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Tue 21 May 2019
at 21:56
Fate/Stay Night or Persona Inspired Summoner Solo
Been getting into the Fate/Stay Night franchise again lately, and that made me realize that a game featuring a similar relationship between a human magus and a more powerful supernatural entity would be an amazing fit for a solo RP.

It doesn't have to be in the Fate/Stay Night canon or anything like that, the supernatural entity can just as easily be a monster, elemental, ghost, ancient god, alien, robot, or something else entirely. Either way the game would feature the characters bonding as they try to deal with supernatural threats, mundane issues, and other conflicts. I'd personally prefer a modern Urban Fantasy style setting, although something more medieval fantasy would work as well.

The system could be quite a few different things, although I have an admitted preference towards free-form and simpler systems in regards to Solo RP, but I'll listen to other ideas. I'd be putting this in the Game Proposals section, but I don't have time to run a game like this at the moment.

Anybody interested in a game like this? It seems like there are a lot of possibilities for fun character interactions and storytelling. Feel free to send an RMail or reply here, with a preference for the former. I hope to have some fun!

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Thu 23 May 2019
at 12:36
Fate/Stay Night Inspired Summoner Solo
In reply to CaesarCV (msg # 1):

I've got a few ideas I could work with for something like this, be it Fate or something like Persona. The problem is, most games that I feel would mechanically represent it well are...a bit crunchier than what you seem to want. I'm willing to rMail you with more details, but I just wanted to put the thought out that it's definitely doable, just not with my personal expertise. At least not in the way you seem to prefer.
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Thu 23 May 2019
at 21:51
Fate/Stay Night Inspired Summoner Solo
I'll definitely consider deeper, crunchier systems!
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Wed 29 May 2019
at 02:04
Fate/Stay Night Inspired Summoner Solo
Still looking!
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Fri 7 Jun 2019
at 18:35
Fate/Stay Night Inspired Summoner Solo
Hm...still haven't exactly found someone for this game concept yet. Still would love to give it a shot!
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Mon 17 Jun 2019
at 18:29
Fate/Stay Night Inspired Summoner Solo
Still haven't found any takers! Still looking though! I'll be a bit busy this week/end, but we can still discuss and get it set up!