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Wed 31 Jul 2019
at 05:30
Superhero Game (Possibly MCU)

I'm looking for a superhero game! A few points up front.

1. I enjoy power-tripping a little, that's part of why I'd love to find someone who wouldn't mind running solo or small group. By this I mean, it'd be fun to be "the strongest man in the world" and not just have that be some random title someone threw at me. In the case that someone accepted that, I'd expect that my challenges are of the "we've kidnapped your girlfriend, here are our demands" or "we've planted two bombs in two schools, here's proof, let us go" variety where the villains use my weaknesses and are not out to overpower my character.

2. I'd love if the game was set in the MCU or Wormverse, but beggars can't be choosers. In the case that it isn't, which I expect is likely, I'd probably enjoy having a hand in world creation. Up to you.

3. I'd love if the game were using a system. Champions, Aberrant, or dealer's choice, but the less I've used the system you might pick, the more help I'll need in building my hero. If you decide to go diceless, that's fine, but we'll need to agree on the character's limits and power levels so we're on the same page.

4. An adult or mature game would be great, I enjoy being descriptive with my violence, though not gratuitously so.

5. As said above, solo or small is preferred.

6. This should be assumed, but please have some idea of where the plot is going. Don't expect me to create plot for you without saying so up front. If you want me to plot out a general outline of stories to narrate, and some NPCs, I'll be glad to make it collaborative, but if you take the reins and say, "Leave it to me." Don't leave me sitting around with my cape in my hand.

Thanks for reading!

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Wed 7 Aug 2019
at 07:05
Superhero Game
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Thu 15 Aug 2019
at 00:08
Superhero Game
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Fri 16 Aug 2019
at 16:51
Superhero Game
I'd be up for something like this.  I have a lot of experience with many supers systems.
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Sat 17 Aug 2019
at 08:47
Superhero Game
I would be interested in playing a small group supers game like this.
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Sun 18 Aug 2019
at 22:09
Superhero Game
Sounds like fun to me!
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Thu 22 Aug 2019
at 08:14
Superhero Game