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Thu 16 May 2019
at 19:34
Fantasy Sandbox Solo - Gurps or Fantasy Age
Iím a big fan of GURPs and Iíd love to play in a fantasy sandbox run in that system. Low or high fantasy doesnít really matter to me. Iím willing to carry some of the narrative baggage, collaborate and look for adventures on my own.

Iíve played some fantasy ages as well and I think that system could have a lot of fun and pulpy drive.

Go ahead and rmail me if this sounds interesting to you.

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Fri 17 May 2019
at 15:58
Fantasy Sandbox Solo - Gurps or Fantasy Age
Posting interest as a player for GURPS. I definitely don't have the time or experience to GM a game but playing could be fun.

How about GURPS Discworld?