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 Valar Morghulis
Tue 21 May 2019
at 15:31
D&D For a complete Newb - Steampunk or Fantasy preferred
Looking for a GM that would be willing to guide me through my first game of D&D. I don't mind which version, but I will honestly need help right from the word 'go' in character creation, through combat and levelling up etc.

 I know a little about the basics but have never played a game, nor watched a full one played. I am pretty experienced at play by post freeform, but game mechanics are a mystery to me. Gotta learn somewhere, right?

 I'm open to most scenarios but am most comfortable around Steampunk and Fantasy worlds. Dungeon Crawling or Epic Saga scenarios are absolutely fine and I'll adapt my style to whatever the GM is trying to achieve. I'll try my hand at anything, I just need an open, patient mentor to show me the ropes.

 I've only been a member of the site for 2 days so unless I've misunderstood the ToS I'm not able to take part in Adult rated games yet. Mature ratings are fine, though.