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Sat 18 May 2019
at 07:07
Lovecraftian horror in Japan (co-gm wanted) [Adult]
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Yokubo to gisei is a Call of Cthulhu 7e game that is using heavily modified versions of both the Secrets of Japan sourcebook and the scenario 'A Dream of Japan' updated for present day and some plot elements changed.

We have 3 active players and possibly 2 more, one of which is currently in Tokyo whilst the others are in the U.K. but will be heading to Tokyo soon.

I'm looking for a co-gm who can:

1. Run female NPCs

2. Keep the guy in Tokyo occupied until the other players arrive.

3. Help with the plot, setting and keep the game going at a regular momentum.

Familiarity with the rules is not essential but if you have first hand knowledge of Japanese life and particularly the youth culture then that would be a great help.

Note that this game is adult and although the game is not sex based it is likely to occur in game.