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Wed 4 Sep 2019
at 02:22
Looking for game based on MiB
Ello all. I'm quite interested in playing a game set in the MiB universe. Something a bit more serious but not grimdark. I rather fancy the setting and think such a game would be fun to play.

**Puts on glasses** If you would, please look here. **flashes neuraliser** Someone out there wants to run a game.
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Wed 11 Sep 2019
at 12:34
Looking for game based on MiB
Are you talking the old MiB RPG rules(D6 system by West End Games) or something different?
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Thu 12 Sep 2019
at 01:20
Looking for game based on MiB
I didn't know WEG had made a game. I'm open to free-form or pretty much any system. I would just love to play in the setting.