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Thu 2 May 2019
at 14:11
Wanted: GM for Solo/Solo-Group oWOD
Hello all prospective GMs!

I've gotten the bug lately. The one I'm sure all gamers are familiar with after playing such games for a time. The itch to play in the classical World of Darkness setting. I've seen mentions of similar games to what I'd love to find around here (and elsewhere), but always in different formats and systems. Some wish to do live play (via a site's system or Discord) while a few others are Play-by-Post. While none of them (that are open) hit the mark, I figured I'd post here and see if anyone "fits the bill" so to speak. Here's a short list of what I'd dearly love to find!

1) System: Mage, Vampire or Werewolf. I'd prefer 2E (or possibly 20th Anniversary) as those are the ones I'm most familiar with. Yes, I'm old school in that respect. That is also the order of preference for systems I'd personally love to play.

2) Format: Play-by-Post - on RPOL is fine. I'd also prefer a more solo (or multiple solo with cross-over) based game so that the pace of the game will go fairly quickly. Most days I'd hope to post multiple times a day, so a GM that would like to have a fairly steady paced game would be great! Of course, I know sometimes things get bogged down due to real life, so some delays (on both ends) can be expected!

3) Style: I'd love to play a game from the mortal stage going forward. If Mage, going through the Awakening process (either unexpected or planned). Vampire, the Embrace - whether knowingly recruited or secretly chosen. Werewolf would be the one exception, of course, just due to the system. If not from the Mortal stage, then perhaps the "just crossed over" point. Newly Awakened. Freshly Embraced. The early stages of the new world the character finds themselves in.

Given the nature of the games' settings, I figure it would classify as either a Mature or Adult game, depending on specifically what content the GM wants to include.

If a game of this vein sounds like something you'd be interested in running (and the details and specifics of any I'm definitely open to), please let me know! And if a deciding factor, any character will be a male character. Will keep my fingers crossed for a potential reply!
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Tue 14 May 2019
at 19:40
Wanted: GM for Solo/Solo-Group oWOD
Still looking for hopefully a GM interested in a game for one (or possibly multiple solo/integrated) games in the Mage setting. Think ideally I'd lean towards Mage as I found a good Vampire game (if not from Mortal beginnings).

Going through the phases for a Mage game would amazing fun though I think. Putting it out there if any GMs have been considering it! ;)
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Tue 14 May 2019
at 22:30
Wanted: GM for Solo/Solo-Group oWOD
I'm one of the co-GMs for a World of Darkness game. We've ported over to 20th Anniversary Edition within the last couple of years. The cast list is huge, but most players have more than one character. Scenes move along quickly. Most of us chat on Discord throughout the day. It's a crossover, but we take mortals, vampires, ghouls, mages, shifters, shifter-kin, kithain, kinain and other things. Starting from scratch/first change/awakening/the embrace is not a problem. You write it, we'll read it and let you know how it can fit. Some of us, players and STs, run other 20th Anniversary Edition games unrelated to this one. So if you send a concept that won't work for the mega-crossover, it might work for a game with only one or two types allowed.

Hope to hear from you.
Rook Seidhr
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Fri 17 May 2019
at 22:45
Wanted: GM for Solo/Solo-Group oWOD
athornton, if you're still looking for a solo M20 game, I might be available in the near future to start one.

Given that you're looking for multiple posts per day, I'd like to know what time zone you're in.
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Mon 3 Jun 2019
at 20:39
Wanted: GM for Solo/Solo-Group oWOD
Well, found a multi-system game that is showing potential, but thought I'd bump this one more time to see if there might be a Mage only focused GM interested in the above post. Never know! ;)
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Mon 17 Jun 2019
at 17:27
Wanted: GM for Solo/Solo-Group oWOD
Still on the hunt for a straight up Mage 2E game. Can do either pre-Awakening as originally referenced or go straight into it with a full mage fleshed out. Have thought of a half dozen good concepts in the past month, so plenty of options if a ST out there is considering a Mage game.