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Wed 10 Jul 2019
at 07:57
Duo looking for character-driven 5E game
Hi, prospective GMs.

A fellow RPoLer and I are looking for a GM to run a game for us. We desire adventure, but also want to focus on the relationship between two characters. We have run two games over the last year or so with the same characters, but both have fizzled out due to GM unavailability.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. DnD 5E
2. around 6th level
3. the relationship between the characters will be romantic, and we want the option to be able to take things further, so an adult rating is preferred; however, we don't want to use an adult rating gratuitously
4. A standard DnD-type setting and adventure works for us. To date we've been in Faerun around Waterdeep.
5. We would prefer someone to pick up our story where we currently are, but if preferred we can reboot.
6. Typically daily posting rate for players, a few times a week for GM.

Mostly, we're happy to be led by whatever a prospective GM would like to play. The key is finding a GM that can run the game over an extended period.
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Wed 10 Jul 2019
at 14:31
Duo looking for character-driven 5E game
Are you strictly looking for a two PC game, or as part of a larger group?
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Thu 11 Jul 2019
at 21:07
Duo looking for character-driven 5E game
In reply to DaCuseFrog (msg # 2):

Hi, thanks for the response. We're set on a two PC game.
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Tue 16 Jul 2019
at 12:02
Duo looking for character-driven 5E game
This thread can be closed. We found a GM. Thanks to those that responded.