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Mon 5 Aug 2019
at 11:23
SR5 or 6 request
Hi folks,

Obviously I'm looking for a Shadowrun game. I'd like to keep it simple & have it based in Seattle. To avoid the infamous "planning stages game death" I'm thinking the game could start by using some of the Missions to get the ball rolling before we go sandbox. This has worked with another game I'm in, which has lasted for going on two years now.

Fingers crossed.

Edit: Since my overtime got paid this month, I've got my paws on the 6th edition corebook so I'd be up for taking that for a test drive too.

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Fri 9 Aug 2019
at 02:19
SR5 or 6 request
I'm pretty interested in giving 6e a run for it's money, though I'd have to throw some house rules at it to really get it to work properly. Not sure if I want to run it right yet, but I might be down for playing and testing out some house rules I have in mind if someone's interested in hearing me out and running things.
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Mon 12 Aug 2019
at 06:50
SR5 or 6 request
And we're bumping, still looking for that brown business suit game.

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Mon 19 Aug 2019
at 17:53
SR5 or 6 request