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Mon 16 Sep 2019
at 17:07
Illusionist seeks home
I have a concept for a gnome illusionist that I would like to play. But for it to work...I need the rules of immunity to make sense.

Mindless creatures are immune to mind effects which is only a small portion of illusion school. I realize that some undead (dread wraiths I am looking at you) have life sense and I also realize that there are feats that undead can take to give them life sense...but some mindless creatures (most vermin, over half of the undead, and most oozes) should be always fooled by illusion untill the point where a "normal" creature could/would "auto disbelieve"

So now that I have got that rant out of the way...much like how wizards specialize in a school of magic...the concept for my illusionist is one who further specialized in shadow illusion sub school.

I would love to put some "meat" on these homes but untill I know the bones will fit in a game I don't want to get my hopes up.

Books and resources in the build

  • Phb
    • wizard specialist illusion
    • Gnome race
  • Races of stone
    • gnome illusionist racial substitute
    • Shadow craft mage
  • Complete mage
    • Master specialist
  • Unearthed arcana
    • flaws and traits
    • Wizard specialist variant
    • Item familiar
  • Underdark
    • shadowcrafter
  • Dmg
    • Self crafting rules and cost.

This build is very much a glass cannon, so he needs a party for him to survive.

He can eventually evoke and summon, but his skill allows him to manipulate the battlefield and how the senses perception of it.

As he layers his illusions more and more ...even powerful divination becomes confused when determination of reality is attempted

This is not a cheese build, and I want to join a serious group that wants to take down serious threats. I want the role play to be as challenging as the combat, and I want them each in equal measure.

This is a 3.5 build

I am not looking for gestalt, but I will build it if that is the only game I get invited to.
Likewise I am not looking for a short game, I am looking for a game that I can invest time both real world and in-game time. So please if you have a game that has an end based on a certain plot point failing or succeeding...please have some plans on how the game will continue.

I am looking for a campaign that will continue, not a game that will eventually end.

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Mon 16 Sep 2019
at 18:31
Illusionist seeks home
A few clarifications, from my part. These are assumptions I'm making, but as they are assumptions, please correct me if I'm wrong.

  1. Phantasms would remain unusable to undead, but the GM would honor the RAW that figments, glamers, and other subschools of illusion would not have "commonsense" nonsense assign arbitrary "mind affecting effect" tag...just because they feel like.
  2. By "always fooled" you mean "Always need to roll a save to disbelieve" if given the opportunity through interaction.
  3. You're flexible on starting level.
  4. You're flexible on campaign setting, including homebrew.
  5. You're wanting a group game, not just NPCs in the group for a solo game.
  6. You want to be able to craft any conceivable spell to non-spell activation items, hence the crafting rules reference.
    • You want to be able to purchase such items, not just be able to craft them yourself with the proper feats, after the game starts.

  7. You want ~50% split of non-combat encounters to combat encounters.
    • At least half of the time encounters have avenues to fight or avoid combat.
    • A quarter of the time, combat is unavoidable unless truly ingenious, exceptional or circumstantial tactics are taken.
    • A quarter of the time you'll be navigating, negitaiating, and campaign in such a way no party would be reasonable (they would be oafish or tyrannical!) to engage in combat to resolve an issue.
    • Some portion of the game will be spent having PC to PC conversations, and as such, time should be provided so that is not overlooked, or prevented.
    • Events that have no "challenge" but contain useful interaction should occur, with the only conflicts occurring being those provoked by the PCs.

  8. You would prefer it not be gestalt, but if an otherwise accommodating game (that is gestalt) is offered, you'd rather have that than nothing.
  9. You will accept zero (no!) PF rules/sources being allowed/used.

If all of the above is correct, or corrections made to the above are minute, I might be willing to take this on. I have game I am in the process of restarting. It has quite a robust source choice, but IIRC is gestalt. It's also a short term game, that starts very low level. It takes place in select places in Forgotten Realms.

The only source I'm not familiar with is the Underdark book. If you can link to the full write up, I'd be glad to consider that as a given, to fulfill your request.
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Tue 17 Sep 2019
at 23:28
Illusionist seeks home
#5 I have no problems with a party of npc in a solo game...but I like interaction with NPCs to be multi dimensional. Eventually questions about scars and why a character hates green apples but not red ones...will come up. And running a deep and complex woven world is hard when running a party of NPCs with complex views and opinions and personalities. So it is easier for a gm if thier are other players.

#6 I like to invent random things...(iron pot enchanted with command word "heat metal" for cooking ...or enhanced improvised weapon).
... cleric mace that also splashes holy water with each strike.

Also conflicts triggered by not acting...(see "the trolly problem") now there are families on each side and saving one kills the other and now the party must navigate a lose lose situation.

#9 I have no problems with Pathfinder or it's materials...I am just most familiar with dnd 3.5.
Standard transmission vs automatic transmission... nothing wrong with either...just a familiarity and personal preference thing.

When I run games 98% of Pathfinder materials are acceptable in my long as players know that I am using 3.5 rule set...

So you have completely captured the spirit and most of the letter of my request.

The only reason I want...not need... underdark is for one class feature of one class...that grants +10% and then +20% to "reality" of shadow spells. Not having access to the book would hurt but the book is not a "deal breaker" I will see if I can find a way to legally get you access.

This is all because depending on the build some where arround lvl 10 he stops casting anything but shadow spells. And even a little more realistic illusion is that much more effective.

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Wed 2 Oct 2019
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Illusionist seeks home
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