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Sun 21 Jul 2019
at 16:41
X-Com style turn based strategy game
My skills and knowledge of running any sort of game are limited to say the least. But I feel like I have a good idea here. I'm just looking for a skilled GM that would like to take a new project on with me as my Co-GM. The basic idea, so I can perhaps entice some of you, is an X-Com (like the video games) style game set during the second World War. I have basic ideas for how the game could be run, but I don't have the experience necessary to know if it would even work. I feel like I have a good idea, and at least some of the bones. I just need some help constructing the rest of the skeleton. That's all for now folks! Thanks!

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Sun 21 Jul 2019
at 19:28
X-Com style turn based strategy game
thats a very interesting idea, are we talking the original xcom series or the revisions that were released more recently? what system are you thinking? What would this cogm be responsible for?
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Sun 21 Jul 2019
at 21:19
X-Com style turn based strategy game
I thought about running a PBTA version of some approximation of it, but I'd have to get back into my notes I had and see if I can work up a PDF before I could commit.
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Sun 21 Jul 2019
at 23:48
X-Com style turn based strategy game
I am interested. An intriguing idea, to say the least.
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Mon 22 Jul 2019
at 14:26
X-Com style turn based strategy game
I dig XCOM. I've played X-COM: Apocalypse and the XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within, along with The Bureau and Laser Squad Nemesis. I like the way the games tend to incorporate alternative goals: it's not always enough just to blast the aliens to pieces, there's often capture and research required, along with having to keep various groups happy.

I'd be interested in Co-GMing or just being a consultant.
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Mon 29 Jul 2019
at 00:28
X-Com style turn based strategy game
Greets. I tried it out... several times. It´s a nice idea. Though, I could summarize  a few things better not to do. Let me know if you´re interested.
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Mon 29 Jul 2019
at 06:27
X-Com style turn based strategy game
Sounds interesting. What are the player characters be? The "soldiers" at ufo landing sites are likely not the ones doing research, maintenance, base management and politics. Or are they?
Der Rot Konig
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Mon 29 Jul 2019
at 13:53
X-Com style turn based strategy game
Definitely a good idea, just rather curious what your 'game plan' would be.
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Mon 29 Jul 2019
at 22:39
X-Com style turn based strategy game
In reply to TwoDevils (msg # 1):
There is at least one Boardgame and a Tabletop Wargame or two based on X-Com. I've got a PDF copy of but I dont know if this is still available and if its free or not.

In RPG terms, GURPS Black Ops is pretty close as an overall system; Cyberpunk 2020 rules reflect the sheer lethality of the original computer game and cyberware is already built in.
D&D4e might be a good candidate for conversion too.

Or a universal rules light system like Savage Worlds, which IIRC supports group combat.

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Fri 9 Aug 2019
at 16:04
X-Com style turn based strategy game
Fragged Empire is an excellent hybrid miniatures/RPG system that can be hacked easily for Xcom. I've considered it but it never made my list of things-to-do. It has rules for Bases which can be hacked for Xcom benefits and a really excellent character progression system.
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Fri 9 Aug 2019
at 18:06
X-Com style turn based strategy game
If anyone is willing to put in a little bit of extra work, I can definitely see something with a structure like LANCER(but not actually LANCER) working. It uses tactical grid based combat, including using cover mechanics, during battles, but outside of battles, it's a much more narrative style. I could see the players using a more crunchy system during combat, but outside of that, they're playing the different sections of X-COM with pbta style playbooks. The Researcher, the Engineer, the Commander, etc.

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins would also be good inspiration. It's a post-apocalyptic game with a deliberately huge timescale. Everyone has two playbooks. One is your "Family," or cult, or whatever the case may be. And that has certain benefits, and moves you make during timeskips, etc. And then a second, more ground level playbook for being specific characters. And that one you change out every time there's a timeskip. So sure, you might be playing a scout for the Machine Cult...but eventually there's a timeskip, and now you're playing an entirely different member of the Machine Cult. I feel like that would also lend itself well to "we play the higher-ups until combat happens, then we're the soldiers."
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Fri 9 Aug 2019
at 20:50
X-Com style turn based strategy game
A few years back i ran an X-Com game using the d20 modern rules and used the future supplement  for the upgraded gear. So the idea is viable and if you do a player turn and monster turn any d20 type of game gives you the turn based strategy feel.
Der Rot Konig
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Sat 10 Aug 2019
at 19:30
X-Com style turn based strategy game
So far, the only system mentioned I know is GURPS.  I will say, however, I attempted to put together something similar not that long ago using Dark Conspiracy.  The basic storyline lends itself perfectly to the concept and I only had to make a few minor tweaks to get it where I wanted (changed the timeline, altered a few history pieces, etc.).
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Sat 10 Aug 2019
at 19:53
X-Com style turn based strategy game
At your suggestion Xiphoniii I'm reading Legacy - LaTR and am loving it. Thanks for that.

Using that as a template would be great. In a similar vein, you could always use the Stars Without Number factions rules to good effect as well.

Reading Legacy - LaTR, was thinking that it would suit the UFO: Aftermath, UFO: Aftershock, UFO: Afterlight franchise better, game clones of XCom. But with some work it could definitely be done.

It would all depend on how the GM wanted to run the game at the strategic level. I played in a d20 Modern version a few years ago (could easily have been yours, Mortixx) and that system worked well for the turn based combat action, but it didn't have the players involved much in the strategic gameplay which was a shame.

I envision that the RPOL version would end up having a mixture of XCom style combat maps mixed with more investigation of alien infiltration (that lead to small-scale combats) rather than the game based repetition of combat missions.

Would happily play in another game of this - however it would need some consideration to it as the turnover of soldiers in the game was quite high, and the GM would have to decide how to deal with that. Either use a system where characters can be quickly and easily replaced, and have players understand that they aren't to get too attached to their characters. Or use something like Legacy where you have the main characters and quick characters for an age, but as ages come and go so do the characters themselves.

Alternatively, a mixture of the two styles could work where at the strategic level the game is akin to SWN or Legacy LaTR, but the combat level has a more detailed approach to character development and there aren't quite so many "disposable", quickly generated characters.
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Fri 16 Aug 2019
at 15:06
X-Com style turn based strategy game
i've actually played in a couple of xcom inspired campaigns on RPOL.

they can be pretty interesting.

If this ever gets off the ground give me a poke in rmail.