaboratively planning the RP. I love collaborative worldbuilding, and am willing to play multiple characters myself if the scenario is suited to it.

I'm not going to list all of the characters and scenarios I have in mind here - there are so many, and I'd prefer to know what a prospective GM is interested in before I "pitch" my ideas to them - but I can give the following general ideas -

  • The kinds of settings that  have the most ideas for are: Modern/Urban Fantasy, Pulp/Adventure Fantasy, Asian Fantasy/Wuxia, Science Fantasy, Space Opera (soft or hard sci-fi)
  • I'm most interested in free form or using a rules-light system like FATE or similar for most ideas, but I'll play using almost anything if it's appropriate for the idea.
  • I'm interested in both more story-driven adventure scenarios and more character-driven or even slice-of-life scenarios.
  • Emphasis on adult rated - I'm specifically interested in roleplays where sex and sexuality (among other adult themes) will come into play naturally during the roleplay, and playing characters who use are willing to use their sexual nature as a way to further their goals. The actual plot-to-smut ratio is flexible based on the concept we decide on, of course. I'm willing to go as far as you are~

So, if you're interested in discussing a possible RP, let me know what kind of game you'd be most interested in running, and I'll pitch you some ideas!

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Wed 1 May 2019
at 14:36
Seeking solo GM for orphaned character concepts

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who messaged me with interest - I'm sorry if I didn't get to reply to you, I had a lot more people approach me than I was expecting!

Second, while I've managed to get a few things off the ground with this, I have one specific character I'm still seeking to play in some kind of solo or small-group scenario - would anyone who enjoys running Chronicles of Darkness 2e, specifically Vampire: the Requiem, be interested in discussing an Adult game?
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Fri 31 May 2019
at 21:12
Seeking solo GM for orphaned character concepts
Bumping again, since a things I was in fell through I'm looking for solo (or possibly small group) roleplay again!

The things I'd be most interested in right now would be-
  • Mage: the Awakening 2e - I have a few scenarios and characters in mind here, from sensuous Thearchs who incorporate their sexual identity into their magical praxis, to Left-Handed practitioners working on the fringes of Mage society.
  • Vampire: the Requiem 2e - Either an Invicus or Circle of the Crone-focused Nomadic chronicle, focusing on a near-Elder age Kindred.
  • Semi-Hard Sci-fi Space Opera (freeform or using a rules-light system)
  • Mecha (freeform or using a rules-light system like Mechnoir)
  • Exalted 3e - a primairly-social focused campaign about a Half-Moon Lunar Exalt

I have character and scenario ideas in mind for all of these, and I love working together to craft settings, so if any of these catch your fancy, drop me a message and I'll fill you in!

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