Myrddin Emyr
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Fri 19 Jul 2019
at 03:36
Looking for a Specific type of Campaign

I have been playing in a Theogenesis campaign (and run one myself) and have simply fallen in love with the campaign style: Playing a deity as you find the secrets within Creation itself while also managing your Chosen people within your realm and dealing with the other deities, beings and creatures within Creation itself.

I am not speaking of the "We are Gods who are creating a universe" campaign but one where you are literally playing a Deity that can die, may do battle and will deal with other events happening to him etc etc.

If anyone is looking to start such a campaign, or has one running and would be looking for a new God to join in, please let it be known. I can send you links to the campaign I run as well as the campaign I play in for aid in seeing my writing style etc etc.

Thanks for reading.