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Wed 14 Aug 2019
at 03:47
Modern AGE characters I want to play
I'm running a good bit of Modern AGE system right now and could stand to actually be a player in one.

"Jack Riggs"- Son of Martin Riggs and Lorna Cole, the game picks up as if the TV show never existed, and we progress to the current day where Jack comes back from a Middle East to a Riggs/Murtaugh family Christmas dinner. He's getting off the plane, and gets a call from Nick Murtaugh, who is pulling up in the driveway of the Murtaugh house when a bomb goes off. Now Nick and Jack have to figure out who killed their family and why.

"Samantha Mason"- A female contender in a mixed gender league. It could be far enough into the future, or a small rural town/county/state league where they don't care about gender, or it could be underground/illegal.

"Post Apocalyptic Cop"- I don't presently have a name for her, but I'm open to what kind of apocalypse she is a part of. Zombies, magic, secret psychic government experimentations, etc, doesn't matter (although if it's secret government experiments, perhaps PA Cop was one?)

"Dollar Girl"- A stripper named Candace who goes by Candi, gets caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. She ends up having to join a gang or die as a witness to a gang crime, so naturally she becomes a hitwoman.

All of these would be made using the Freeform Character Creation depicted in Modern AGE Companion and Point Buy for attributes (12). All of these ideas are ADULT though the only one where that is related to sexual content is Dollar Girl.

And finally, I could be persuaded to play any Modern AGE system character in any Modern AGE system game idea you come up with, as long as the game rating is AT LEAST mature. Mostly this is because I prefer being able to say whatever I want.