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Sat 24 Aug 2019
at 14:46
Legend Of Five Rings

I happen to own the rulebook to the newest edition of L5R. I haven't yet played the game and, lately, I've been wondering whether the game is actually something for me? If not, then I'd just re-sell the book... the thing is, I can't make up my mind without having actually played the game?

And so - would anyone be interested in running a L5R game for me (with the new edition, of course)? So that I could get a better feel for the world and see whether I actually like this game or not?

I think I'd prefer a solo game, because I suck these days at keeping up with other players.

Anyone interested in GMing such a game? Please rMail me :)
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Wed 28 Aug 2019
at 00:24
Legend Of Five Rings
Ide be interested in playing.

Dont have time to run.
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Wed 11 Sep 2019
at 12:36
Legend Of Five Rings
I'm restarting my FFG L5R game after a hiatus if you are looking to explore L5R. You can send me a PM and I can tell you more if interested